Saturday, July 30, 2011

Endless Blue -OR- Notes from an Overheated and Mad World (Part 2)

**Updated 10:29PM 6/24/2014: See below.**

A loggerhead turtle swims in the warm, sunlit waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


In Memoriam ...

K's close companion of seven years (R.), who had been sick for a long time suffering from cancer, passed away yesterday at his family's home in rural Michigan, whence he had returned from D.C. last January.

K. has not mentioned this yet on the Hippograms blog, but I want to note it here.

The full hippo pod last Easter in Michigan.

I have to visit K. today.


OK, I was going to separate what follows into a separate entry but at this point it really wouldn't make much of a difference, so what follows is a standard bitchy Regulus entry in an overheated and crazy time.

I have no idea if this is a real 1930s era picture or not. Probably not.

Our criminally hot summer continues apace in the Washington / Baltimore area and northern South Atlantic (or more commonly, the "southern mid-Atlantic") region.

It reached 104F at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) yesterday (July 29th), a daily record and the hottest day since Aug. 17, 1997, when it hit 105F for the hottest day in 61 years (see below).

It was the third hottest temp on record and among the top 10 hottest days on record including 6 days at 104F, 2 days at 105F, and 2 days at 106F.

But seven (7) of those days including the two days of 106F were pre-DCA records when the official weather station was in D.C. proper (not sure exact location since it varied over time stretching back to 1871 when weather records began, but it has been at National Airport since 1941).

In particular for D.C.:

106F -- July 20, 1930 and August 6, 1918
105F -- August 17, 1997 and July 10, 1936
104F -- July 29, 2011; July 16, 1988; July 9, 1936; July 21, 1926; August 7, 1918; and Sept. 7, 1881.

Sources linked from here (see July and August).

DCA is currently at 93F today and it is the 13th consecutive day of 90F or higher. The longest stretch ever at DCA is 21 days set, I believe, in both 1988 and 1980.

We're probably going to make a run at that record.

Dulles hit 103F (after reaching an all-time-high of 105F last Friday) and BWI climbed to 101F (after reaching 106F last Friday, which was the second hottest ever for Baltimore behind only 107F set July 10, 1936 and the hottest ever at BWI itself). All three airports hit daily record highs yesterday.

The National Weather Service doesn't distinguish between pre-airport and airport periods but I do since it makes a big difference on extremes.

Of note, July 2011 is shaping up on average to be the hottest month in Washington, D.C. ever as measured at DCA -- surpassing the previous record of 83.1F set in July 2010 (last year) and previously in July 1993.

As of yesterday, DCA was running at 84.2F or +4.9F above the 1971-2000 thirty-year average and a full +1.1F above those previous records.

Oh, and yes, we're rapidly entering a flippin' drought as well.

A few thoughts:

1. The Sterling LWX crew are thrilled with this, as are the local TV weather-casters, except maybe for Bob Ryan.

In particular Sue Palka-cabra -- pictured here in her home -- is delighted.

**Updated 10:29PM 6/24/2014: Substantial content removed.**

This is a great image -- my favorite piece is that of Secretary of Energy Steven Chu (lower left corner) holding a wind turbine in Buddha Obama's direction.

Speaking of The Last Word, check out Lawrence O'Donnell's nothing-short-of-magical take-down of Rep. Joe Walsh -- a particularly obnoxious Know Nothing Teabagger House freshman who is also a self-promoting camera hog -- whom he BANNED from his MSNBC show The Last Word.

It turns out Joe Walsh is also a deadbeat dad, in arrears on his child support for three of his five kids to the tune of $117,437. Walsh found time to go on vacations with his girlfriend to Mexico and Italy and to "loan" his own campaign $35,000. Anyway,
O'Donnell "banned" him from his show until the bastard pays up.

Here is Walsh's official Congressional picture.

His silly hair aside, he just looks like a hose bag.


More generally with my second point, I regret ever coming to D.C. back in 1992 and my life here has been a big and regretful waste. I wish I had somehow figured out to stay in New Jersey by the shore area whence I come.

3. I need to figure out how to move to a cool, wet climate -- I don't care if it is the Pacific Northwest or northern California coast; coastal Maine / New England; on the upper Great Lakes; or even southern New Zealand.

The blue sky -- endless frickin' blue sky on endless hot summer days -- behind / above the Brittany, the building located across the street from my apartment that fronts onto 16th Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 1:42PM, July 30, 2011.


OK, I think that's all for now. My next planned update won't be until early next week.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Local and Distant Mile Markers

**Updated 10:35PM 6/24/2014: See below.**

Downstairs bar at Local 16 at gentle early evening (just after happy hour), Washington, D.C., 8:04PM, July 27, 2011.

This place is located catty-(not caddy)corner to where I live at 16th, U and New Hampshire Avenue, but I rarely go there because it is (1) straight and (2) typically very crowded.


Ugh ... Not feeling that well tonight...

I went to Local 16 for a happy hour with Kristof -- and it turned out to be quite pleasant, in part because of the wonderful light jazz music played that is not the establishment's normal musical fare and because of the lovely interior that was thinly crowded.

I had to conceal where we were going to get Kristof to go.

Entrance staff at Local 16, Washington, D.C., 7:51PM, July 27, 2011.


**Updated 10:35PM 6/24/2014: Substantial content removed.**

Mid-level wave-like and high cirrus clouds over Washington, D.C., as seen behind the weird trellis-like structure above the Solo Hippo Piazza near Logan Circle, 5:28PM, July 27, 2011.

I walked near that building today because I left work a bit early today and headed over to Club Nine with a co-worker friend for a drink. We walked there from Mt. Vernon Square Metro.

**Updated 10:35PM 6/24/2014: Content removed.**

Speaking of the Florida Keys, here a lady fishing off an unused portion of Rt. 1 near Mile Mark 62 near Little Conch Key, Aug. 1, 2009.

I've always loved this picture, even though I'd be bored out of my mind (and avoiding the intense South Florida summertime sunlight) if I were there.

Speaking of Florida, I'm supposed to go down there for a week in October -- both Flagler Beach and Deerfield Beach.


Oh, yes, this shitty computer is still working (no crashes for two days now) but the screen is all messed up. The main reason I have a home computer is for blogging purposes.

Speaking of which, my Regulus blog reached the 7,777th hit for the month of July (although StatCounter misses some hits) a short while ago (11:38PM).

OK, that really is all. I'm not feeling well.

G'night, all.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Mental Freeze Ups -OR- Product 19 ...

**Updated 10:40PM 6/24/2014: See below.**

The 1600 block (well, actually, 1614, 1612 and 1610) V Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 7:38PM, July 24, 2011.


Grrr ...

And not just the Teabaggers and GOP crazies are going to force a U.S. Federal Government default that could have potential highly negative consequences for me personally on par with a shutdown.

And also not just because there was only about 1/4 inch of rainfall in earlier t-storms today on downtown D.C. (only 0.20" fell at DCA proper while 0.64" fell at BWI and 0.37" at IAD).

We did have some heavy and noticeably warm tropical-like rainfall, albeit briefly, here in D.C., the Capital of the Late Stage American Empire.

The Sterling (LWX) radar in base mode reflectivity showing -- again -- all the activity south of the D.C. area, 6:43PM, July 25, 2011.


Rather, my "GRRR..." is because this frickin' computer -- which my dear mom so kindly bought for me during a financially disastrous time for me 18 months ago and the one Wall-P expensed to his law firm-- is dying with non-stop freeze-ups / "blue screens of death (BSODs)" and the usual bullshit that supposed to turn me hysterical. But I refuse.

**Updated 10:45PM 6/24/2014: Content and altered removed.**

As it is, I think the hard drive is dying OR the motherboard is screwed up, not to mention the screen is now messed up, too. Another shitty computer bites the dust (literally, in the case of my severely dusty apartment).

Maybe I'm not so terrified - worried about my computer situation because I have a new work laptop that I can take home (although I'm not sure if I'll be able to hook to the internet). This is good as long as I have that job.

I'm also worried because I don't have much work to do for the next10 days, and then I should be able to restart my Recovery Act compliance resolution work that I quite enjoy.

On another note, I need to make my travel arrangements to go to Florida in October in order (first) to see my dad in Flagler Beach, and (second) go to Deerfield Beach / Boca Raton with Gary.

Yours truly in Deerfield Beach, Fla, in the surf, 12:37PM, Aug. 2, 2009.


This will involve buying airline tickets to two different cities and figuring out a way to traverse that 150 miles or so. If this comes to pass, I will probably take a train from DeLand.

Oh, yes, also, I was able to adjust my student loan "partial forbearance" monthly amount to $150, (the Direct Loan people are good about things like that, but I will eventually hit up against a wall on that as well). This will get me at least until May 2012. By that point, things will be good, mixed or have ended (at least my D.C. life).

OK, I think that's all for now. Given the precarious state of my home computer situation, I'm not entirely sure when I'll be posting a new entry.

Oh, yes ...

... today is the 19th anniversary of my getting out of the mental hospital -- the old Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery County (PIMC) by the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Gaithersburg, Md., after a 10-day stay, an event that brought me to the D.C. area proper.

Thank You, Dear God. I still remember, respect and honor the experience. No joke. And I appreciate all that Quill and her family did for me during that time and in the months thereafter.


P.S. Yes, I managed to post this whole entry with no computer crashes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Notes from an Overheated and Mad World

**Second update 10:45PM 6/24/2014: See below.**

Updated 9PM 7/23/2011 with additional weather info/numbers.

Morning sunrise along the gently roiled Atlantic Ocean surf in Surfside, Florida, a town located in Miami-Dade County. I found this image online but there was no accompanying date indicating when it was taken.


Good Saturday afternoon ...

This is an update to note the extreme weather along with some (all bad) news events and (sad) life events.

A record - breaking heatwave continues to suffocate the northeastern quarter of the Lower 48 with all-time records and/or second-highest ever record high temperatures being set, not to mention ferocious humidity, from D.C. to Boston in this heat wave.

Among the records and near-records* of note from yesterday, 7/22/2011:

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD): 105F, a new ALL-TIME record high air temp that beats the 104F record set July 16, 1988 and Aug. 20, 1983.

Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) reached 102F, 1F shy of a daily record and well below the 106F all-time record for Washington, D.C., both pre-DCA records (July 20, 1930 and Aug. 6, 1918). DCA also had (as noted in previous entry) an 81F dew point on Thursday night (July 21, 2011) that was a tad under the all-time highest dew point, which I think was 82F (but Sterling doesn't provide good dew point records).

Also, the 78F dew point yesterday when it was 102F at 3PM at DCA translated into a heat index of 121F (see screen captured image at left). Ugly.

This is the second highest below a calculated 122F heat index that occurred (retroactively calculated) on July 16, 1980.

Finally, last night's low was either 83F (the LWX discussion) or 84F (the 3-day obs web page). IF 84F, it would tie the ALL-TIME highest low temperature ever in Washington, D.C.

Updated 5:35PM: The DCA morning low was indeed 84F, so that would tie it for the warmest low temp. ever.

BWI Airport: 106F, a new daily record and the SECOND highest ever recorded in the full Baltimore record behind a 107F reading that was set July 10, 1936.

It is also the highest ever at BWI proper since the 107F reading is a pre-BWI Baltimore record.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor (Maryland Science Center) (DMH or KDMH) reached 108F air temp and had a 124F heat index. It is surely the hottest ever there. However, this spot does not yet have a 30-year climate average.

The Maryland Science Center at the Baltimore Inner Harbor with the weather station -- set up in 1998 -- noted in the image.


*Reagan Washington National Airport -- pictured above and located about 3 miles south of downtown D.C. in what is technically Arlington County, Virginia -- ALWAYS misses extreme temperature and snowfall records because of its riverside (riparian?) location along the tidal - scuzzy Potomac River, which ensures EVERYTHING gets moderated away. A case in point was yesterday when a southerly breeze was blowing off the river all day.

As for today (July 23), it has reached 101F at DCA (the 4PM temp) which ties the daily record.

Updated 902PM: It reached 102F at DCA and BWI and 99F at IAD. All are daily records (BWI and IAD tied their 1991 values). The Maryland Science Center reached 103F. Again, it does not yet have a 30-year climate normal period.

As for other parts of the Northeast, Newark International Airport reached 108F yesterday, a new all-time record high for any day and just 2F shy of New Jersey's all-time state record of 110F set July 10, 1936 in Runyon (Sayreville) near South Amboy (where my mom is from). In addition, the low this morning was 86F, a new all-time record high low surpassing the previous 84F set July 10, 1993.

Central Park - NYC hit 104F, a daily record but below the 106F all-time record set July 9, 1936. It also was the second highest on record along with July 21, 1977 -- WHICH I REMEMBER at age 7-1/2 living in New Jersey* -- and Aug. 7,1918.

*That is, I recall the heatwave in New Jersey.

Boston - Logan reached 103F yesterday, which tied the (old pre-Logan) Boston daily record of 103F set in 1926 and 1F below the all-time record high in Boston of 104F set July 4, 1911. The 103F is actually the hottest ever at Logan proper.


**Updated 10:45PM 6/24/2014: Content removed or altered.**

Other News ...

Norway hit with worst terrorist attack in post-WWII era; Culprit is domestic rightwinger

New York Times online headline from earlier this afternoon.

The horrid terrorist attacks in Norway yesterday in which 90+ people were killed a series of attacks that included combined bombings in central Oslo and a bloody mass shooting at a summer camp on an island northwest of the capital was carried out by the domestic Norwegian equivalent of what America knows all too well: the rightwing gun nut / fundamentalist obsessed with the usual garbage.

A SWAT team at the summer camp on Ut√łya Island outside of Oslo, where the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was running amok, July 22, 2011. Camp goers in the image duck for cover.

As an aside, if this were the U.S. with an American law enforcement agency or military SWAT team, there isn't the SLIGHTEST chance that SOB would have made it out of there alive. Just sayin' ...

The killer is identified as 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik, a whack-job with connections to xenophobic extremist groups.

Send him here and put him on trial in Oklahoma or Texas.

That will take care of things sorta quickly.


Negotiations With Crazies Prove Fruitless

But knowing Obama, he'll probably let the default that happen lest "the process" be interrupted.

Obama needs to wake up and realize he's living in a nasty and crazy time that requires taking a definitive stand, and that the more he strives to be some mythical transformational post-partisan figure...

... RATHER THAN a desperately needed updated FDR who strongly fights for traditional Democratic economic and social ideals ... the more quickly the GOP will ensure his failure.

Just 10 days 'til default ... I'm sure we'll start seeing those "countdown" clocks that the media just love.



Amy Winehouse Has Died

Apparently, British singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London home. Report here.

On the same unhappy topic of untimely deaths ...

My friend and co-worker is in Michigan this weekend for the funeral of a 16-year old family member (a cousin by marriage) who was killed in a car accident a few days ago.

She was an aspiring young marine biologist from a family in New Jersey that had moved to Michigan a few years ago.

Also coincidentally in the same part of Michigan, my friend K. from Hippograms blog is visiting R., who is very dear to her and who probably does not have much time left.


The sky above L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 5;21PM, July 22, 2011. It was about 101F at this point and the heat index about 115F. Yet the sky was quite blue with billowing cumulus / cumulus congestus clouds.


The second half of my week was better than the first. My sore gum seems to have cured itself (I'm going to the dentist next Friday). I also got a small but appreciable raise at work -- and I got my paycheck direct deposited two days early (today instead of Monday). Oh, and my air conditioner is working properly in this wee little apartment.

OK, I think that's all for now. My next planned update will be early next week.



Friday, July 22, 2011

High Stultifying Summer -OR- City Lights of Sweltering D.C.

**Updated 10:50PM 6/24/2014: See below.**

Yours Truly at the back table in City Lights of China restaurant waiting for my order of moo goo gai pan* to go, Washington, D.C., 9:56PM, July 21, 2011.

This was on THE MOST sultry - humid night of the year -- and almost EVER in D.C.

*BTW, my mom used to have a cat back in the 1980s in Glen Burnie, Md., that we called Boo Boo Gai Pan, although her actual name was Kimchi. She was a horrible cat who eventually ran away.



Today was an OK day -- and even as I made an appointment to see my dentist next week, my immediate dental (gum) issue (tenderness) went away (at least for now).

Tonight, I went to Larry's Lounge with Kristof, where I had a nice time. I also walked over in the stultifying air to City Lights of China on Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle, where I got moo goo gai pan to go and had it here at home (although I stopped back in briefly at LL en route home and unexpectedly met LP).

A server walking by in a blur at City Lights of China, Washington, D.C., 9:53PM, July 21, 2011.


The weather was beyond disgusting today, except there were enough billowing cumulus congestus clouds in the sky, along with a southerly breeze, to make it not absolutely hideous.

It reached 99F at National Airport (DCA)and 100F at Baltimore / Washington Int'l Airport (BWI) and Washington Dulles Int'l Airport (IAD).

None of these were daily records, though -- remember, we are at the absolute hottest time of the year.

In fact, right now at midnight on 7/22 we are at the exact midpoint of the peak of summer.

The observations at DCA between 10AM and 11PM, July 21, 2011 with the peak dew point of 81F and the daily high of 99F observations circled in red and yellowish - orange, respectively.


More newsworthy, the dew point temperature reached 81F a short while ago at DCA during two consecutive hourly observations (see above image).

The ALL-TIME record dew point EVER at DCA, I believe, was 82F.

(The dew point record may only go back to the early 1960s.)

The heat index reached 112F earlier today at DCA -- enough even for the Sterling LWX meteorologists to confidently place an excessive heat warning in effect for most of their county warning area (including both D.C. and Baltimore proper).

Speaking of Sterling, here is what Andy "WOODY!" Woodcock wrote in his area forecast discussion (AFD) update tonight:

904 PM EDT THU JUL 21 2011




A few thoughts:

**Updated 10:50PM 6/24/2014: Content removed.**


As for my week, it was OK, I guess.


A New York State of Mind...

**Updated 10:52PM 6/24/2014: Content removed.**



OK, I think that's all for now. I'm going to bed. My next planned update may not be until Sunday or Monday.



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cursed Dental Woes and D.C. Summer Heat; Blessed Rains and Good Works

**Updated 6/24/2014: 10:55PM: See below.**

A towering cumulus / cumulus congestus cloud developing into a cumulonimbus / thunderstorm just south of Washington, D.C., as seen in the 93F heat of a high summer extended evening from the corner of U and 15th Streets, NW, 6:15PM, July 19, 2011.

A cluster of thunderstorms formed south of D.C. and moved into southern Maryland / Northern Neck of Virginia.

Towering cumulus clouds over L'Enfant Plaza , Washington, D.C., where I work, 5:49PM, July 19, 2011. This was taken yesterday.


Dental Woes (Part XVI or Something like that)

This is kind of a rough week in that I'm concerned about some renewed dental issues, specifically, I think I may again have some sort of gum / tooth problem involving the replaced crown.

Recall I had a root canal on this tooth as well. My biggest fear is that something becomes (re)infected and my face gets swollen / disfigured. I need to go back to the dentist to see what's up with this.

I really didn't want to have to repost this image of this poor little guy but I have so many dental issues.

I try to have very good oral hygiene -- brushing and flossing regularly -- but I'm living with a lot of dental issues.

As I've written before, good hippo oral hygiene is essential.


Speaking of hippos ...

I've been meaning for a while to post this sort of picture, or adaptation of it. This is a picture of a UPS truck in the 1200 block of N Street, NW, Washington, D.C., earlier tonight as I was walking home.

"Synchronizing the World of Hippos!"

Yes, that's a picture of my three plush hippos --Flippo, Harvey and Little Aurora -- that I "Painted" onto the side of the truck.


Work Wednesday

I stayed a bit late at work tonight (615PM) as I didn't get in until a bit after 10AM because I overslept (boo). I had a lot of FOIA work to do today -- my Recovery Act-related compliance work is on hiatus until early August.

The directory of the curiously named Zion Building at 1017 12th Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 6:52PM, July 20, 2011. I'm sure posting this image / name will get some weird hits on my blog. Some of the organizations in the building also sound curious: Falcon Express and the Lojec Foundation?


I actually got off at Metro Center and walked home via Club Nine, where I stopped inside its crowded, dimly lit, well air-conditioned darkness and had a drink, or rather, two since it is two for one. I was there for about an hour. I got home around 830PM (it's still light this time of year) and I'm watching Frasier reruns on Hallmark as I try to figure out what to blog about.

The intersection of 12th and N Streets, NW, Washington, D.C., 6:59PM, July 20, 2011.


Political Rant (Truncated)

**Updated 10:55PM 6/24/2014: Content removed.**

Some appropriate image irony -- Murdoch, the worst thing ever to come out of Australian, going off the Australian Great Bight cliffs in a Fox News Lies van.

Ha ha


"I Bless the Rains (and Good Works) Down in Africa ..."

At this point, I would like to post the following e-mail excerpt from my friend W., who is spending two months in Africa in Nairobi working for a UN-sponsored refugee facility. The images I have are just ones I found online and not really representative of anything.

While I'm bitching and complaining about nothing and wasting my life here in the Capital of the Late Stage Empire in the early 21st Century, Wendy is doing good work, God's Work. (She gave me permission to post this excerpt of an email she sent me last week. I inserted a few extra paragraph breaks.)

From: Wendy
To: [Regulus]
Date: Sunday, July 17, 2011, 3:13 PM
Subject: Re. "I bless the rains down in Africa ..."

"Uganda was certainly interesting. The Kampala conference was a study in contrasts. African governments have an interesting way of ignoring certain human rights. Rather distressing and frustrating.

"I did take an overnight bus up to Juba a week ago Wednesday, and miraculously, things worked out. I met up with people I'd met in an online travel forum who had also planned to be in Juba for independence, and they were an enjoyable trio - a Scottish-Czech whistlemaker, a fellow from Vancouver, and a girl from German Switzerland. We found a regular sort of apartment room to rent ($16/person/night, instead of $250/night, which is what hotels were asking - the ones that weren't completely booked up with dignitaries, of course).

"Unfortunately, I had to have money sent to me by Western Union for the first time in my life; after being told that ATMs were plentiful in Juba, I arrived to find that they only worked for local transactions (and possibly that US sanctions on Sudan had extended to the whole country's banking systems). But, things worked out.

"Independence was in some ways a logistical and event-planning mess, but the energy of the people there made up for it. It is crazy hot there too. I've gotten used to cold Nairobi, and Juba was kind of a kick in the pants. I don't know how I'm going to manage DC's weather when I get back.

"Which happens in 31 days, to be exact - today is the one month mark, and I'm happy about it. It will be really, really good to get home ..."


I'm looking forward to her return.


The Universe Is Offline??

I wanted to post an APOD picture but the site is inexplicably down tonight.


Weather Update: Another Scuzzy Triple Digit Heat Wave

And, yes, we are still on target for that disgusting heat the next three days with highs of 99F to 104F air temp and heat indexes of 110F to 115F. Grotesque. Much of the extended southern region (all of the Washington/Baltimore area) is under an excessive heat warning.

Sterling (LWX) CWA forecast webpage, 10:19PM, July 20, 2011.

As I've written before, the requirements for that in the Sterling LWX NWS forecast area are rather strict -- 110F heat index -- and the NWS meteorologists in the LWX forecast office weirdly make a huge fuss about how the heat index MUST be 105F to 109F for a heat advisory anything under 105F requires nothing. Sue Palka also lives for these distinctions, along with drought and no winter snow.

Somehow these numbers are sacrosanct and not reaching either 105F or 110F heat indexes on the most grotesque of summer days, but instead only 104F or 109F -- and thus not having to issue such weather advisories -- "proves" something. I'm not sure what.

Sort of like with Wall-P when the Dow goes up.

"ITISWHATITIS WHATITIS ..." "Dot - dot - dot - dash - dot - dash - dash - dash - dot - dash ... "Click click clack clack click clack clack ... " "0101101010111010 110100011010 010101011..."

Of note, all of New Jersey is also under an excessive heat warning but the criteria in the Mount Holly (Philadelphia) and New York City forecast areas are a bit lower (105F).

The Mount Holly (PHI) county warning area map of advisories as of 10:42PM, July 20, 2011.

At least we aren't in a horrendous drought like last summer.


Earlier at work, I was listening to that "Soundstage" program I like and I had the piano / banjo version of The Charleston (!).

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be in a few days.