Thursday, June 9, 2011

D.C. in June: Excessive Heat, Insufficient Pride

**Updated 1:32AM 6/19/2014: See below.**

The Milky Way -- representing the aggregate of the closer-in logarithmic-shaped galactic spiral arms of our barred spiral-shaped galaxy and the central galactic bulge itself wherein at the center resides the supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A* -- as seen above Arches National Park, Utah. This was the May 24, 2011 APOD.


OK, here is another late night entry, but it will be a quick one because I have few pictures to post ...

It reached 102F at DCA today, tying the daily AND the monthly record high temp (the daily one set in 1874, a pre-DCA Washington, D.C., record). It was typical D.C. summertime disgusting, and it is one of the reasons why I hate this place.

Of note, that 102F air temp combined with mid-afternoon dew points at 67F, put the heat index at 110F for a period of time -- the criteria for "excessive heat warning" in the LWX CWA -- but Sterling didn't bother with that because, well, I'm not sure why other than it's all about them and if they decide it's not all that hot, well, screw you.

It hit 102F twice last summer in July (6th and 7th) at DCA. It hit 100F in June (24th). It also reached 100F at BWI.

**Updated 1:32AM 6/19/2014: Content adjusted.**

Tonight there are t-storms "in the region" but AS USUAL everything that could approach Washington, D.C., is not.

Here is the Sterling (LWX) radar in enhanced base reflectivity, 11:51PM EDT, June 9, 2011. Note EVERYTHING missing D.C. proper.

This goddamn year has featured precipitation movement in EVERY direction that DOES NOT touch D.C.


Tonight -- after an after-work swim at a friend's apartment complex near Van Ness -- I went to Nellie's with J. where I met Gary and Kristof. I was in kind of a shitty mood. As usual.

On a semi-related topic, it is frickin' "Capital Pride" this upcoming weekend. I intend to ignore it and be away (Friendship Heights / suburban Maryland here I come) as much as possible.

**Updated 1:32AM 6/19/2014: Content removed.**

Speaking of money and those who actually deserve it -- as opposed to just being given it for nothing --I should mention that today was good: I got to announce a nearly $15,000 favorable decision that was part of a project compliance issue for a very small school in a northern Great Plains state.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be over the weekend.


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