Friday, May 20, 2011

Under the Deep Tropical Maritime Sky (and inside the DCA Anti-Weather Force Field)

**Updated 12:30AM 6/25/2014: See below.**

An unusually tropical-like sky with morning stratocumulus clouds quickly morphing into cumulus congestus clouds over Washington, D.C., as seen from my 5th floor apartment, 8:11AM, May 18, 2011.

The clouds were associated with the deep maritime tropical (mT) flow from the Atlantic Ocean associated with that broad, spiraling, upper level cut-off low -- the one that managed to bring all the showers and t-storms that TOTALLY MISSED frickin' DCA proper.


A towering cumulus (cumulus congestus) cloud over downtown Washington, D.C., as seen from near L'Enfant Plaza (7th St., SW) as I started one of my occasional walks from work back home, 5:58PM, May 18, 2011.

**Updated 12:30AM 6/25/2014: Content altered.**

No worries, though: DCA got shit. I swear, there must be an ANTI-WEATHER FORCE FIELD around that airport and its frickin' rain bucket.


I had intended a full update tonight but it didn't happen ... I will try to update this blog tomorrow (Friday -- i.e., later today) or Saturday.

I need to discuss the weather -- as noted, DCA got frickin' screwed out of a ton of rain in an otherwise wet pattern.

It was vicious and horrible here, like it ALWAYS IS -- other areas got 1 ... 2 ... 3... even 4 inches of rain while DCA got crap.

A post-thunderstorm rainbow over Rockville, Md., taken at evening, May 19, 2011 by my friend and co-worker D. It DIDN'T rain at DCA, of course. There was 0.12" late tonight in a t-shower.

I think we are actually BELOW "climo" for the last 7 days at DCA, though certainly not regionally in a hydrological way.


**Updated 12:30AM 6/25/2014: Content removed.**

This is the same tree in the triangular park at New Hampshire Avenue and 17th and T Streets, NW, at 6:45PM, May 19, 2011 that was taken from the same spot that I posted in my May 7, 2011 entry.

I still can't figure out for sure if it is a chestnut oak (Quercus prinus) or a type of chestnut tree, or even a horse chestnut. I dunno.


OK, time for beddy bye.

-- Regulus


к.нео.физ.де.му said...

dude, this has nothing to do with nonthing but i've gotta show you this:!/pages/Dr-Chul-Eddy-Chung/113378792006716?v=info#info_edit_sections

Regulus said...

Good God. I see he is still as emaciated thin as ever, but he seems to be doing well. And his UCSD Web site actually bears an odd resemblance to my blog -- the colors and background. Sort of. I'll have to point this out to Chester.