Monday, October 24, 2011

Class Dismissed -OR- "Call me sometime when you have no class..."

Autumn day at the corner of Ontario Rd. and Florida Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 4:04PM, Oct. 23, 2011.


This was a complicated weekend, at least emotionally, and I spent a large amount of time upset even though I should not have been since nothing bad happened. I haven't mentioned this but in the past 15 months, I've basically ended friendships with six different people, and tonight (after being at LL with three of my regulars), the number may stay the same but I'm swapping one ended friendship for another. 

Got it? 

The interesting house at 3816 Huntington St., NW, Washington, D.C., 6:14PM, Oct. 22, 2011. There are TWO three-syllable "H" streets (Huntington and Harrison) in upper Northwest, D.C.


Beyond all that, and long story short, I am mentally ill, and I kinda realize it now. I apologize. 

That aside, I am also learned that a certain Mr. Sirius is not just a massively overpaid celebrity bartender and local public figure, but is also an English teacher at a well-known and respected area high school.

So will this English teacher be teaching grammar, poetry, or literature? 

If the latter, does this mean he is now an expert on Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Scott, Orwell, Faulkner, and Hemingway? And why does all of this bother me so (aside from the fact that I am still so harbouring a grudge against him)??

Well, one thing is for sure: once again everything easily worked out for him, and he vaulted ahead of life's line because, well, that's just how his life works out. God Himself hands him everything. 

And, no, I just don't know how to let it all go though I know I need to do so. 

An abandoned school house somewhere in Kansas.

Anyway, that's all for now. I plan to update this blog on Monday evening (tonight?) with a bunch of photos I took this weekend.

G'night, hippo.


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