Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Uneasy swells the gum that wears a (fake) crown ..."

**Updated 3:20AM 4/24/2011**: See next entry

King George VI at his coronation on May 12, 1937 with his daughters, including the future Queen Elizabeth II, and the then-36-year old "Queen Mum" next to him.

I opted for that picture owing to a sustained bad series of puns on the word "crown" in this entry...

Indeed, the title of this entry is a horribly bad pun on Shakespeare's Henry IV quote, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown ..." (Part II, Act III, Scene 1)

The Bard says, "Boo..."

I didn't intend to update this blog over this weekend, in particular because I have a good six hours worth of edits and rewrites to do for two work-related projects -- one on geothermal energy development and the other on Spain's hybrid and electric vehicle market.

Rather, I had instead intended to wait until Monday evening to update this blog.

However, I needed to note that I have developed yet another dental-related problem involving that damn temporary crown I had put on back in late March.

For starters, I was supposed to get the permanent crown inserted FINALLY on Tuesday but now I'm going in on Monday morning instead.

No, not this crown.

I have developed swelling in the upper left gum / cheek area and there is some pain as if it were infected, but I actually think this is an inflammation due to the temporary crown, or more likely to the adhesive used, rather than an infection.

Regardless, this problem brings back painful memories of the horribly disfiguring gum infection / abscess I had in Jan/Feb. 2000 that nearly killed me.

Now I want to be clear that It's no where near that level this time.

It started last night while I was at Nellie's -- which was great, because it has always been my goal to be a facially disfigured 41 year old, flabby man in a gay bar of young pretty boys.

The inflammation / swelling got worse this morning. I was able to pull off the temp crown myself. It wasn't attached that strongly and likely soon would've (again) come out.

Today, I've been taking Tylenol, Advil, gargling with warm salt water and Listerine, and even taking the amoxicillin antibiotic that I had from last November when I had the original root canal (inside the old crown that was on the tooth).

I had never taken that dosage back then because I felt that it wasn't necessary. Might as well save antibiotics for when they're really necessary.

Good hippo oral hygiene is always a must.

I have been in contact with my dentist and I'm going in to see him on Monday morning, although I may not be able to get the permanent crown inserted at that time because of this problem.

He was going to write me an antibiotic prescription but agreed it was probably an inflammation rather than an infection (since there is nothing left up in the gum to get infected following the root canal) and opted to wait until at least tomorrow.

I didn't tell him I am already taking the amoxicillin since he would've told me not to do that. But he was going to prescribe the same thing anyway and it's not like the medication is that old.

Again, as I mentioned, I'm not sure if the dentist is now going to be able to put the permanent crown in on Monday since there is swelling and complications. I may have to wait a period (but with no temp).

Again, wrong crown.

As it is, I now can afford to pay the $271.75 remaining balance AND my health insurance debit card with $360 on it arrived, so I may not even need to do that anyway.

Anyway, at this point, the swelling has not gotten any worse and it may have gone down just a tad. Again, it's not terribly disfiguring but it is noticeable, in particular if you know me and what I look like normally, nor is it anywhere near as painful, but there is some discomfort. However, it is a lot better with that awful temporary crown removed.

But at this point, I'm not sure if I'm going to Quill's parents' big Easter Sunday dinner tomorrow (I suppose I will if it gets no worse).

Rainy spring evening view outside my apartment building, 2000 block, New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 6:46PM, April 22, 2011.


Some pics from yesterday ...

Wet night along the U Street Corridor, Washington, D.C., 11:33PM, April 22, 2011.


Today is Holy (or "Black") Saturday, sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Easter is rather late this year. Yesterday -- Good Friday -- was also Earth Day.

The 1800 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., on a spring day with the trees now quickly "leafing up/out," 1:49PM, April 23, 2011.


OK, I'd love to write a big, long blog entry, but I really need to work on those two aforementioned assignments.

The weather is mostly sunny and pleasant today with temps around 65F. It was a nice cool and rainy day yesterday and a chilly, Seattle-like rainy night last night (my favorite kind of spring and fall nights).

And with that, I really will end this entry. But now that I look at it, this entry ended up a typical length one anyway.



fifi said...

oh how weird, I have had the same thing happening. About a fortnight ago i suffered my second hideous infection this year. Excruciating and awful, but I had no time off to get to a dentist. Finally managed to squeeze in an appointment and have been having root canal ever since. It was hideously infected, and all the nerves in my face were pulsating with pain.
I had to lecture six hours a day doped up on painkillers for almost a week.
So I very much sympathise. Hope its better soon.

Regulus said...

I'm really sorry to hear this ... I can say that the episode I had back in early 2000 was far, far worse -- in fact, I probably came about as close to dying as ever from an illness. It was so horrible.

Root canals are usually followed by crowns, but in my case, my crowns were not preceded by any root canals. And one of my teeth inside a crown became reinfected, requiring a root canal through the crown, and eventual replacement of the crown, which is where I am now.

If I can give you any advice, PLEASE take all dental issues as seriously as possible. It is worth whatever time or expense you need to spend.

fifi said...

oh I do take them seriously. i have had now possibly three episodes before this one and all required major work. Huge infections...this most recent one made me so sick, but since i dont get sick pay i had to just continue on. I thought my ear was going to fall off. I was on masses of painkillers.
The dentist said it was germs left by a past dentist. I find that pretty weird...
anyway I am glad to read you are better. I have yet to get the crown, cant wait to pay for all THAT. :-(