Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Weekend Musings -OR- Consigned to the Blog Dustbin

One of the outdoor window displays of the Metro Center Macy's as seen from the sidewalk, downtown Washington, D.C., 6:35PM, Dec. 1, 2011.

Walking through downtown D.C. in the early nighttime chilly darkness in the weeks before Christmas actually can be quite nice with the decorations and even music you hear. 


I started this entry last night after I returned from an interesting night at Nellie's -- almost as interesting as last Saturday night.

That's when I learned Mr. Sirius and his boyfriend broke up -- last night just served to confirm it.

I returned to this entry earlier today before my early evening walking jaunt over to Georgetown, where I successfully purchased two items for just under $50.

The intersection of Florida Avenue and R Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 4:16PM, Dec. 3, 2011. The main house in the picture has an address of 2146 Florida Avenue.


Prior to Nellie's last night, I had an OK day at work and thereafter at an unplanned happy hour in Friday night-frenzied Chinatown with a co-worker friend and my former boss Nellie's. The co-worker P. was going to the Andrea Bocelli concert at the Verizon Center last night. We found a sushi place with a decent bar that was mostly empty at first but soon filled up.

The corner of Poplar and 27th Streets, NW, at the edge of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 4:27PM, Dec. 3, 2011.

This part of Georgetown 120 years ago was actually a very poor black area, and these small houses are genuinely very old (some back to the Federalist era).


That followed OK day, so all in all, everything has been fine except (1) I'm forever running out of money (this time because I'm paying off one of my remaining defaulted credit card debts) and (2) I have become a small tub of gelatinous lard and my intermittent self-loathing can reach Biblical proportions. I mean, we're talking levels of self-loathing that thrill and please God ("I am Well-Pleased").

OK, so last night at Nellie's, I observed fairly close up Mr. Sirius's ex-boyfriend, to whom I have referred on this blog variously as Toucan Sam and Donny Osmond, though we may more properly call him Mr. Good Valley, clearly intimately engaged with another. 

They actually sat right next to me (in a spot they had previous occupied but vacated for a time so I sat there), the ex-boyfriend literally inches away, his back to me.

Mr. Good Valley is actually a very attractive guy (not to mention 14 or so years younger than I am), but that gets into a metric ton of issues I'd rather not. I just left, although I did slightly bump into Toucan Sam, but he was seated on a stool and I don't think this will have the same outcome as last January. (Upon reflection, Mr. Sirius was always a merciless jackass to me. Frig him.)

And in the end, we all sang this at last call...

Just kidding.

The above is from a long-ago Lawrence Welk show and the lip-syncing is dreadfully out of sync. Welk reminds me a bit of an older version of Kristof.

Of course, no one reminds me as much of Kristof as famed British DJ Pete Tong, pictured here at left. I think this was taken in 2006.


My 15 minute walk home from Nellie's around 245AM on bustling U Street was also interesting (and not in a bad way).

A group of young (non-thuggish) black guys all in Howard University pullovers (a team of some sort?) walked past me.

They sorta looked like the HU men's tennis team pictured here.

I went around them (up against a building at 12th and U) and the one stopped with his back to me, repeatedly blocking my way for about 20 seconds. It was in an alcove of the building so it was particularly effective, esp. since he was about 4 inches taller and just bigger than I. His friends just watched and laughed. I thought it was kind of funny too. Then he just walked off, never actually looking at me.

It's easy in D.C. to have weird interactions (quite good and very bad) with its local African American population.


A large house with a wing or annex in Georgetown at 1309 29th St., NW, Washington, D.C., 4:31PM, Dec. 3, 2011.


This was written earlier today ...

Economies and Philosophies of Scale With Wall-P

OK, I really don't have anything more to say right now. Today, I need to buy a new pair of dress pants for work and a new shirt, plus new white socks (my current batch are getting old). I would like to buy a new blazer jacket (I currently don't have any) but I cannot shell out $450 (or the "deeply discounted" $250 at Filene's Basement, which is apparently closing soon). I'm going to try a couple of resale / consignment shops, including one (Second Time Around) located in, of all places, Georgetown.

Yes, $250 is a lot to me.

[Omitted this portion of the entry, at least temporarily.]


Consigned Shopping

It is about quarter to eight on Saturday night as I write this. I actually made it (walked) over to Georgetown to the Second Time Around ("STA") resale / consignment shop on M Street, which was characteristically weekend mobbed.

The store's motto appears to be "Resale Goes Upscale", but more to the point it now has a small section of men's clothing, including blazers, suits, and shirts.

I was able to buy an adequate Macy's Club Room dark blue blazer and a shirt for a combined price of $49.82, or rather, I used the $50 gift card my mom gave me for my birthday.

I still need to get new dress pants, and I've budgeted up to $80 for that. I'll do that perhaps tomorrow -- and probably at Macy's.

Oh, yes, the walk to Georgetown and back was probably about 4 miles round trip.


PBS Pledge-a-Thons and Babs

There are no Britcoms on tonight on Maryland Public Television (MPT) because it is, as usual, pledge-drive time, and in December ahead of the holidays, a particularly aggressive, egregious, and offensive one it is.

MPT's warped business model of nighttime whoring with all that Doo Wop/ Peter Paul & Mary / Grateful Dead concerts and Suze Orman financial advice stuff for aging but financially well-off suburban Baby Boomers.

MPT is forced to compete against the WETA PBS behemoth here in the D.C. area, itself in similar holiday season whoring mode, and it can only do this by revving up the whoring to fight jet engine levels. I think at this point that MPT and PBS in general should just show commercials and be done with it.

WHUT -- the Howard University PBS station here in D.C., whose exterior building is shown in the above image -- usually doesn't even bother with pledge drives because urban African Americans (and their Prince George's County relations) do not, as a rule, give money to public television. Tonight, though, WHUT is actually is airing a particularly cozy Barbra Streisand "One Night Only" concert from 2009 (with former President Clinton in the small audience) as part of a pledge drive. Odd.



A genuine "mackerel sky" over Washington, D.C., as seen from my apartment near 16th and U Streets, NW, early this afternoon, 2:10PM, Dec. 3, 2011.

I think this is a mackerel sky of cirrocumulus clouds rather than of more common altocumulus clouds.


The weather continues to be quite flat and dull, although it has been a relatively wet year (we're above to well-above normal in the Eastern U.S.), with no real cold air. This makes the Sterling LWX crew -- esp. WOODY! -- and their pet Sue Palka - Cabra happy.

We haven't visited in a while. Let's visit with her. There she is...

"How you doing, Ms. Palka - Cabra?"



OK, I think that's all for now. I would like to go to Nellie's again although I am probably going to go to Larry's Lounge to meet Gary. My next planned update will be on Monday or Tuesday.


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