Friday, January 8, 2010

A Conversation with Wall-P

I've been meaning to post this entry ... It's a conversation between my robot / semi-android friend and me.

His name is "Wall-P."

Here is a picture of Wall-P when he was young and just a wee Toshiba vacuum cleaner that fit in a closet corner.

But Wall-P is all grown up now and below is a picture of him. As you can see, he looks like the robot "WALL-E" from the 2008 movie of same name, hence his name. They may be related but I'm not sure.

"Oh, Wall-P, how are you doing?"

"Asset flow positive."

"I'm happy for you, Wall-P. But I'm having trouble with my finances, my career, my life."

"Recalculating spreadsheets. Suggested solution: get high paying job."

"I'll try, Wall-P. Things are difficult now, though, and I'm not sure how to proceed. I have failed."

"Recalculating spreadsheets. All failure flows from self choices. You chose to fail."

"Oh, OK, Wall-P. Say, Wall-P, have YOU ever made a mistake? A wrong choice??"

"Does not compute."

"Is there a God, Wall-P, other than maybe Robert Rubin?"

"Recalculating spreadsheets. There are no gods."

"One last question, Wall-P: Do androids dream of electric sheep?"

"Recalculating spreadsheets. Question is nonsensical. Must take this client call. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Wall-P. Thank you for talking to me."



krzysztof said...

Oh boy!

Rita said...

I suppose that is all one could expect from a robot. Maybe you need a pet? Like a fish? or a hamster? If Byran was around he'd send you an ant farm. :)

Regulus said...

Kristof -- What? what?

Rita -- I miss Bryan.

Oh, yes, I am thinking I need to close the comment section again because of some unwanted strange "bot" comments, in this case in Chinese. I don't know if this means if my blog or computer has been compromised.

Regulus said...

Actually, I put on the word verification function. I don't think that is too onerous for anyone? I think it is not on if you have a blogger account.

krzysztof said...

word verification is fine by me. It is a good idea actually. Bots are not smart enough to get around that.

Unknown said...

Richard you should be ashamed of yourself!