Monday, May 30, 2011

Not in the City of God -OR- Another dreadful summer in Washington, D.C.

**UPDATED / REVISED 11:01PM 6/13/2014: Significant amount of content removed. **

Meanwhile, it's all 95F heat later this week and 70F+ dew points and the Sue Palka-cabra she-dragon and the Sterling crew are probably thrilled.

Left: the Sue Palka-cabra creature is all happy at the prospect of endless drought and heat. Yes, this is a picture of her after doing the late local news.

The IDEAL climate for the Sue Palka-cabra Creature on channel 5 WTTG.


OK, that's all for now. I may never update this blog again because I am sick of this blog AND because this frickin' home computer I have is DYING to have a major malfunction.

As for my other blog, well, that one necessarily needs to stay hidden.


Updated 7:07PM, May 30, 2011: So my PLAN is to post a less invective / bitter entry tomorrow (Tuesday) unless life intervenes first.

I took about a six mile walk today. The main part of the walk was from the Silver Spring Metro and through a portion of the "GREAT GREEN GASH" of Rock Creek Park.

I made my obligatory stop at the North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia along East-West Highway (pictured here earlier this afternoon with Yours Truly paying homage to it) -- and eventually over to Nebraska Avenue and thence to Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Metro, and then from Woodley Park Metro back home.



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