Sunday, June 20, 2010

American Downsloping -OR- Why I Hate D.C. Summer Weather

The view from my 5th floor apartment in Washington, D.C., 11:39PM, June 20, 2010.

Don't be fooled by the nice looking day -- the weather is actually 93F hot, humid, yet dry, with "moderate" air quality and fucking NO RAIN ever with no end in the sight. See explanation below.


Just a quick update as I plan to have a more complete entry posted Monday night. Now that I don't have that horseshit 1099 job anymore, and I'm free of that evil bitch, I have the time to do this.

Now if my current job spectacularly flames out -- i.e., if I'm fired this upcoming work week -- I'll still have earned enough money to remain in D.C., including paying rent, until the end of August. And I'd draw it out another month thereafter.

Two houses in the 4800 block of Strathmore Avenue, Garrett Park, Md., 1:38PM, June 19, 2010.


All that staying until the end of August or September would do, of course, is keep me in this shitty city under its endless dome of shitty high pressure with its fucking 93F high temps / 70F dew points, and only the wussiest and most worthless of rain chances every 7 to 10 days.

The current LWX NWS forecast panel for Washington, D.C., complete with bullshit about a slight chance of t-storms later in the week.


At least the huge-headed Doug Hill on channel 7 and the Sterling mob are happy and very self-satisfied. For instance, if you look at the top picture to this entry taken from my apt. window two hours ago, you'll see a developing "cumulus field" of summer time cumulus clouds.

An undated springtime satellite pic showing downsloping (descending / drying air in an overall level northwesterly flow) off the northern Appalachians / Alleghenies and resulting clear NJ, eastern PA, and northern MD.

But don't worry about ANY fucking chance of thunderstorms because the "good downsloping" off the frickin' weather-killing Blue Ridge / Appalachians and the "good cap" in the atmosphere already are "promoting" the dissipation of these clouds.

You see, Dear Reader, GOD HIMSELF swings into action to "protect" America so we can all be delighted with ourselves ...

...driving around on traffic snarled roads in our stupid 12 miles to the gallon fuel economy cars filled to the cap with $2.52/gallon gasoline, and being driven to the local suburban mega-mall where self-absorbed and stupid bourgeois marshmallows and hollering, yowling teenage idiots rush to buy shit on credit cards, the Ebola virus of American corporate capitalism that the tea-bagger crazies defend.

That's FREEDOM, Goddamn it.

Wait, where was I?Oh, yes, the point is that the LWX discussion is all atwitter and agog with glee at this fact. Fuck them and their models and D.C.'s crap summer climate. (Note: That Web link updates automatically to the latest discussion.)


The house at 4108 Strathmore Avenue, Kensington, Md., 1:41PM, June 19, 2010. (I'm not sure if this is technically in incorporated Kensington or not.)


From the I-Don't-Get-It Files ...

So it appears that You - Know - Who's blog has some sort of malware on it -- which may mean a virus on his computer -- and he doesn't seem to have the slightest interest in fixing it. I don't understand that mindset. It's like an extreme kind of solipsism since (if my analysis is correct) the malware isn't actually "affecting him" personally.

Three times in the past 4 days I've gone to his blog and my anti-viral software has swung into action to block a specific Trojan -- what a lovely name.


Changing subjects, yesterday LP and I went to the 46th annual "Old Time Music Hall" musical play held at the Kensington Town Hall in Kensington, Md. We went to the Saturday 2PM matinee performance.

Here the cast sings an opening number at the performance venue, the Kensington Town Hall in Kensington, Md., 2:07PM, June 19, 2010.


I'll write about this and other stuff on Monday night. Today, I think I'll take a walk. Gary doesn't appear to be around but instead in an all-day gym-a-thon with Chris T.

OK, I'm done.


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