Friday, October 21, 2011

October in the Rain AND Pictures Upon the Wall (and the Web)

Pumpkins at the edge of a field in a rural location (possibly New England) on a fall day, date uncertain.


This is just a quick update.

The 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW, outside my apartment building on a gloomy gray showery evening, Washington, D.C., 6:24PM, Oct.19, 2011.


It is Friday early evening of a cloudy, cool, October-y sort, and I love it. We had rain earlier this week, and we are above normal at DCA -- though not nearly as much as at BWI and FAR below Harrisburg, Pa., which is ALREADY well into its wettest year ever even if no precipitation fell through Dec. 31st.

Here are the totals through today (Oct. 21) as measured at 5PM EDT but this will also hold through midnight:

Month: 2.38" +0.08" (2.30")
Year: 38.52" +6.10" (32.42")

Month: 1.96" -0.21" (2.17")
Year: 48.22" +14.17" (34.05")

Month: 4.77" +2.58" (2.19")
Year: 38.06" +3.95" (34.11")

By contrast, Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) in Harrisburg, Pa., through 5PM today:

Month: 2.47" +0.12" (2.35")
Year: 64.29" +30.93" (33.36")

That's right, it is already at 64.29" -- and the previous wettest year was in 1972 (in part due to Tropical Storm Agnes) when 59.27" fell for the ENTIRE calendar year.

As for those year-to-date tallies, BWI is already above its calendar year 1981 - 2010 average of 41.88" but DCA is still a bit shy of its corresponding figure of 39.74" and ditto IAD and its figure of 41.54".

A big lady in a yellow raincoat (a mac or mack, as they say in England) and under an umbrella going up the stairs at L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., on a rainy evening, 5:29PM, Oct. 19, 2011.


I only mention this because UNLESS and UNTIL that number officially clicks over, we could still end up the year below normal because you never know when it will get dry around here. And if there is anything the Sterling LWX crew lives for, it is ABOVE normal temps and BELOW normal precipitation.

What say you, Ms. Sue Palka - cabra??


Nope, she doesn't like fall one bit. She likes her heat and drought.


The 1600 block of the 19th Street, NW, Washington, D.C., on a showery, cool fall evening, 6:03PM, Oct. 19, 2011.


Changing topics from the weather, I came home from work about an hour and 15 minutes early, but I'm planning to do some work from home over the weekend. On the downside, I'm not feeling that well at all. In fact, I'm absolutely exhausted and I need to take a nap.

Now last night, I went out last night for a work happy hour at the Iron Horse Taproom in Chinatown here in D.C.-- to say goodbye to a colleague who is moving to Beirut with spouse -- and thence I went to Larry's Lounge. 

It was at Larry's Lounge that I discovered is true something that I suspected -- Mr. Sirius -- has a picture of me hanging upon the in the creepy bowels of JR's as persona non grata in order for his staff to recognize me if I should ever pop over, in which case, I suppose, I become WANTED

He and Oooza the Unloved may be laboring under the misapprehension that I made two trips there by stealth in May of this year when neither of them were there. As it is, basically nobody else on the staff recognizes me and/or cares. (That's probably not entirely true, but mostly.)

And I know what picture it is:

This picture was taken by my friend K. in Fort Reno Park here in D.C. on May 8, 2011, and it is a picture of Hippo and me. I look terrible in it, but then again, I look terrible in real life, so I suppose it captures me. I actually knew it was this picture based on a download some months ago.

(K's boyfriend, by the way, passed away a couple of months ago after a long battle with cancer. Hippo has been very sad ever since. But he is starting to feel better and we will see him this weekend.)

There is a lot I could say about this. First off, please use this photo instead, since I don't usually make eye contact.

Secondly, I'll refrain from saying what I really want to and instead post it on my other Arcturus blog. Topics include massive tips and how to calculate and report them, lessons in unusual job interview techniques, and all those nearly naked images floating about in the public domain.

Yeah, like this one from five Octobers ago. Goes great with ANY occupation.

Anyway, I can't keep up this entry right now. I'm too damn tired and need a nap before I go out tonight. Oh, yes, as for Kristof, I created a gay Frankenstein in him. Very depressing.

Ha ha


I'm going to try to update this post on Saturday (tomorrow) with some additional Florida pics. 

**Planned Update Here**

Updated 1:20AM 10/24/2011: OK, I never did update this entry.


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