Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Entry Preview -OR- Around the Blog Maypole Dance

The "entrance" to Washington, D.C.'s LeDroit Park neighborhood just off Florida Avenue where U Street is interrupted. I walked there in search of The Tree -- which I think I FOUND at the corner of 3rd and U Streets, NW (not Northeast D.C.), but that's for another entry. Thereafter, I went to Nellie's for a bit.

The sky was a cerulean blue in the intense 97F heat but suddenly dry air -- dew point only about 48F. However, a "dew point front" was moving in from the east with dew points jumping dramatically (including an astonishing 22F at DCA in a single hour between 5PM and 6PM -- I'm a bit skeptical of that).

Alas, it brought us no needed rain.


The view of LeDroit Park from 2nd and U Streets, NW, Washington, D.C., 5:00PM, July 31, 2011.


OK, I'm a little ticked off -- I was writing a lengthy entry (OK, an excessively lengthy entry) but I simply ran out of time (it's now midnight and I REALLY need to go to bed) and, more importantly, lack a sufficient number of pictures. Thus, my plan now is to post that entry (or some variation of it) tomorrow.

Key points I would like to touch upon:

*TOTAL OBAMA SURRENDER / COMPLETE TEABAGGER VICTORY! (and why it was inevitable and what it means going forward)

*Michael Lind: Teabaggers = Today's Neo-Confederate Southern White Radicals

*Weather: July D.C. Shitty Hot Weather Records, New 30-Year NWS Regional Climate Normals

* The Last Word: Lawrence O'Donnell & Matt Damon Defend School Teachers (with Mr. Sirius Detour and why I call bullshit on the likelihood of its teaching career -- he's not giving up that lucrative D.C. gay mafia operation under crow-like Capo).

*GOP Deathstar vs. Paul Krugman


The FBI thinks it may have a new lead -- except the would-be culprit has been dead for 10 years. I keep thinking of that line I read somewhere: "He parachuted out of that jet plane (on a stormy night in Nov. 1971 over remote Washington state) and into legend ...")

*I Love Lucy: Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday Approaching

The late, great comedic actress was born Aug. 6, 1911.

BTW, I LOVE the under - appreciated factoid that if it weren't for Lucille Ball, Star Trek (the Original Series and subsequent incarnations) might not have ever existed.

It was her production company Desilu -- and Ball in particular -- who liked the idea of the show.

*Weekly Doings -- Miscellany including work/found that tree/student loan debt update.

*Musical Interlude - Maybe Taylor Dayne's 1989 #1 hit song Love Will Lead You Back.

However, all of that will have to wait until my next entry.


The 1400 block (1439 - 1441) of T Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 4:36PM, July 31, 2011. There is a sort of Edward Hopper-esque quality to this, except in his paintings, there probably wouldn't be a flowering tree like that.


Again, I will try to post the intended entry tomorrow, except I'm short on good / relevant pictures.


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