Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Martian Chronicles, Sirius Education, and New Jersey Demographics

**Updated 8:11PM 7/11/2014: See below.**

Yours truly holding the globe of Mars at Jeremy's house party, Washington, D.C., 8:45PM, Dec. 18, 2011. (To scale, Jupiter would have filled the whole living room and the SUV-like weight would crush me.) 

I went to this house party with Kristof and Gary last night. 


I'm home on this Monday night* watching a line up of reruns of The Golden Girls on We TV. The good news tonight is most of the episodes are funny ones ("Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas," "Forgive Me, My Father," "Long Day's Journey Into Marinara", "A Piece of Cake," etc.)

*I actually posted this entry after midnight on Tuesday.


Yours truly holding a giant bottle of cheap red wine AND a globe of the planet Mars at Jeremy's place, Washington, D.C., 10:01PM, Dec. 18, 2011.

Jeremy lives in the Petworth neighborhood of D.C. on New Hampshire Avenue right between Taylor and Upshur Streets.

Upshur Street has always had a bit of Mr. Sirius related significance to me -- if only because he lived there with a previous boyfriend in a big row house, though much closer to 16th Street, and it was when I was living in Silver Spring during that very bad period in 2004.


This is a picture of an unintentionally funny ad for Ovaltine from the 1940s that Jeremy had hanging up as a framed picture in his place.


Jeremy actually has a rooftop deck with a stunning winter nighttime view of D.C. (that is, when the leaves are off the trees). You can see the top third of the 3 mile distant Washington Monument, the National Cathedral, and sundry transmission towers including the nearby Hughes Memorial Tower.

It was cold and sublime and evocative on that deck, though I quickly went inside because it was too cold.

Speaking of Mr. Sirius, I was thinking about him since last Friday night, when I had a conversation with Chris H. (no, not the bartender) in which he did his various funny voice imitations. Chris is a strange fellow in a number of ways, but I do enjoy talking to him (when he isn't screaming, "YOU FREAK!" and punching me hard in the arm, or repeating the same story for the 3rd time in the same night).

**Updated 8:11PM 7/11/2014: Content removed.**

I think he's a good guy, and I am glad he is finally working a decent job.


Speaking of the actual star Sirius, here it is:

The constellation Orion and the star Sirius (left) and a Geminid meteor streak in the sky over southeastern Iran last week, Dec. 2011. This was the Dec. 19, 2011 APOD.


New Jersey Demography ...

As you know, I am from New Jersey and always enjoy talking about my home state. I also enjoy my too-infrequent trips to my native Jersey Shore. Below is a very funny map of New Jersey that I found on Bartcop. 

Unfortunately, this map is simply not legible in this version. If you download and open it in Paint or some such program, you will have a large version.

Just some of the regions are: 

"Lake Houses Owned by New Yorkers," "Executives Living In Mansions Driving Mercedes-Benzes," "Middle-Class Raritan Valley Line Commuters," "Friendly White Families," "Drunk Rutgers Students," "Lawyers Driving Hybrids," "Working Class People and Beach Houses," "Pineys ...Pineys Everywhere," "Sad Black People and Misguided Tourists," "Canadians and Philly Trash," "Farms and Army Bases," "Worse Than Detroit," "Pretty Much Alabama" and the obligatory "Swamps and Toxic Waste." 


OK, that's all for now. I just don't have the energy or time to post a big entry. I'm quite tired tonight. I don't even have enough energy to put up my planned "A Very Wall-P Christmas" except to say Wall-P's Christmas present list is as follows:

Subscription to Consumer Report for 2012
3 more African face masks
5 gallons off-white paint for house walls
Taquitos (30 boxes)
Miller Lite (150 cans)


I had intended to post this picture last week ...

A bright, brisk December afternoon, 1800 block, New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., 2:17PM, Dec. 11, 2011.


Oh, yes, saw it on The Onion (which I normally do not read) earlier today ...

Ha ha

So funny -- and precisely because it is so true.


Crazy in the Dark ...

Speaking of North Korea, this image was featured on Yahoo news and other media outlets:

It is (apparently) a composite image of various nighttime satellite photos showing the Korean peninsula, Japan, and the densely populated coastal regions of eastern China. The borders of North Korea are drawn in and effectively show just how crazy a country it really is as it sits there in the dark. 

North Korea is basically a kind of hybrid cult-of-personality extreme Stalinist totalitarian and feudal Asian warlord society.


CORRECTIONS from previous entry: In my previous entry, I mixed up the roles of Fritz Weaver and Donald Moffat in The Twilight Zone episode of The Star, and I meant to say the Observable Universe should NOT be confused with the total Universe. Both are now corrected. I also corrected some syntax and clarity issues.


OK, that really is all for now. I may be going to the Zoo Lights display at the National Zoo tomorrow night with K., and so my next update will not be until Wednesday. I am planning to go to my mom's place in Anne Arundel Co. for two days this Christmas weekend. 


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