Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ten-Two-Ten -OR- Before & After the Rain

Not sure where this was taken but I got if off a local blog called Greener Loudoun.



That's today's date using the American-style date notation of mm/dd/yy.

It's also Miss Gloria's birthday. Happy birthday, Miss Gloria.


I'm home tonight on this Saturday night. Gary and Kristof are not around. I think Gerry and some of his friends went to Nellies. I am going to Windows to meet Bishop Charlie for a bit and then I'm meeting Jamie and/or LP. I will be at Fox & Hound and/or Omega later. At least that's the plan.

Oh, yes, my refrigerator is completely on the fritz -- the refrigeration element is broken and it is room temperature warm inside both the refrigerator and freezer.

Again, this is not my refrigerator.

I called the property manager, but it's unlikely to be fixed or -- preferably, since this is the second time it has broken down in 9 months -- replaced until early next week. My butter and milk is no good. Otherwise, it's mostly juice and soda.


As for moving the hell out of the gayborhood and farther uptown...

... I still totally want to do that. But I'm concerned I won't know when an efficiency opens up in The Frontenac.

I've let it be known I'm very keen to move there but I'm not sure I will know when a unit becomes available, esp. if my emails and calls are not returned.



The Weather

As a follow-up to the Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 deluge ...

Here is the LWX (Sterling) NWS radar estimates for precipitation. The orange / red colors indicate rainfall totals of 5 inches or more, and the magenta stripe running up the Chesapeake Bay indicates 10+ inches of rainfall.

Another rainy spell is forecasted for the upcoming week -- although more like 1 inch, not 5 to 10+ inches.

Here is the Washington, D.C., NWS forecast valid Oct. 2 - 6, 2010.

And here are the overall storm totals -- both radar based and rain gauge measured. To recap, the Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2010 two-day storm totals at the three regional airports with the amounts that fell on Sept. 30th in parentheses:

DCA 5.04" (4.66")
IAD 5.05" (4.74")
BWI 6.11" (6.02")

In terms of yearly precip totals and surplus / deficits through yesterday (Oct. 1st), DCA was at 27.41" or -2.76."

IAD was at 32.76" or +0.59" and BWI is at 36.54" or +4.11". There is a 9.13" or one-third difference between DCA and BWI a full 10 months into the year.

Oh, yes, you'll notice I have a new frog rain gauge image.


Now I know some of you think it odd crazy that I keep a separate blog to Mr. Sirius, and I know that some of you just think I'm quite strange totally crazy, especially given my social track record both recent and the more distant past. Fine.

But if you really want to see crazy, I suggest you read about this bizarre story involving the Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, 30.

Here is a picture of Shirvell taken early last month.

Shirvell has a bizarre and very public obsession with Christopher Armstrong, a 21 year old University of Michigan, Ann Arbor student and president of the school's student body, the Michigan Student Assembly.

He started a blog called "Chris Armstrong Watch" -- which he recently made password protected -- that uses all manner of hate speech to describe Shirvell, and reveals the depths of his deeply closeted obsession.

Here is a picture of Chris Armstrong, who remember is a gay 21-year old college student, not a political figure in any meaningful sense of that word.

I'm not going to list all the terms he has used to describe Armstrong lest some search engine pick that up and my blog is attacked by God-knows-who in the dangerous and degenerate swamp that is the internet.

You can read about it here.

Well, one is worth mentioning: "Satan's representative on the Michigan Student Assembly."

You can also watch Shirvell's painful interview with Anderson Cooper (who is, BTW, gay) on his show 360 earlier this week (Sept. 28th, I think):

And here is the follow up with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who's always fun to listen to.

What's so frickin' annoying is the Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox -- who is a run-of-the-mill shitty "family values"- fixated Republican hypocrite pol with ambitions of power -- won't stop nonsensically blathering on about Shirvell's "free speech rights" during his after work hours.

First off, this is a public servant who in that capacity does NOT have the same unfettered free speech right as a private citizen, especially one who is sworn to uphold the law equally for all citizens, which he, Shirvell, clearly cannot do. People have been fired from private and public jobs for FAAAAR less.

I have personal experience with this from my time at that internship back in 2006 when my previous Arcturus blog was discovered by my loopy boss.

Ha ha

More generally, this also has to do with Shirvell's basic fitness and even mental sanity to hold that public office.

He is harassing and stalking Armstrong, Armstrong's parents and friends, both cyber-style and in real-world. He has shown up outside Armstrong's house with a videotape and outside various Ann Arbor bars to "witness."

Shirvell is now banned from the Ann Arbor campus.

Needless to say, ACLU lawyers -- running dogs of the clueless urban elitist liberal-libertarian sorts who've never met a Westboro-style hate speech they didn't think needed "defending" -- are rushing to defend Shirvell.

Yet in the end, the ACLU has never done jack shit to stop the real threats -- such as the ever-expanding and metastasizing surveillance / quasi-police state we've built up, especially in the post-9/11 world. Never forget how cowardly the organization was during the 1950s anti-Communist witch hunts.

As for Mike Cox, he was elected to the position of Michigan Attorney General, and he is a rightwing Republican, with all that that means in terms of pandering to the religio-craziest element of the stupid electorate.

It's always the same in the U.S.: you have to be nonstop licking the posterior rim of the wackiest religious nut job or loopy but clueless Teabagger, all while the real power behind the elected throne, Corporate America, runs amok.

Shirvell was a campaign staffer for Cox and is one of about 250 assistant AG's in the Michigan AG office, so he (Cox) feels obliged to defend him politically.

Armstrong is pursuing various as yet unspecified legal actions.


Here is a funny Salon piece entitled "The many man-crushes of Bob Woodward."

This prolific WaHoPo imperial court scribe / stenographer to the D.C. power elite has let himself become the court jester.

Here is Bob Woodward hard at work flattering some senior level U.S. Government official with a giant ego.

Actually, this is the 1869 painting Diderot and his Scribe by 19th Century French artist Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier


OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be around Monday or Tuesday.



DJG said...

What a weird, weird story this thing in Michigan is.

By the way, if a story emerges in a few months featuring this assistant attorney general and a male escort or an airport bathroom is anybody going to be surprised?

Regulus said...

Yes, it is a weird story. But I though Jeffrey Toobin's CNN analysis -- in the second YouTube link -- was spot on: at this point, the real is more about Michigan AG Mike Cox than Andrew Shirvell and why he is allowing a member of his legal staff to do this.

My guess about Shirvell is that he is quite a religious fundamentalist and nutty but I don't get the sense he is leading a double gay life. But I could be wrong.

I'm sorry I haven't been by your blog lately.