Friday, March 4, 2011

My Regulus Blog and The City on the Edge of Forever ...

**Updated 7:30PM 3/4/2011 to give more details on this amazing Star Trek Original Series episode that I didn't post last night.**

March Fourth ... which if spelled "March Forth" is the ONLY date of the year that spells out a sentence.

Star Trek -- The Original Series, opening "title card".


Did I ever mention my favorite Star Trek -- The Original Series (TOS) episode is "The City on the Edge of Forever"? It stars a very young Joan Collins and the premise is so profound and sublime and disturbing:

Dr. McCoy in a frenzied state (by injecting himself accidentally with some drug) beams down to a planet and passes through an omniscient portal entity called the Guardian of Forever that puts him back in New York City, Old Earth in the 1930s.

There he changes history by causing a sweet lady (Judith Keeler) to NOT get hit by a car, thus allowing her to lead a peace movement that delays the U.S. entry into World War II -- allowing the Nazis to build the atomic bomb and win the war, radically and horribly altering history.

Kirk and Spock and the Guardian of Forever.


Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock must go back to shortly before that point and "right" history, but this means Edith Keeler must be killed by that car while crossing the street. She must die.

... Edith Keeler and Capt. Kirk in that same episode of "The City on the Edge of Forever" in the original Star Trek series.

In the climactic scene, Kirk agonizingly stops Dr. McCoy from pushing Edith out of the way. McCoy screams, "I COULD HAVE SAVED HER! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID?!"

Spock coolly replies, "He knows, Doctor. He knows."

Good stuff.


Anyway, tomorrow, I may very well get fired due to ... well, I'll wait until I know for sure if it is going to happen ...

... IF it does, then that immediately ends ANY pretense of a D.C. life and I'll gladly leave (or maybe vanish). I'm somewhat angry and worried right now, and so I'm not going to post any additional content right now.


Update 7:45PM Mar. 4, 2011:

As it turns out, everything was fine today. But I think my friendship with KW may be over.

As for this weekend, I don't know what I'm doing ... Probably spending most of it by myself. I think it's supposed to rain a lot on Sunday. I hope so.


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