Thursday, October 21, 2010

Morning Blues and Ills

An autumnal leafy setting in Oregon with ducks in a pond. I retrieved this image from Bartcop.


A very quick morning update (if only to replace the previous entry as lead since I'm unhappy with my political commentary*).

*If anything, I should have linked to Ross Douthat's New York Times blog for an "alternative" yet insightful political analysis, not some stupid New York Post rant.


I feel quite awful this morning as I often do on many mornings these days. I have a bad headache, or rather a pain behind my eyes. I am assuming this is a kind of migraine. I know I need a medical checkup -- it has been years and I do have health insurance now. I think there is something wrong with my health.

These days I rarely feel well -- and I'm almost always exhausted tired. I'm not sure that all of this is just "getting older" as I approach 41.

Speaking of birthdays, I had a nice time last night at Bua with Gary, Kristof, Gloria, and Mike G. on the occasion of Gary's birthday, and then later for about an hour at Larry's Lounge (minus Gloria, who went home after dinner).

I plan to update this blog more fully tonight. I have about a dozen pictures from Chris's trip to Los Angeles that I intend to post. However, I intend above all else to go to bed early tonight so it won't be a sprawling entry of the sort that takes me 6 hours to write.

As for my job, I'm a little uncertain about things but I'll explain that later.


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