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Notes from an Overheated and Mad World

**Second update 10:45PM 6/24/2014: See below.**

Updated 9PM 7/23/2011 with additional weather info/numbers.

Morning sunrise along the gently roiled Atlantic Ocean surf in Surfside, Florida, a town located in Miami-Dade County. I found this image online but there was no accompanying date indicating when it was taken.


Good Saturday afternoon ...

This is an update to note the extreme weather along with some (all bad) news events and (sad) life events.

A record - breaking heatwave continues to suffocate the northeastern quarter of the Lower 48 with all-time records and/or second-highest ever record high temperatures being set, not to mention ferocious humidity, from D.C. to Boston in this heat wave.

Among the records and near-records* of note from yesterday, 7/22/2011:

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD): 105F, a new ALL-TIME record high air temp that beats the 104F record set July 16, 1988 and Aug. 20, 1983.

Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) reached 102F, 1F shy of a daily record and well below the 106F all-time record for Washington, D.C., both pre-DCA records (July 20, 1930 and Aug. 6, 1918). DCA also had (as noted in previous entry) an 81F dew point on Thursday night (July 21, 2011) that was a tad under the all-time highest dew point, which I think was 82F (but Sterling doesn't provide good dew point records).

Also, the 78F dew point yesterday when it was 102F at 3PM at DCA translated into a heat index of 121F (see screen captured image at left). Ugly.

This is the second highest below a calculated 122F heat index that occurred (retroactively calculated) on July 16, 1980.

Finally, last night's low was either 83F (the LWX discussion) or 84F (the 3-day obs web page). IF 84F, it would tie the ALL-TIME highest low temperature ever in Washington, D.C.

Updated 5:35PM: The DCA morning low was indeed 84F, so that would tie it for the warmest low temp. ever.

BWI Airport: 106F, a new daily record and the SECOND highest ever recorded in the full Baltimore record behind a 107F reading that was set July 10, 1936.

It is also the highest ever at BWI proper since the 107F reading is a pre-BWI Baltimore record.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor (Maryland Science Center) (DMH or KDMH) reached 108F air temp and had a 124F heat index. It is surely the hottest ever there. However, this spot does not yet have a 30-year climate average.

The Maryland Science Center at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with the weather station -- set up in 1998 -- noted in the image.


*Reagan Washington National Airport -- pictured above and located about 3 miles south of downtown D.C. in what is technically Arlington County, Virginia -- ALWAYS misses extreme temperature and snowfall records because of its riverside (riparian?) location along the tidal - scuzzy Potomac River, which ensures EVERYTHING gets moderated away. A case in point was yesterday when a southerly breeze was blowing off the river all day.

As for today (July 23), it has reached 101F at DCA (the 4PM temp) which ties the daily record.

Updated 902PM: It reached 102F at DCA and BWI and 99F at IAD. All are daily records (BWI and IAD tied their 1991 values). The Maryland Science Center reached 103F. Again, it does not yet have a 30-year climate normal period.

As for other parts of the Northeast, Newark International Airport reached 108F yesterday, a new all-time record high for any day and just 2F shy of New Jersey's all-time state record of 110F set July 10, 1936 in Runyon (Sayreville) near South Amboy (where my mom is from). In addition, the low this morning was 86F, a new all-time record high low surpassing the previous 84F set July 10, 1993.

Central Park - NYC hit 104F, a daily record but below the 106F all-time record set July 9, 1936. It also was the second highest on record along with July 21, 1977 -- WHICH I REMEMBER at age 7-1/2 living in New Jersey* -- and Aug. 7,1918.

*That is, I recall the heatwave in New Jersey.

Boston - Logan reached 103F yesterday, which tied the (old pre-Logan) Boston daily record of 103F set in 1926 and 1F below the all-time record high in Boston of 104F set July 4, 1911. The 103F is actually the hottest ever at Logan proper.


**Updated 10:45PM 6/24/2014: Content removed or altered.**

Other News ...

Norway hit with worst terrorist attack in post-WWII era; Culprit is domestic rightwinger

New York Times online headline from earlier this afternoon.

The horrid terrorist attacks in Norway yesterday in which 90+ people were killed a series of attacks that included combined bombings in central Oslo and a bloody mass shooting at a summer camp on an island northwest of the capital was carried out by the domestic Norwegian equivalent of what America knows all too well: the rightwing gun nut / fundamentalist obsessed with the usual garbage.

A SWAT team at the summer camp on Ut√łya Island outside of Oslo, where the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was running amok, July 22, 2011. Camp goers in the image duck for cover.

As an aside, if this were the U.S. with an American law enforcement agency or military SWAT team, there isn't the SLIGHTEST chance that SOB would have made it out of there alive. Just sayin' ...

The killer is identified as 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik, a whack-job with connections to xenophobic extremist groups.

Send him here and put him on trial in Oklahoma or Texas.

That will take care of things sorta quickly.


Negotiations With Crazies Prove Fruitless

But knowing Obama, he'll probably let the default that happen lest "the process" be interrupted.

Obama needs to wake up and realize he's living in a nasty and crazy time that requires taking a definitive stand, and that the more he strives to be some mythical transformational post-partisan figure...

... RATHER THAN a desperately needed updated FDR who strongly fights for traditional Democratic economic and social ideals ... the more quickly the GOP will ensure his failure.

Just 10 days 'til default ... I'm sure we'll start seeing those "countdown" clocks that the media just love.



Amy Winehouse Has Died

Apparently, British singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London home. Report here.

On the same unhappy topic of untimely deaths ...

My friend and co-worker is in Michigan this weekend for the funeral of a 16-year old family member (a cousin by marriage) who was killed in a car accident a few days ago.

She was an aspiring young marine biologist from a family in New Jersey that had moved to Michigan a few years ago.

Also coincidentally in the same part of Michigan, my friend K. from Hippograms blog is visiting R., who is very dear to her and who probably does not have much time left.


The sky above L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 5;21PM, July 22, 2011. It was about 101F at this point and the heat index about 115F. Yet the sky was quite blue with billowing cumulus / cumulus congestus clouds.


The second half of my week was better than the first. My sore gum seems to have cured itself (I'm going to the dentist next Friday). I also got a small but appreciable raise at work -- and I got my paycheck direct deposited two days early (today instead of Monday). Oh, and my air conditioner is working properly in this wee little apartment.

OK, I think that's all for now. My next planned update will be early next week.



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