Monday, April 4, 2011

Norwegian Auroral and D.C. Weekend Corporeal Displays

OK, hopefully, the video clip I am posting will work.

The Aurora from Terje Sørgjerd on Vimeo.

This video shows stunning auroral displays over snowy, rugged Norwegian landscapes. It is well worth the approx. 2 minutes. It also contains a link to the Vimeo site where it was posted. This was the March 28, 2011 APOD. The music is haunting and beautiful, too.


As for my weekend, eh, it was OK. I had a nice Friday night dinner at Chadwicks with K. (from the Hippograms blog) up in Friendship Heights and on Saturday during the day I had lunch with my mom and Ray at Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, Md., this afternoon. It is a long-time, very popular Jewish deli with accompanying restaurant.

The sky looking to the west northwest as seen from the parking lot just Parkway Deli, Silver Spring, Md., 2:17PM, April 2, 2011.


Unfortunately, it was very crowded initially and we entered the back way and stood in the wrong part of a two-part line, and this nasty bitch of a woman (another customer) was rude about it, and I was rude back at her. I don't abide that stuff well -- especially talking to my mom that way.


On Saturday night, I went to Nellie's with Gary, and later I tried to go to Town (where I haven't been in about a year) but there was a big line that didn't move for five minutes, so I just left.

Nellie's was nice ...

... with the usual pretty boys.

And me.

Actually, this is a picture of a sea mammal known as a dugong frolicking in the warm, sunlight shallow waters of the Red Sea off Marsa Alam, Egypt.

I'm feeling quite fat because earlier this Sunday I caught a glimpse of myself naked in the mirror while going into the shower, and that was depressing. God, I'm fat.

Here is a picture of me in my cubicle in the Federal building where I work near L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 12:16PM, April 1, 2011.


While at Nellie's, I briefly saw Scottie Pippin' (he's not fat) ... To quote Kermit the Frog while introducing a guest act, "YAAAAAAYYYY!" Alas, he left quickly.

On a semi-related note, did I mention it must be great to be M.H.?? Speaking of whom ...

Advertisement in the Woodley Park Metro rail station, Washington, D.C., 11:40PM, April 1, 2011.

Too bad the advertisement above it didn't say "May 22" or "May 23" (2011) -- the 7 year "anniversary" of the original "start" of my "relationship" with M.H.

Oh, wait, that is for my Arcturus blog.

As for this Regulus blog, I'm within 250 hits of reaching 100,000 hits (excluding my own hits, which I've blocked from my StatCounter site meter).


OK, that's all for now. I need to sleep. I plan to update this blog later this Monday or perhaps Tuesday.

The weather tonight is rather strange: lots of cloud-to-cloud lightning flashes to the NE, N, and NW as a warm front straddles the area but little rain. Instead, there has been a mid-level altostratus cloud deck with the lightning flashing and pulsing across it in a sort of bad movie special effects way.

The Sterling (LWX) radar in composite mode -- showing internal cloud activity as well as what is falling from the clouds -- at 12:01AM, April 4, 2011.

As the radar shows (excessively ominously above) there is a thin band of t-storms to the north of D.C. slowly sagging south while individual cells move NW to SE. I'm not sure if we'll get anything.

It is supposed to be around 80F tomorrow here in D.C., followed by a strong frontal passage with showers and thunderstorms and then much cooler for Tuesday. Good.


The still winter bare trees in Rock Creek Park as seen from the edge of 16th Street, NW, near Holly Street, Washington, D.C., 4:23PM, April 2, 2011.


OK, that's all for now. I hope this isn't a bad week -- I didn't finish two writing tasks I needed to last week. Anyway, g'night and g'day.



к.нео.физ.де.му said...

i like the little lamp in your office!

btw, thanks to your dugong pic i am now completely fascinated with going to australia's shark bay.

to quote kramer - up here (pointing to his head), i'm already gone!



Regulus said...

I actually recovered that little lamp from the basement trash room in my apartment building.

I'd like to see a dugong, too, though I'm not sure I'd be that keen on scuba diving (or even wading) into Shark Bay.

Remind me again when / where that avatar image of you was taken? I think you once told me it was circa 1985 when you were 15 ... and that is the Caspian Sea behind you somewhere east of Baku?

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

actually the picture on the avatar was taken in the summer of 1989 to the south of baku in the area called garadagh... somewhere on that small peninsula that you see sticking to the east into the caspian sea...

here is another picture taken there - a bunch of us went there with a backpack full of booz to celebrate the end of high school classes. i am (in the left part of the picture) the only sober one... :)


Regulus said...

I see ... I guess in my mind I always thought it was here (I couldn't get any closer to the tip of the peninsula).

As for the second picture ... wow ... OF COURSE I recognize you!

OK, I plan to update this blog tomorrow ...