Monday, February 22, 2010

A Severely Depressed Regulus and an Interesting Documentary on King Tut

The tranquil, bathwater warm waters of the turquoise Caribbean Sea as seen from the hills above Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.


This is my 299th entry. My next one will be entry #300. This is significant in that things will be very different for me by the time I post entry #400 -- assuming, that is, this blog still exists.

I have not been this severely depressed in a long time. This is about as bad as things were in late spring / summer 2004 and again in 1992, although I was a different person in a different place and time of life back then.

I really cannot go on any longer in my current situation. I just want out of this nightmare country, and I'm so over this city, if only because my life is so badly floundering and I don't know how to fix it.

Today was a horrible, lonely day spent entirely alone in my death trap of an apartment. I didn't get out until around 7PM, by which point it was a cold, rainy night. This was actually the first non-frozen precipitation this month here in D.C. (I have a feeling winter isn't quite over yet.)

I walked over to Dupont Circle and then a short way down to Luna Grill along rainy night Connecticut Avenue, where I had a crummy cheeseburger and potato wedges and overpriced glass of wine.

Yes, it was a total waste of money and, no, I cannot afford to eat out these days, but I simply couldn't go to the frickin' 17th Street Safeway and buy frickin' soup.

Either way, I lost.

My gold dust croton plant on a chair and under a lamp. My plant has actually doubled in size since I got it about six months ago. I may need to put it in a new pot at some point.


My rent check still has not cleared. Once it does, I will only have $68 to last me an indefinite (i.e. an unspecified number of days). This also assumes a certain check doesn't bounce. I thought I was going to get paid Friday but now I am not sure I will be getting a $540 check from that awful contracting job I have. There may have been some delay in the usual processing of it and I wouldn't get paid until next week. I should know by tomorrow.

I will raise a fuss if there has been but that won't help me and I will have to ask my dad and perhaps LP for $20 or $40.

A picture of me on the bathroom floor, 4:16PM, Feb. 22, 2010


Beyond, this, though, I have finally reached my breaking point.

I don't think I will be paying my March rent but instead I am going to give up / abandon the apartment by early April. I suppose I'll go down to Florida to my dad's place, but I will (if I earn enough money from the contracting job) take a side trip before that.

I suppose things could change and I could get a job -- in particular that one I referenced indirectly last week -- but I am not anticipating this.

As for the Census 2010 job, so far nothing. In fact, I am sending a letter of complaint to D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and maybe send a copy to the Census Bureau on how the D.C. West Office overseeing my zip code (20009) is handling this. You get no information, just someone reading from a script with a non-answer. Recall The Washington Post had a story from last month about how the Census Bureau is seeking to hire ex-cons and felons to be enumerators, esp. for hard-to-count inner city ghetto areas.

Sunset at Carambola Beach, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands


Tomorrow, by the way, is the annual Univ. of Maryland - School of Public Policy's "Career Networking Night" that is held by Dupont Circle at the Carnegie Institute for Peace. It is for prospective and current students and alumni (such as I am). There is food and free beer and wine.

I actually have a bone to pick with one employer in particular who is supposed to be there, although I'm not going to make any scenes. I will say that I think their entire hiring system is crap. I applied online for about a dozen positions with that company -- and, OF COURSE, no word on any.

One of those was advertised for months and I found out there were at least 800 applications. That's absurd. In general, applying online is a total waste of time, the application going into an electronic black hole.

This unemployment / underemployment nightmare that is America 2010 is getting very old and soul crushing. Here is a depressing but useful article to read. This is precisely how the corporate powers that be amass money and power. But I AM glad some people that I know are swimming in money.

If there is any God that micromanages the Universe (rather than being an indifferent and stupid "Principle"), then that God enjoys all this mayhem and suffering.

Image of God from Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel pictorial element God Creates the Sun, Moon, and Planets


It is Golden Girls night on WeTV, but I've seen them all a hundred times or more. Later on more episodes are aired nightly on Hallmark Channel.

Over on the Discovery Channel is the program King Tut Unwrapped that discusses -- complete with reenactments -- new ideas of how the Egyptian pharaoh "boy king" Tutankhamun may have died.

I find it creepy how often they keep showing Tut's mummified, dessicated, blackened and shriveled corpse.

The new findings are that King Tut had some degenerative problem in his left foot that would have made it increasingly difficult for him to walk. The scores of staffs in his tomb lend credence to this.

According to DNA analysis, CAT scans, and other forensics, what killed the 19 year old king was an infection that followed a broken leg he suffered either in battle, hunting, or just "hot rod" chariot riding in the desert. The infection was, of all things, a virulent form of cerebral malaria. Certain seeds found in his tomb (his medicine in the afterlife) support this idea.

I'm not sure I believe this forensics operation 33 centuries after the fact. I'm sure a century from now there will be new theories with new compelling evidence.

Tut, by the way, was married to his (half) sister but that apparently wasn't a big deal then, at least in the Pharaonic dynasties, although genetically it had serious consequences including for the two unknown babies buried with him that may very well have been his children.

I always have felt that I lived some very long ago life in ancient Egypt or the Holy Lands. I'm sure I was as screwed up and tragic then as now.

Above: This is a picture I recently posted of the Abu Simbel Temple along Lake Nasser in the south of Egypt. It is not associated with King Tut (it was built a century after his death) but I just like the image.


I think that's all for now. I'm feeling a little better at this point but nothing has changed.



krzysztof said...

Is that a Tiffany lamp in your room?

King Tut was hot!

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

> King Tut was hot!

it's refreshing to witness no ill effects of england's dreary winter weather on your overall horniness...


i wish things changed for you soon with the end of this difficult winter...


Regulus said...

It is a totally faux Tiffany lamp I got at Tyson's I ... or Tyson's II ... or Tyson's MCMDLCXXVII ... about 8 years ago with Dan.

If that were an actual Tiffany shade and stand, it would be worth $25,000 to $40,000 and I would have sold it by now.

Glad you think King Tut is hot.

MikeG -- Thank you, bu what's Suplacti?

As for Kristof, nothing cools his libido ever. Even going to Greenland couldn't do that.

krzysztof said...

OK I actually remember that lamp now that I think about it.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...


i made a habit of including these cool check words that are needed for posting replies at the end of my messages.

i believe that if we collect enough of them, it will help us in the battle against world hunger and/or ryan seacrest.


krzysztof said...

Mike, my browser remembers all the past check words and always suggests things like daingsp or adayst. Funny

Rita said...

Egyptians...I just got a book across my desk to review, from a local "writer" (Every loco & their dog is a writer these days) a pretty thick volume about new evidence as to how the pyramids were erected. I haven't cracked it open yet, as I'm afraid it's going to be wacky.
Now, Reg, if you were here you could review it for me & let me off the hook.:)