Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Root Causes

Updated 11:32PM 10/27/2010 ...

OK, I am supposed to get a root canal tomorrow as part of a dental procedure that my new former dentist is going to perform and that should cost be only 1/4 of the absurd amount quoted yesterday. The entire amount I'm responsible for upfront as quoted to me was $700, not $5,000 as quoted by the wacky dentist's office yesterday.

He was my dentist in 2003 and all was OK. But it IS a root canal and it is at 2PM tomorrow. I've never had one before.

In the meantime, I need to go to bed.

Oh, yes, I think behaved well at Cobalt tonight and was careful and cautious. I think all was well. But who knows.

Updated 11:32PM, 10/27/2010:

The first half of the root canal procedure seems to have gone rather well. I plan to update this blog tomorrow clarifying a few points.

The second half is scheduled to be performed Nov. 10th and the whole procedure cost $183.80. This does not include any future re-crowning, which should run about $500.



Chet Schmitt said...

Hey Regulus,

I finally got a profile and am now able to comment on your blog (which I enjoy reading, by the way). Hope you feel better soon and that your bank account does not get to depleted.


Regulus said...

Hey Chester! I'm really glad you have a blogger profile to comment on my rambling entries.

Thank you also for your email -- very interesting about Matthew and Nicole. And I didn't realize you had had such bad dental problems. As I mentioned in my reply to you, I had a terrible situation in 2000 that I think you probably recall ... That was so horribly difficult so I totally understand. It was a nightmare -- and I wouldn't be here to tell the story but for the antibiotics.

And, yes, I'm so glad I have dental insurance and was able to get it taken care of. At least I hope it is taken care of, but there is still one more root canal procedure to go through.