Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Night Not Very Alive or The Homoeiades

**Updated 1:57PM 11/21/2010: See below**

The Nov. 18, 2010 APOD showing the 400 light year distant Pleiades ("Seven Sisters") and the very dusty (molecular cloud) stretch of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy through which it is moving. There are other celestial objects visible including the weird "vulture's head" nebula LBN 777 and VdB 27 with the variable star RY Tau. This view at the distance of the Pleiades spans about 70 light years.


I was trying to update this blog but I'm not feeling well. It is now 930PM and Gary and Chris T. are supposed to come over to my place. The Britcoms are on MPT tonight (instead of the usual Saturday night pledge drive stuff.)

Image from the internet of a Douglas fir tree growing near Cabresto Lake, N. Mex., Sept. 2005.

Thereafter, we are meeting Kristof and maybe Jamie either at Larry's Lounge or Windows. But, again, I'm so tired and headachy.

I will try to update this blog tomorrow. However, my computer is beginning to act up badly with increasingly frequent crashes. It may be a hardware problem. The damn thing isn't even a year old.

OK, that's all for now. In all, just another Saturday night here in the D.C. gayborhood.


Updated 1:57PM 11/21/2010:

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm just really getting up now. It's another blah sunny day in an endless parade of them. The weather in Washington, D.C., for the past 9 months has been more akin to Los Angeles in terms of sunny sameness. Of course, the LWX - Sterling crew and WOODY! in particular can't get enough of this kind of weather.

Here is the view from my 5th floor view in the Hampton Court looking at the Brittany across the street and off into the vapid Washington, D.C. distance on a vapid day a few minutes ago, 1:46Pm, Nov. 21, 2010.

That oak tree next to the building has held onto its leaves for an exceptionally long time this fall -- as have other trees.

The climate is getting all screwed up, no matter what the GOP corporate fascists, kooks, and Teabaggers say. Quick, Howie "MistahWhore" Kurtz, you better call up both sides and get the equal and opposing views. Jackass.


Anyway, last night was a characteristically strange sort of night with the group.

Happiness is a plush hippo: Kristof hugs Flippo

This was taken at 3:08AM when Kristof and Gary had came back to my apt. for a little while after meeting at Windows. My apt. is usually not nearly so bright -- I put the overhead light on to take that picture.

OK, that's all for now. I think I'm going to take at least a short walk today with Chris T. I'm not going to sit in front of this computer all day while it crashes. My next planned update will either be Monday or Tuesday evening.


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