Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seasons Change Already

This is my 365th post -- except it shows up as 364 posts since I "removed" one by saving it in draft owing to some "sensitive" things I spoke about regarding some dumb area club and someone that I know who works there. Thus, I have "one year's worth" of entry stretching back to March 2008 when I began this blog.

This entry will be -- and I mean it -- very brief. I need to be in bed by about 10PM because I have to be at DOE at 730AM tomorrow morning to help out at the all day workshop. As it is, I was at Cobalt too late last night, drank too much, and didn't get to bed until nearly 130AM. I got into work just about on time but I'm tired.

I wanted to write a happy entry but I've just spent two hours watching Keith Olbermann and his fill-in anchor Lawrence O'Donnell plus Olbermann himself in a special comment, and then Rachel Maddow go on and on about the Shirley Sherrod disaster -- and how pathetic President Obama looks as a result.

I'm referring to the latest Andrew Breitbart / Fox News bullshit "scandal" that was -- like the phony ACORN one last year -- completely manufactured but that the "mainstream media" ran with and from which Dems / Obama cowered in fear.

A tribute to the media and such a wussy administration.

The only one who looks really gracious and "the winner" in all of this is Ms. Sherrod herself. Here is a
link to Glenn Greenwald's take on the matter.


The weather -- pure crap.

This frickin' summer is never going to end.

It's non-stop heat, humidity, and dashed expectations of welcome rain (just the odd, hit-or-miss explosive thunderstorm that ALWAYS misses the stupid DCA weather spot).

Let me just say that we are in the hottest time of the year right now climatologically -- the average National Airport (DCA) official Washington, D.C., high is 89F from July 16 to July 27 and the average low (which we ALWAYS are above these days) is 71F from July 19 - 27. Source here. Note the "thermal lag" of about one month from the actual summer solstice.

Yes, Kristof, this image again -- and I'll keep posting it until this summer is over.

For the highs, this means the midway point, or the "summer peak of peaks" is, yes, July 21st and 22nd. In point of fact, it's been in the 90s Fahrenheit for weeks with the 102F readings a few weeks ago.

I couldn't make it but for air conditioning and no silly do-gooder is going to make me give it up.


But rather than going on and on about that, let me just say that I'm listening now to that easy listening instrumental music on RCN channel 891 I so enjoy and it is peaceful. And I need to go to bed.

It's Lawrence Welk!


My next planned update will probably be Friday or Saturday.


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