Thursday, September 1, 2011

A (Mutt) Puggle of Pippins and a Katrina of Katias -OR- Red High Tide (Updated)

**I'm updating this blog entry long after the fact, to be exact, on February 23, 2014. See below. **


I started to update this blog with a political-themed entry but I simply cannot muster the energy tonight.In the meantime, below is a picture of ... Pippin!

Pippin is [H's] hyper-energetic "puggle", a breed that is cross between a pug and a beagle.

Kristof is taking care of Pippin this weekend while [H] and Gary and some others from the D.C. gay-verse are off in Rehoboth (Rehomo or Rebobo) Beach for the Labor Day weekend. I haven't actually met Pippin yet but I'm looking forward to this.

Pippin looking forward to his walkie!

UPDATED 2/23/2014...

This particular entry has been bothering me for some time. For starters, unlike adorable Brady, Pippin is obviously not a true puggle. Instead, he's clearly a mutt: a puggle mixed with some other breed(s). Secondly, and simply put, I really, truly dislike Pippin's master. Unfortunately, this has clouded my view toward Pippin, even though it should not.

End of Update.


Pippin should not be confused with the gayborhood's very own Scottie Pippin' (with superfluous ending apostrophe, and himself not to be confused with multimillionaire basketball star Scottie Pippen).


Speaking of beach weekends, Gary and I have rescheduled ours to Wildwood, New Jersey (the Jersey shore!) for next weekend, although it will be necessary to keep a wary eye on tropical cyclone Katia, which is presently back DOWN to a tropical storm but forecasted to be a major hurricane by day 5.


5PM EDT (5PM AST) Sept. 1, 2011 advisory from the NHC showing the projected 5-day track of Katia.


Katia is the replacement name of the forever-retired name "Katrina." The names repeat every 6 years (i.e., on the 7th year) and this year would have been Katrina.

Oops, wrong Katrina.


I'm so exhausted tonight. And I'm getting steadily flabbier / fatter. It's ugly. I'm soon to be a veritable dugong.

Except I won't frolic in warm, sunlit tropical waters and sub-tropical waters such as this one in the Red Sea off Sharm el Sheikh.


Speaking of things Red (rivers and political ...) and continuing with the "geographic trivia" feature, I give you ... 

The Southernmost Point in Oklahoma

As you (should) know, the (ultra-rightwing) State of Oklahoma shares a long boundary with the Republic of Texas, and a long stretch of the border is the Red River. A tributary of the Mississippi River, the Red River  (of the South) flows eastward and slightly southward, and thus the southernmost point of Oklahoma is right near the easternmost boundary of the state where it borders Arkansas. It is in the yellow circled area above with the arrow pointing toward it.

Here is a much closer view of the meeting point with states and river marked.


At this point we are close enough to see that the actual southernmost point of Oklahoma is not along the Red River itself but rather in a vestige oxbow lake called Gunn Lake. 

Note that a small piece of Oklahoma crosses SOUTH of the Red River at this point (there are at least two such points along their riparian boundary where this happens). The mileage scale is visible in the lower right, so Gunn Lake has an arc shape about 1 mile long and is about 4 miles from the start of the Oklahoma - Arkansas border.

In this picture we see Gunn Lake and its neighboring oxbox lake named New Lake with the border highlighted yellow as drawn in awkwardly by me. It is clear that the southernmost point in Oklahoma is along the southern shore of Gunn Lake.

And here is as close as Google Maps will take us showing the southernmost boundary of Oklahoma along the southern arc of Gunn Lake. I realize that Google Maps is often not the most accurate at this level, but in this case (assuming the boundary is along Gunn Lake), it is accurate. 

NOTE: I'm not sure where the EXACT southernmost point is, but it somewhere toward the right side of the image.

With that, I conclude this entry. My next planned entry will be over the weekend. 


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