Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grrr.... (Part 2)

**Updated 11:00PM 6/16/2014: Content removed / adjusted. See below.**

Jamie says hello to the 17th Street D.C. gayborhood.


**Updated 11:00PM 6/16/2014: Content removed.**



krzysztof said...

He's got a really nice ass. It's a shame he's not using it in a more versatile way.

And you know what else is a shame?
When you sit down and your legs squish out to twice their size. That's A SHAME.

Regulus said...

Ha ha ...

(I think she said "thighs", though.)

See you maybe Thursday. I think your weekend plans are good. Honestly, I'm very much in favor of you guys spending time together.

DJG said...

Sorry to hear of your tribulations Reg. If it's any consolation, they provide some good blog fodder.