Monday, September 20, 2010

"Just Another Manic Monday" -OR- Fanfare for the Common Blogger

I just wanted to update this blog with a few pretty pictures I got off the internet.

A pleasant pastoral image I got off the internet of a barn in a meadow somewhere.


Earlier tonight, and after work, I was with Kristof and Jamie. I met Kristof at Windows, where we had a few drinks and dinner. On the way, I had to dodge a crazy person on the walk there from my apt. -- one of those profanity-spewing, insane, young-to-middle aged African American homeless men who populate D.C. in its glorious, wondrous loveliness and who appear out of nowhere.

I'm still finishing a huge assignment at work, or rather, I'm part of a huge assignment. I simply don't have time to update this blog in a big way. It involves me reading through many, many emails from 2009 that have been printed out.

A field with a grazing cow above the sea, Barbados, that I also got off the internet.


But I also think I may be in trouble at work -- I've been consistently 10 minutes late in the morning, arriving at 910AM or so. I may be in trouble for this. I should know tomorrow. This morning (I found out around 515PM from my office mate) that one of the top people poked his head in at 9AM and asked where I was. I got in at 910AM.

Port St. Joe, Florida. I'm assuming it's at sunrise, though it may be sunset.

If I'm fired, I'll move to Florida with my dad and that'll be that. And NONE of you will hear from me again (except Quill & Kristof).

My life would be very different. Maybe in the end it wouldn't be so bad. And maybe my dad would stay there -- rather than moving to the Delaware shore next year.



The weather here in the D.C. area is forecasted to be hot, sunny, and shitty this week with highs near 90F through Friday, although tonight is cool.

There is a slight chance of t-storms on Wed. night and then another chance with a bigger frontal passage on Saturday.

Were it to reach 90F on Wed., Thur., and Fri. at DCA, as the MOS guidance earlier suggested, it would be the 64th, 65th, and 66th day, respectively, of 90F or higher this calendar year there. The 66th day would be just one day shy of tying the 67 day record in 1980. It was already the hottest on record for the climatological (June 1 - Aug. 31) at DCA and BWI (and also, I believe, IAD).

Anyway, I have to sign off now. WeTV is showing its Monday night lineup of reruns of The Golden Girls.


Changing topics, please read these two excellent recent op-eds in The New York Times:

The Angry Rich by Paul Krugman and David Brooks' The Backlash Myth.

A meadow with grazing cattle somewhere near Durango, Colorado in the Great American West. Cue Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. Obviously, I also got this image off the internet.


The latter is about how liberal Dems are kidding themselves if they think that Tea Party (tea-bagger?) "extremism" is alienating "independent" voters in the 2010 election.

But he also states that the same Tea Party folks are in fact carrying "viruses that may infect the GOP in the years ahead. Its members seek traditional, conservative ends, but they use radical means. Along the way, the movement has picked up some of the worst excesses of modern American culture: a narcissistic sense of victimization, an egomaniacal belief in one’s own rightness and purity, a willingness to distort the truth so that every conflict becomes a contest of pure good versus pure evil."

Good stuff.

OK, that's all for now. G'Night, hippo.



krzysztof said...

I've been neglecting the comment section since I came back to these United States

Regulus said...

That's OK. No one else posts comments here anymore.

I'm actually tired of blogging -- and this damn endless overheated summer.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you at happy hour at Cobalt tomorrow. I'll make sure to be there early -- no later than 715PM and maybe earlier.

krzysztof said...

Great! I will see you tomorrow