Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Rainy Friday and Saturday in the City Beautiful -OR- BWHAAAAAAA!

The view from my 5th floor apartment kitchen window, looking at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and V Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 6:20PM, March 13, 2010.

I had my camera flash on -- I think that's why the two stop signs are illuminated. That's as best I can do for a lead picture to this entry.


OK, I'm finally getting around to updating this blog

It has been raining yesterday and today as a complex low-pressure system with deep southerly / southeasterly flow and abundant moisture spirals slowly up the Eastern Seaboard. The surface low is nearly overhead and nearly vertically stacked with the upper low executing a broad cyclonic loop.

There has been very heavy rainfall in New Jersey, across NYC, and into southern New England, and also across Pennsylvania.

The Sterling (LWX) National Weather Service county warning area (CWA) map showing various flood advisories (e.g. general watch, coastal watch, coastal advisory, warning, and coastal warning), as of 9:38PM, March 12, 2010. I wasn't able to do a screen capture and include the legend.

And the batch of advisories as of 4:00PM, March 13, 2010, again without the legend.


The D.C. / Baltimore area has been on the edge -- or rather, the D.C. area proper has been on the edge. BWI has had over 3 inches of rain in this event while DCA is barely at 1 inch and Dulles (IAD) is just under an inch.

The numbers through 430PM today, March 13th with departures from normal ...

3/13: 0.50"
3/12: 0.61"
Storm total: 1.11"
Month: 1.17" -0.35" (1.52")
Year: 5.45" -1.91" (7.36")

3/13: 2.24"*
3/12: 0.98"
Storm total: 3.22"
Month: 3.32" +1.67" (1.65")
Year: 9.71" +1.55" (8.16")

*BWI daily record was set in the "Superstorm" of 1993 on this date at 2.45", so BWI just needs another 0.22" by midnight to surpass that and it is possible)


3/13: 0.21"
3/12: 0.60"
Storm total: 0.81"
Month: 0.88" -0.59" (1.47")
Year: 7.52" +0.23" (7.29")

You will note how DCA is actually below normal despite the record breaking snowfall this past winter. This is partially due to the very low liquid equivalent numbers DCA reported in those snowstorms -- half what BWI and IAD reported. There really is no good standardized way to get a snow-to-liquid equivalent.

Here is the radar mosaic for the northeastern quadrant of the U.S. at 2208 UTC or 5:08PM EST, March 13, 2010.


By the way, the clocks "spring ahead" tonight in the annual charade of "daylight savings time" that really has no basis in, well, anything.

In fact, every reason you've ever been sold about it -- to help farmers, to curtail crime, to save energy -- is all a lie. (There was an interesting segment about that on Rachel Maddow's show last night.)


As for me, I'm doing, eh ...

Still no word on the job I really want (working for a contracting company at a Federal agency) after that favorable email last Friday -- which, in turn, followed my very positive interview the previous Friday (Feb. 26th).

I am behind on the assignments for my personal "contracting" job -- this contracting is very different from the other contracting. I have a ton of assignments to do including finishing the biweekly climate change news compendium by Monday; writing up a 30-page summary of the NRC RIC (see previous entry); cutting, pasting, and organizing 30-pages worth of material on energy efficient HVAC and other related equipment for a "dummy report"; and researching and writing a report on the linkage between financial reform (stuck like all other legislation in the severely dysfunctional U.S. Senate) and possible carbon markets and their regulation. All of this is due between this Monday and next Monday.

Then there is the next biweekly climate change news compendium due March 30th.

I'm not sure how I can finish all of it. It totals $2,180 worth of work -- except I would not be getting all of that at once but rather over 4 to 8 weeks, half of which would immediately go to rent and of the remainder, at least half to bills including cable, internet, and cellphone.

At any given time, I'm quite broke.

Living in America 2010 as I do is a very unpleasant experience. It's all just a life-draining Merry-Go-Round for some corporate monster's sake while screeching "FREEDOM FRIES!"

The Tao of Plush Hippos


I thought I was about through here in D.C., but the temporary Census job came through and I have all this contracting work (and the relatively huge tax liability that will accompany it) to do, so I will be here -- rather than in Florida with my dad doing nothing -- for at least another 2 to 3 months.

I know I keep saying that. But I have to get an actual full-time regular job by early summer or this whole thing will end. There is no way mentally I could go through another year like the previous one.

Cue Lee Greenwood: "And I'm proud to be an American / Where at least I know I'm free --!"


Last night I went to Cobalt, where I had the usual crummy time. I don't know why I go there anymore. I just don't belong there anymore.

Tonight, I'm supposed to meet Chris T. I understand that there is some bowling party involving current and former friends at a Bethesda bowling alley. I didn't know Bethesda had a bowling alley. I thought that was more Riverdale / Odenton / Crofton.

As for tomorrow, I am supposed to go to Joe and Ana's apartment and both get a haircut (Ana is a cosmetologist) and have dinner.


My little kitchen, 6:21PM, March 13, 2010. I had to throw the last third of that nasty bottle of white wine a friend brought over a week ago. It had sort of turned to vinegar. Or maybe that's how a $7.99 jeroboam of white wine is supposed to taste ... Actually, it was a magnum (1.5L). A jeroboam is 3.0L and 4.5L.


Reposted: A picture of me taken in the surf in Deerfield Beach, Fla., Aug. 2, 2009. I like this picture a lot.


I am having another water problem -- remember all the water problems in my old apartment because of the crazy guy upstairs? In this case, it is in the bathroom, rather than the kitchen, and the man upstairs is NOT doing crazy plumbing shit like the other guy. Rather, when he takes a shower, water leaks out of piping behind the walls between the floors and is starting to pour out from a VERY old fuse box (remember I live in a very old building).

Here is that fuse box under, about, 18 layers of (lead?) paint.

I told the building manager and the building maintenance man (who is excellent) and left a message for the property manager. I also told the man living above me -- I knocked on his door -- but he already knew as the building manager called him.

The first time it happened earlier this week, all this nasty wet dirt spewed out from behind the fuse box and the wall and there was a puddle of dirty water behind my toilet. I cleaned it all up promptly. It happened again earlier today but I happened to be in the bathroom when it started and was able to keep the "flood" to a minimum, mostly by jamming toilet paper into the space between the fuse box and the wall.

However, at some point, the fuse box will fall and the wall will partially break / collapse and that would be a real disaster. I'm supposed to have it looked at tomorrow.

That same view I've posted images of before: The Intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and 16th and U Streets, NW, Wash. D.C., wet night, 6:26PM, March 13, 2010


Lastly, I had to dial 911 again (see my entry about last Sunday and the 90-something year old man who fell down in LP's apt. building). This time it was due to a typical urban fracas that erupted in an unlikely place right outside my apt. building on New Hampshire Avenue near 16th and U Streets.

It was around 415PM when I heard all this screaming and shrieking and looked out to see four young girls trying to hold back a young guy who was waving what looked like (from my 5th floor vantage point) a baseball bat and screaming at this other young black guy. He even chased him down the avenue about 100 feet or so. The guy came back and there was more screaming and general mayhem with a situation that was clearly escalating. The girls and baseball bat-wielding guy had all emerged out of this crappy little red car. All involved were teenagers.

Here was the situation after the police had arrived, 2000 block, New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 4:41PM, March 12, 2010


There was lots of cursing and threats and the usual BWHAA-BWAAA! BWHAAAAAAAA! BWHAAAAAAAA! you hear so much of living in Warsheen'tun, DeeCee.

The police showed up almost immediately -- the 3rd precinct station and adjoining firehouse are very close, painfully close to where I live, given the non-stop sirens I hear. At one point there were seven MPD police cruisers present but in the end no one was arrested and the situation just ended quietly. The second young man must have run off when the police showed up. As for the one with the baseball bat, he was wearing a black shirt with a big image of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the lettering -- big enough to be read from 5 stories up -- that said something like "Live the Dream."


OK, I think that's all for now.

Owing to how busy I am apparently going to be next week, I'm not exactly sure when I'll have a new blog entry posted. It may not be until mid-to-late week and then only a brief one. Of course, I always say that and never write a brief entry.

Well, all I have to say to you is:


Reposted: A person (I think a lady) fishing from a fragment of older, now unused roadway, Rt. 1, near Mile Marker 62, Florida Keys, Aug. 1, 2009



Shilo said...

I'm reading this book, (fiction) about 2 young people who become homeless & they end up stranded & broke in a bad part of Las Vegas. It reminds me(uncomfortably)of my homeless days when I was a lost & forgotten teenager & also reminds me that being homeless is still a possibility only a paycheck away.
Of course you remind me of that possibility every time I read your blog.
On the other seem to have a peculiar & cynical resilience that keeps you going.
I'm trying to figure it out.

Regulus said...

Wow. Thank you for the comment, Shilo. I think.

It sounds like you have your own interesting stories to tell.

krzysztof said...

all this nasty wet dirt spewed out from behind the fuse box and the wall and there was a puddle of dirty water behind my toilet.

One wonders if Queen Elizabeth has this sort of plumbing issues in her loo.

Regulus said...

Mr. Mash: "I gotta bunged up karsey in the bargain basement!"

Lady (played by the actress Joanna Lumley, who later was half of the Absolutely Fabulous duo): "I wonder if Mae West ever said that!"