Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall 2010 Arrives -OR- Washington D.C. and the Overheated Zombie-Undead Summer of 2010

Microsoft Windows XP "Autumn" desktop image.

This image is my work computer desktop image. I don't have it on my home computer (Windows 7 operating system). Vanity Fair contributing editor Nick Tosches tracked down where the image was taken (near Burlington, Vermont) as recounted in his Feb. 2007 article.

Of course, the Bliss image is much more famous. Read it about it here.


Once again, this is not a full update.

I've been in a terrible mood all night. Grrr...

True, my job is presently going relatively well and seems more secure. And overall I'm doing better.

But this frickin' endless overheated summer is getting to me, and we're back in the goddamn heat for another two days.

True, the climatological fall arrived on Sept. 1st and astronomical (seasonal) fall 12 minutes ago (from 11:21PM) at 11:09PM EDT with the autumnal equinox. But the summer itself -- with its vicious and record-high heat and drought with all the missed rain opportunities -- keeps coming back to life undead zombie-like no matter how many cold fronts pass through.

Sunset over Washington, D.C., on the autumnal equinox 2010, around 6:55PM, Sept. 22, 2010. Fall actually arrived at 11:09PM EDT (just over 4 hours later).

This picture was taken by Chris T. from his office. That's the view looking west down E Street with Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, veering off to the right on a "diagonal" toward the White House beyond Freedom Plaza (a skate boarder's heaven, hellish for everyone else).

We were screwed out of rain again tonight -- that's what ALWAYS happens here in Washington, D. F.U. C., and environs. Meanwhile, the usual places, including New Jersey and NYC got all kinds of rain.

The NWS radar mosaic of the Northeastern U.S., 2338 UTC (7:38PM EDT), Sept. 22, 2010, showing the immediate D.C. area getting screwed again, while New Jersey and the NYC area get deluged.


Highs of 91F and 94F are forecasted for tomorrow and Friday, respectively, at DCA, bringing the yearly total number of 90F+ days to 65 and 66, respectively, the latter one shy of tying the 67 days in 1980 (though the 2010 climatological summer was warmer).

Yes, a big cool down is forecasted for next week, but it might be a useless rain-less one and thus this bitch weather will continue endlessly.

Bottom line, I NEED to live in a cooler, wetter climate -- whether coastal New England, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland, or Seattle, it doesn't matter.

The NWS forecast panel for Minneapolis, Minn., where "Bishop Charlie" is visiting this week for a conference.


I was planning to take off Friday as some "comp time "for the big assignment I completed with 10 hours extra work, but I may not be able to do that and may need to wait until next week.

OK, that's all for now. I plan to update this blog over the weekend.


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