Monday, March 7, 2011

"The Rain Man would come and sing to me ..."

Rainy Sunday night next to Nellie's at the intersection of 9th and U Streets, NW, Washington, D.C., 8:50PM, March 6, 2011.

I really like this kind of image -- it kind of has that "urban electric dreams" or maybe even a Great Gatsby-esque feel.


I'm home tonight watching WeTV weekly Monday night marathon of The Golden Girls from 8PM - 1AM. I wanted to have a big update but it turns out I need to work on something for my job that I need to have done by tomorrow.

Earlier tonight after work I went to the Watergate to go to the Safeway as I do a few times a month. The small store is located in (I think) the Watergate East building.

The stepped fountain with its flattened, expansive pools that runs along the steps beneath the Watergate East leading down to the sunken, open-air shopping promenade, Washington, D.C., 6:14PM, March 7, 2011.


The sunken open-air shopping promenade in the Watergate complex, Washington, D.C., 6:32PM, March 7, 2011. I had just left the Safeway. Alas, there were no Scottie Pippin' sightings.


I have stopped going to the 17th / Corcoran Street Safeway entirely -- part of my self-imposed complete removal and avoidance from 17th Street (well, except for that one really late Saturday night after Fox & Hound when I peeked around). For shopping, I now go to a small grocery store on U Street, or to the Harris Teeter on the weekend.

The Watergate Safeway, Washington, D.C., 6:24PM, March 7 2011.


I'm not giving those evil monsters the satisfaction of walking past their ghastly nightmare places of soul-destroying misery from which I was wrongly banned (I know, I know -- why would you even want to be there??).

You can smell the gay sulfur of Boy Butter, stacks of new twenties, and cheap vodka mixed with stale beer emanating from the homo fumaroles (or is it fumarholes) in which they lurk.

I have more to say about this -- apparently endlessly so -- but I'll confine it to the other hidden spot. I will say that I realize now that Chris H. was never even remotely a friend and I wish I had never spent all those years trying to be his.

More generally, everything associated with those two 17th Street places for 17 years turned into pure shit.

Let me just say, though, that I can out wait everybody. I have just enough spite and anger to do that.

I'll come back to D.C. 20 years hence (wherever I am) when those evil SOBs are long gone from those places and a whole new cast of characters are around, and I'll go where I damn well please. In the meantime, there is a still a lot of world out there to see.


Australia Visit??

More short term, I really hope I can visit Crocodile DG in Australia this summer but that is still very up in the air.

Aerial view of Sydney and Sydney harbour with its famed bridge and opera house on the right.

Actually, DG lives in Newcastle, not Sydney. Of course, I'd go to Sydney to see Fifi.


A Vicarious New Zealand Visit

Speaking of DG, I am posting -- admittedly incongruously -- a few pictures of the many pictures he took on a recent 3-day hiking trip on New Zealand's South Island on a rugged trail called the Routeburn Track. He was actually supposed to be in Christchurch, but the devastating earthquake there nixed that part of the trip.

Lake MacKenzie on New Zealand's South Island. I think DG took this picture on his second day hiking when the weather cleared up -- or else he found an image of it on a sunny day.

You may read about his adventures here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Some more New Zealand images that I lifted (with permission) from his blog:

A waterfall in the rugged mountainous terrain of Wilmont Pass near Doubtful Sound, South Island, New Zealand, Feb. 2011.


Doubtful Sound on an overcast, rainy day on New Zealand's South Island, Feb. 2011.


Queenstown, New Zealand as seen from high above as seen from some gondola lift above the city. How different is all of this from frickin' life-draining Washington, D.C.??


Weather / Climate Stats Update

OK, so the deluge of rain we had on Sunday really helped make up our precipitation deficit and the good news is there should be one more steady soaking on Thursday that should actually put the region into surplus -- and a good position at the start of the spring hydrological and vegetative seasons.

Got rain?

The storm totals -- which also are the totals for March 2011 so far -- were as follows: DCA, 1.41"; BWI: 1.06"; and IAD: 2.33."

LWX enhanced version base mode radar at 2:46PM EST, March 6, 2011.


The month and year-to-date totals and departures from normal through today are as follows:

March MTD: 1.41" +0.61" (0.80")
2011 YTD: 5.78" -0.86" (6.64")

March MTD: 1.06" +0.17" (0.89")
2011 YTD: 6.41" -0.97" (7.38")

March MTD: 2.33: +1.56" (0.77")
2011 YTD: 6.41" -0.18" (6.59")

Yes, BWI and IAD are tied at 6.41" so far this year. Oh, and the rain actually ended as a bit of snow last night but there was no accumulation.

The following is a review of the climatological winter 2010 - 2011 (Dec. 1, 2011 - Feb. 28, 2011). I meant to post this last week.

This includes temperatures and temperature departures for each month, the overall winter temperature, and total precipitation and snowfall numbers. The overall winter is simply the average of the three (the differences in number of days per month is too slight to change anything).

Long story short, it was a somewhat colder than normal winter -- in particular the first two months but that was partly offset by a warmer than normal February with significantly below average precipitation and slightly below average snowfall. (Had we not been royally screwed out of the Dec. 26th "Boxing Day" Blizzard, it would have been well above normal snow-wise.)

The three regional airport climate station stats are as follows:

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Dec. 2010: 34.6F -4.9F
Jan. 2011: 33.6F -1.3F
Feb. 2011: 41.7F +3.6F
Winter: -0.9F

Total precip: 6.15" -2.74" (8.89")

Total snowfall: 9.9" -3.7" (13.6")

Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Dec. 2010: 32.4F -4.3F
Jan. 2011: 30.2F -2.1F
Feb. 2011: 38.5F +3.0F
Winter: -1.1F

Total precip: 7.31" -2.53" (9.84")

Total snowfall: 14.4" -1.3" (15.7")

Washington Dulles International Airport

Dec. 2010: 30.9F -5.1F
Jan. 2011: 30.0F -1.7F
Feb. 2011: 38.1F +3.3F
Winter: -1.3F

Total precip: 5.55" -3.34" (8.89")

Total snowfall: 12.5" -4.9" (17.4")

NOTE: I figured out these numbers rather quickly and didn't meticulously cross-check them. The source info is all from here.


Snowfall Update ...

At some point in 2011 the new 30-year climate normals will be issued by the National Weather Service, with the 1971 - 2000 period replaced by 1981 - 2010. These are updated once every ten years.

I did a calculation for DCA snowfall and it appears that the current 15.2" 30-year average will actually rise 15.8" (after having fallen significantly in the last update by 15%, as did BWI).

Now I could be off on my numbers since I don't know if the totals are reckoned strictly on the 30 years or from July the previous year to June the next year.

I did the same calculation for BWI snowfall, but I simply cannot get the current 30-year average value of 18.2" no matter how much I try (I get 18.4"). The new average should be 20.6". I didn't figure it out for IAD. The current 30-year IAD snowfall average is 21.2".

The big news was that the incredibly snowy winter of 2009 - 2010 actually boosted the 30-year totals at both DCA and BWI -- in particular at BWI where a record 77.0" of snow fell compared to a record 56.1" at DCA. Both would have seen increases, but the BWI figure jumps a full inch above what it would have been if the 30-year average had been 1980 - 2009.


A Date, Yes, A Date ...

OK, I think that's all for now. Oh, yes, I actually have a "date", sort of, tomorrow night -- either at Larry's Lounge or the Duplex (haven't decided which). That NEVER happens.

He is actually an IRS PR person -- but that is a TOTAL WEIRD COINCIDENCE, and, no, he can't help me at all, nor would I ask.

L'Enfant Plaza hotel, Washington, D.C., 11:24AM, March 7, 2011.

On Wednesday, Gerry and I are going to dinner downtown somewhere.

This is for all his computer help it is the least I owe him.

My next planned update here won't be until at least Thursday.



к.нео.физ.де.му said...

i hope you can get to australia this summer!

boris wants to go there with his friends next winter for the study abroad thing...

i hope it works out for him.

did i tell you he is trying to join a fraternity (tau kappa epsilon, i believe - whatever that means)? from the little he told me, it's like everything you described in that blog entry ebout your college park experiences - non-stop parties.

i talk to him about stuff - hope he understands...

p.s. i loved the new zealand pictures. would love to visit there!


DJG said...

Good luck on your date. I miss dating. I used to enjoy it back in my single days.

Regulus said...

Hey Mike -- I kinda recall Tau Kappa Epsilon, except it was on a back street of College Park and they were tossing firecrackers off the roof their house. I don't think they're that good to know ... But I also think that Boris has a good head on his shoulders and he'll see what's up. I would let him know but not press the issue.

DJG -- Am I still visiting you?? Or rather, am I cleared to do so? In the end, it is still unsure but I so want to visit.

Regulus said...

Oh, yes, the "date" was a short-lived disaster. Pretty much as I thought.

DJG said...

I haven't heard back officially about my visa extension. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't happen.