Saturday, September 4, 2010

Off to Flagler Beach, Florida ... (Sigh)

This is the view from the rooftop deck at a place called, I think, Finn's in the ocean-side "heart" of Flagler Beach, Fla., at the intersection of Moody Blvd. an A1A. I did not take this picture but instead got it off the internet.

Most my Flagler Beach pics from Jan. 2009 were during a dry, desolate early January midwinter time.


I had intended to post a longer blog entry ahead of my scheduled 4 day trip to Flagler Beach, Fla., to see my dad, but I sort of ran out of time, so it will just have to be this quick update. I won't be able to update my blog while there since he has no computer and/or internet connection.

This is the view under the depressing little Flagler Beach pier, again in midwinter, Jan. 8, 2009.

The beaches 20 miles south in Daytona Beach are much bigger and expansive and less clay-clumpy. This is probably one reason why Flagler Beach -- where my dad has lived for 6 years now, but whence he wants to move back up to this area, to the Delaware seashore -- never really developed into a giant tourist spot.

Nevertheless, while there, I plan to go in the ocean. He lives a block from the beach. And I'll need my usual ultra-high SFP sun tan lotion and keep on a t-shirt both not to burn and because I look like this swimming these days as I've gotten so heavy.

This is actually a dugong, relative of the extinct sea cow, frolicking in the waters off Egypt.


I'm flying to Daytona Beach from National Airport via Charlotte (a vapid city if ever there was one) on U.S. Airways. I'm scheduled to return on Wednesday afternoon. My seats are on the right side outbound of DCA and the left side inbound to DCA in the event we do the upriver takeoff and downriver arrival, respectively, in order to get the good view of Washington. Or I may get neither.

The final approach into National Airport on the downriver approach looking at the "monumental core" of Washington, D.C., right down the axis of the National Mall, Jan. 13, 2009.


I will refrain from any additional comments on our hateful, no-rain-ever Washington, D.C., weather, esp. since I'll be in a totally different climate zone. Yes, it's a sub-tropical one down there, but at least there's a chance of some rain (t-storms).

The NWS forecast panel for Flagler Beach, Fla., Sept. 4 - Sept. 8, 2010.

Here in D.C. it's nothing but frickin' dry weather and insane GOP rampaging and loser Democratic / Obama administration political implosion (again).

As for Flagler Beach, South Florida it is NOT. Just sayin' ... As for visiting my dad, it is always an inherently stressful experience.


Some other unrelated pics ...

The Sun's motion vis-a-vis the Local Interstellar Cloud -- a.k.a. "the Local Fluff" -- and the locations of four other nearby stellar systems including Sirius (A and B), Procyon, the triple star system Alpha Centauri, and Altair. This was the Aug. 29, 2010 APOD.


Saw it on Bartcop ...

Ha ha

An ocean sailing picture I got off the internet at least 4 years ago that I have always loved.


That's all for now. My next planned update will be Wednesday night.



krzysztof said...

I'm expecting stories of seduction and deception. I dare you to give a brief description of your vacation without using the following words: rehab, penitentiary and trailer.

I understand you're having a good time with your dad and I'm happy for both of you

Regulus said...


Regulus said...

Sorry -- I was having trouble posting my own comment.

Yes, the trip does involve some combination of those words but that was not the theme of the trip. But it will take me a while to post all the pictures and probably over about 3 entries.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

krzysztof said...

Yep, see you tomorrow