Friday, May 28, 2010

Jersey Shore Mom and Stormy D.C. Night

Here is a picture of my mom on the Cape May - Lewes Ferry on May 12, 2010 as she and Ray (my step dad) were going from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey for a beach holiday along the Jersey shore centered on Avalon.


Concerning the above image, I think this was the first time my mom was in New Jersey and I was not (we are both from there) since 1987 when her mom (my maternal grandmother) died.

Gary, LP, and I had a nice ferry crossing to New Jersey last August. More importantly, my mom and I are getting along better than ever and I love her very much. It's nice to get along.

Oh, yes, I REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY hope that she and Ray move there upon retirement -- by which I mean Cape May or Wildwood. Please, Dear God.

Here is a picture my mom (or rather my step dad Ray) took at a seaside hotel (the Golden Inn Hotel and Resort) in Avalon, New Jersey on a stormy, turbulent day last Tuesday, May 18, 2010.


I'll update this blog later today (Friday) or over the weekend, including why my new job is still up in the air and why that shitty place in Bethesda -- the one where I worked as a wage-slave 1099 contractor for 15 months and prior to that as a wage-slave employee in a ghastly fluorescent-lit cubicle -- is still a millstone around my neck. Fuck them. They can go to hell. Actually, I don't want to give up the biweekly climate change news compendium just yet.

Anyway, we had a nice thunderstorm tonight here in the city with drenching thunderstorm rains that partially "validated" the flash flood watch and severe thunderstorm watch that were both effect -- but I'm sure DCA "officially" got zilch.

Sterling, Va. (LWX) radar in enhanced based mode reflectivity, 11:35PM EDT, May 27, 2010.


Updated 7:30AM 5/28/2010: DCA got 0.30" of precip but IAD had 1.08" and BWI had a drenching 1.47" of rain.


As for my day, it was OK (albeit slow) at work and thereafter, Eric M. and I went to Buffalo Billiards at Dupont Circle for what turned out to be a wonderful evening. Thereafter, Gary, Roger, and I went to Cobalt for a bit.

That's all for now. Goodnight, Gentle Reader.


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