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600th Regulus Blog Entry -OR- Christmas Eve's 2011 Messiah

The Christmas tree at Larry's Lounge with a wine glass in front of it, Washington, D.C., 10:49PM, Dec. 22, 2011.


Entry #600

HoHoHo. Ho.

I mean, Happy Merry Christma-  hanna- kwanzaa Winter Solstice & Bank Holiday.

I actually don't really have any Christmas-y pictures of my own (i.e., that I took with my cellphone camera) to post because the weather has been very mild -- the month has averaged +4.6F above normal at 45.3F at DCA as of today. 

Indeed, there is a dearth of genuinely winter cold air anywhere in the Lower 48 and precious little snow cover.

Of course, I'm not particularly chagrined because -- after last year's agonizing "Boxing Day" (Dec. 26th) snow bust in the D.C. area, even while New Jersey and the Delmarva got buried, and more generally, given how often heavy snowfalls miss this immediate area -- I know how these things usually play out: D.C. snow-screwed, and Sue Palka and WOODY! are happy.

But in this year's pattern, virtually NO ONE outside of Maine is getting snow along the East Seaboard this year.

Here was the North America snow and ice cover as of three days ago, Dec. 20, 2011.

By contrast, this was the North America snow and ice cover one year ago on Dec. 21, 2010: 

Keep in mind this was less than a week before the Dec. 26th blizzard that buried Norfolk to New England, including all of New Jersey, but left a "doughnut hole" over central and northern Maryland into southern Pennsylvania. That was one of the more vicious and agonizing weather events that I've seen in my bazillion years in this region. Read about what I wrote about it here.

Note also how much ice cover is over Hudson and James Bay this year. There is actually quite a bit of cold air over central and northern Canada but at this point no "delivery mechanism" -- i.e., highly amplified Rossby waves.

The 7PM EST Dec. 23, 2011 temperatures across Canada, as shown on the Weather Underground site.


Now we have had a lot of rainfall this month with another 1 to 1.5" falling area-wide in the weather event Wednesday and Thursday. The 3-day total officially was 0.94" at DCA, 1.14" at BWI, and 1.40" at IAD.

We are running well above normal for the month and ahead-to-well above normal for the year, in particular at BWI (nearly +15" or almost 36% and approaching 56"). Of note, Harrisburg, Pa., as of Friday (12/23) is now approaching 73" (72.63") for the year, or nearly double (+32.62") the normal (40.01") and way above the full calendar year record of 59.27" set in 1972.

I will have the final 2011 year-end numbers right after the New Year.


Some more mild rainy night pictures this week ...

Wet night on Connecticut Avenue at N Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 6:32PM, Dec. 21, 2011.


A couple under an umbrella in a burst of heavy rain at 16th and U Streets and New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., 12:02AM, Dec. 23, 2011.


Rainy night looking down 17th Street from T Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 11:59AM, Dec. 22, 2011. (This was taken 3 minutes before the picture above it.)

Mr. Sirius and his 17th Street gayborhood are down that way.


A Very Oooza the Unloved Christmas ...

Speaking of the gay mafia, it turns out -- no surprise -- that there was one of those yet another Metro Weekly set of images of Oooza the Unloved.

I'm thinking Metro Weekly must have some sort of quota for how many times Oooza the Unloved has to appear in the magazine. Anyway, here is my (hopefully) humorous adaptation of it ...

Born in a Macy's manger display, separated at birth: The Grinch and Oooza the Unloved.

What I don't understand is why Mr. Sirius -- who I gather has had a shitty year, at least in some respects -- hasn't been featured recently. Surely the quota must also apply to him.


Speaking of humorous images, I have to show this one:

It is a picture of the "gay robot" that showed up at a Michele Bachmann rally in Iowa City, Iowa on Thursday, Dec. 22nd. Ha ha.

On the Ed Show tonight, the panel joked that given the number of crazies that show up at any Bachmann event, this guy probably wasn't even noticed at first.

One thing is true: I am so frickin' sick of how much power frickin' Iowa (along with rural "Red" America in general) has over both the early presidential nominating power and, thanks to the Electoral College is set up (itself related to the disproportionate power rural areas have over the coastal mega-cities, in the Senate). And the Iowa GOP caucus goers are just fundie nuts.


The corner of Independence Avenue and 7th Street, SW, Washington, D.C., 11:56AM, Dec. 23, 2011.

I was walking with two colleagues including my friend D. to the Teaism over at Judiciary Square for lunch. We don't normally do this but today was a very slow day at the office and the Federal Gov't was all but closed today. That building is the Hirschhorn Museum.


OK, I think that's all for now. I am visiting my mom tomorrow over in Anny Runnell Kenny, hon, near Glen Burnie for two days for Christmas. I should be back by Monday afternon, which is the actual Christmas Federal holiday since the 25th falls on a Sunday this year.

Tonight, I am going to go to Nellie's and/or Larry's Lounge.


Let me end on a more uplifting note ...

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs Handel's Messiah. NOTE (1/29/2012): I updated the YouTube version since the other one was removed by the ubiquitous copyright infringements that define that site's existence. This one has Italian subtitles and, yes, that is Walter Cronkite conducting it. And, yes, I'm sure this will eventually be copyright infringement removed.

For those of you who know their names, just change "Hallelujah" to "Dave P----za," or even "Matthew H----y" and you will have a much funnier song.

Not a drop of liquor has been drunk among that Mormon choir bunch. Ever. Bless you. Oh, and I think there are TWO African Americans in that entire bunch (one guy and one woman). Bonus points if you can find them. 


OK, my next planned update will be on Monday. 


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