Friday, October 22, 2010

Interim Entry -OR- A Fall Tropical Storm Named Richard (Part 1)

A lovely fall image of a forest near a towering mountain peak -- possibly in California near June Lake -- dusted in an early season snowfall.


OK, it's too late for me to update this blog tonight as I had intended. Instead, I updated my Arcturus blog, which you may feel free to look up and read. My plan is to post part of that content -- the part on the formation of the late season Tropical Storm Richard (!) and a bit more on hurricanes / tropical cyclones in general -- in my next update here.

Here is the official National Hurricane Center track and intensity of Tropical Storm Richard for the next five days as issued at 8PM EDT earlier tonight.

I also need to post some pictures that Chris T. took on his trip to the L.A. area this week and sent to me.


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