Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Late Night Interim Entry

The corner of Chansory Lane and Calverton Drive, College Heights Estates, Md., 7:23PM, May 5, 2010.

I walked on a weird forested path from UMCP - Van Munching Hall (whence I walked from the College Park Metro into "CHE" (College Heights Estates) and "UP" (University Park)) tonight and thence to Prince George's Plaza where I went shopping. Then I went home via the nearby Green Line, although that can involve crossing East-West Highway to the PG Plaza Metro. Yay


I'm sorry, I'm just a bit imbibed.

I meant to write a lovely entry tonight but didn't get around to it. My apologies.

BUT! I'll have a lovely entry posted tomorrow, or at least that's my goal.



krzysztof said...

It's a very nice entry in the short entries category. And it mentiones PG Plaza, such a lovely place!:-)

Regulus said...

Thank you for the comment, Kristof! I keep meaning to post a full formal coat, I mean, length entry but I just keep these mini-skirt, I mean, small entries.

krzysztof said...

So My officemate and I were reading about the Eton College today and the word "fagging" caught his attention. He was a bit reluctant to search for the meaning of "fagging" on a university computer but curiosity prevailed.

From Wikpedia: "a traditional educational practice in British boarding private schools (...) whereby younger pupils were required to some extent to act as personal servants to the most senior boys."

"Roald Dahl relates in his autobiography being told, as a fag, to warm toilet seats for older boys at Repton"

At Malvern College "All boys in their first two years at the school were fags. These were differentiated into two types, special fags and running fags."


Regulus said...

Which type are you?? I don't know which type I would be.

On a completely different topic, please go to this Huffington Post article at URL

and watch that video. It's hysterical. Read the article for background.