Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Noon Time Update

**Updated 5:36PM 04/03/2010 : See below**

Colorful balloons on the back of a car along Columbia Rd., NW, in Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C, at dusk, 8:00PM, April 2, 2010


I'm not feeling well this morning, or rather, now it is noon. Another crappy night at my usual place if only because I saw Mr. Sirius's boyfriend -- who looks like Donny Osmond -- toward the end. I shouldn't be so jealous I suppose.

This followed a nice dinner with Chris T. earlier in the night at his place. I am supposed to meet my mom and Ray in an hour over at Foggy Bottom and I think we are going to Washington Harbour in Georgetown for lunch.

I really want to update this blog's format -- specifically, the background color and fonts. I actually prefer the look of my Arcturus blog, but that's "to" you know who, and I know none of you want to read that one, or at least not many of you.

The weather is shitty -- way too sunny and too warm (mid 70s F) with the threat of mid-80s F, or about 20F above normal by midweek. I think it is going to be a long, hot, shitty D.C. summer and we will probably have a drought, too.

The political climate is shitty, too, but that's every day in nutty America.

OK, that's all for now.


** UPDATED 5:36PM April 3, 2010 **

I have made a few changes to this blog's colors and fonts to make it (I hope) look prettier.

This includes a darker blue background, a different font and color for the title (Georgia font now, I believe, and bluish - green instead of very light bluish white, which was originally intended to suggest the star Regulus's actual color). I also changed the font of the footers and the side bar color.

I had a very nice lunch with my mom and Ray at Tony and Joe's at the Saturday sunny spring day - packed Washington Harbour complex (yes, it is spelled the British way) in Georgetown. We also went into the Watergate complex sunken outdoor promenade / shops area. I will post some pictures that Ray took when I get them.



krzysztof said...

Happy Easter!!!!

Regulus said...

Same to you, sweetie! Do you like the altered look of this blog?

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