Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ginkgo Obama -OR- A Stinky Political Climate

A rainy late night near Town House Tavern and Cobalt along R St. near 17th St., NW, Washington, D.C., 11:36PM, Nov. 16, 2010.

This was shortly before a line of t-storms ahead of a cold front swept through the area.


LWX (Sterling) NWS radar in composite / standard mode, 11:52PM, Nov. 16, 2010, as thunderstorms were approaching.

I don't have final stats for the system -- toting up the 3-day totals, you get 0.71" at DCA, 0.58"at BWI, and 1.16" at IAD, but the daily summaries give a different number. For the year, DCA is still below normal, IAD is about average, and BWI is significantly above normal.

The figures I have for year-to-date are 32.82" at DCA or -2.18"; IAD 37.47" or +0.17"; and BWI 41.27" or +4.10"


A side street in the Kalorama / Adams Morgan section of Washington, D.C., Nov. 16, 2010. I think it's actually 20th St. and Kalorama Rd.

Yes, those are ginkgo (biloba) trees, some of which are female (ginkgos are dioecious, which is to say there are male and female trees) that contain a "fruit" that is truly STANK-ASS disgusting. I say "fruit" because it really isn't a fruit. These walnut sized things drop from the females in the fall -- and get smeared open under cars and by pedestrians. The smell they give off is truly vile.

Chris T. took the above picture.


Hey, lookie thar! Our hero President Obama speaks!

"I neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so: maintaining a bipartisan tone in Washington ... I'm going to redouble my efforts to go back to some of those first principles."

-- President Clueless Cave-In to reporters aboard Air Force One as he returned from his failed 10-day trip to Asia (can anyone say "brutal Chinese mercantilism" or "stupid American free trade dogma"??), source

This is like a Jimmy Carter kind of thing, only a lot worse in every way.

True, it's the kind of comments that get the WaHoPo editorial board and the power-and-money-mad anti-life Washington corporate types excited, but no one else.


I'm very concerned that I don't have enough billable work to do at work and I'm going to be let go. In that case, I will IMMEDIATELY leave D.C. and head to my dad's place -- and NO ONE I know will have to ever see me again.

Gusty, cool fall day along L'Enfant Promenade near where I work, looking to the WNW at the nearby Washington Monument, 12:53PM, Nov. 17, 2010.


I had a nice night with Chris T. and Kristof, but now I need to go to bed. I'll update this blog tomorrow or Friday.



к.нео.физ.де.му said...

when you are right - you are right!

we all should have voted for mccain-palin - just imagine the peace and harmony (not to mention bone thugs) we all will be living in...


Regulus said...

Just to be clear, I'm not the one elected on the hope of tens of millions of people who then rolls over / caves in every 5 minutes and goes around acting like he's been completely beaten. Don't get mad at me -- I'm just reflecting a certain strain of opinion that, I suspect, you know has real validity to it.

I didn't let you down.

As it is, the country is probably dumb enough to elect Palin in some weird 3-way plurality in 2012.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

so, with palin no good for obvious reasons and o'bama being just way too irish to reelect, who do we have left?


i'm not saying our prez doesn't deserve criticism.

just don't turn on him, like he is some kind of deposed roman emperor... :)


krzysztof said...

I don't have anything relevant to say but I'm posting a comment to see if my new avatar uploaded correctly:-)

krzysztof said...

It did:-)

Regulus said...

Mike -- I'm just going to paraphrase Bartcop on this one (before my computer freezes up and crashes again): I just want Obama to fight for things he knows are correct and realize the nature of the opposition facing him.

Kristof -- And a lovely new avatar it is. It IS you in so many ways.