Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."*

*Yes, it's F. Scott Fitzgerald and, yes, I've used it before for an entry title.

I am posting this entry just after midnight on November 29, 2011 -- the 30th anniversary of my arrival in Maryland with my mom and Ray after we left Texas (where I lived for about a year between 1980 and 1981) three days earlier on my 12th birthday on Nov. 26, 1981.

Here is a picture from Nov. 26, 1981 that I recently posted. It was taken when my mom, Ray, and I stopped at the WFAA-TV studio to meet on-air meteorologist Troy Dungan. 

We were driving from Killeen, Texas back east to Baltimore, Md., and stopped in Dallas where he had dinner atop Reunion Tower in the revolving Antares restaurant and visited the next-door station.

This marked the start of my Maryland and subsequently D.C. life. At that time, though, my New Jersey life was still very much in place with my then-sane dad and my then-alive grandparents.

The day we arrived in Baltimore at "The Tribe's" filthy Bristol Avenue bungalow, Nov. 29, 1981, was also the day actress Natalie Wood (pictured here) drowned under suspicious circumstances off Santa Catalina Island, Calif.

I didn't stay in Baltimore too long but instead moved back with my dad and grandparents in New Jersey in February for the next 9 months before moving to Glen Burnie with my mom and Ray (where they had settled in an apartment) in August 1982.


Lonely Star ...

So I learned that Mr. Sirius is no longer with his boyfriend.

In fact, as I understand it, the boyfriend broke up with him this past spring and moved out. (I also realize now that this likely explains the 30 to 40 pound weight loss he has had, something I wish to replicate for my blobby self.)

Anyway, a few thoughts ...

I am genuinely surprised and not happy to hear this and feel badly for him. He is (very unlike me) rather relationship-oriented so this really cuts him loose from his usual moorings.

Secondly, it can't help but be noted that this is the second time a live-in boyfriend left him. Granted the first boyfriend was (to put it charitably) a kind of vicious gay Dorian Gray character, so comparisons are tricky, but this does suggest a pattern.

I shall avoid any discussion about the disproportionate tendency for gay relationships to fail and the many dysfunctions of urban gay culture, if only because it is not directly applicable here.

However, I would suggest that he is taking the "I want to date myself" shtick a little too seriously (by which he means, "I want to date someone  who is basically a clone of myself because I am so perfect ...")

One of life's little-appreciated but important rules: Never believe your own propaganda and/or stories you tell others, at least not too much. 

How do you think the GOP got so crazy??

I mention this because while he won't have trouble finding another boyfriend, he may just end up repeating the same pattern.

In any event and for what it is worth to him (nothing), I am genuinely sorry to hear this news. It is a very rough thing for anyone to have to go through.

On the upside, his D. will never forsake him, and let's not forget all the gifts and graces he has: health, intact family, smarts, youth, looks, money, talent, and charisma -- and that's a heckuva lot more than most folks have.

Oh, yes, it just dawned on me that both of my bad situations with him -- May 2004 and January 2011 -- involved him with one of these two boyfriends. Funny that.


Anyway, I was going to write a lot more but it's Monday night and I'm just The Golden Girls reruns on We TV. Hallmark is airing nothing but Christmas movies for the next month. As for TV Land, I'm looking forward to the next season of Hot In Cleveland due to start this Wednesday. I have grown to like it quite a bit. Yes, the show (as others have noted) is a sort of updated version of The Golden Girls.


On the Passing of a Troubled Little Sparrow

The last surviving child of one of history's most murderous and psychotic tyrants, Josef Stalin, has died in obscurity in a remote part of Wisconsin.

Lana Peters (born Svetlana Stalina in Feb. 1926 and for a time Svetlana Alliluyeva) was 85 and lived a very tortured life that took her all over the world, always running, and through so many situations, but eventually she ended up in her last years in Richland County, Wisconsin. 

The New York Times obituary is well worth a read.

The opening paragraph is worth quoting:

"Her three successive names were signposts on a twisted, bewildering road that took her from Stalin's Kremlin, where she was the 'little princess,' to the West in a celebrated defection, then back to the Soviet Union in a puzzling homecoming, and finally to decades of obscurity, wandering and poverty."

The ending is also worth quoting:

"In an interview with The Wisconsin State Journal in 2010, she was asked if her father had loved her. She thought he did, she said, because she had red hair and freckles, like his mother.

But she could not forgive his cruelty to her. 'He broke my life,' she said. 'I want to explain to you. He broke my life.' And he left a shadow from which she could never emerge. 'Wherever I go,' she said, 'here, or Switzerland, or India, or wherever. Australia. Some island. I will always be a political prisoner of my father's name.'"

Well, at last, no more.


In addition, read this piece by Thomas Edsall in The New York Times on the Democratic Party's idiotic and disastrous plan to give up on the white working class vote entirely.

Think of it as the anti-New Deal coalition, and it is predicated ENTIRELY on the country undergoing a demographic shift to "majority minority" (non-white) with minority poor (black and brown) voting in a block with Blue State upper middle class and socially liberal Democrats. Amazing.


OK, that's all for now. My next update will be perhaps on Wednesday. I hope we get some rain -- and I really want this unseasonably warm weather to end (65F to 70F for days on end in late November).


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