Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Little Drummer Boy -OR- Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum ...

MODIS image from NASA's Aqua satellite taken Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009 showing the Middle Atlantic States after the Saturday snowstorm blanketed the region.


I plan to have a new entry posted tomorrow (Wednesday) on the Eve of Christmas Eve with a bunch of new images, including pictures I took. And I'll be wishing everyone at that point a Happy Merry Christmahannukwanzaa Winter Solstice and Bank Holiday.

Ha ha

I took a test today for a 2010 Census temporary job and I did reasonably well (26/28 questions correct) but I won't know if I get any position for at least a month.

I have had two odd Xmas presents this week: two of the three collection agencies / law firms with which I settled (of potentially five) until I can do my next chapter 7 bankruptcy (starting in Aug. 2010) are no longer handling my accounts. This includes the $85/mo one I was no longer able to do and the $45/mo one that was the first of the two I arranged at small claims court (the other being the $25/mo one).

Late night "gayborhood" Washington, D.C.: A bunch of drunken gay guys at the intersection of 17th and R Streets, NW, helping to push/redirect a car that was going the wrong way (17th Street has southbound traffic only and this car was heading northbound), 2:02AM, Dec. 21, 2009


The $85/mo arrangement is one I unilaterally I agreed to last April. I retrospect, I should not have done so but for some reason the law firm -- Margolis, Pritzker, et al. -- decided to sell the debt and now another Maryland law firm will handle it for Collect America, but I gain at least two free months (even though more fees will be piled onto it, negating all the $550 or so in payments I made).

That was always the highest one, nearly $4700 last April -- almost at the $5,000 cut off between small claims court and civil court.

It's now about $4200** but with new attorneys fees could push it over $5,000). As for the $45/mo one, apparently Mann Bracken declared bankruptcy and isn't handling Arrow Financial Services' accounts any more.

** The amount I have paid monthly since April and the current balance don't add up, of course, but the numbers never do when you are part of the American poor.

Yet rather than upsetting the people who are taken advantage of by this system, they are sometimes the loudest to defend their "right" to be socked with 79.9 percent usurious APR credit cards because it embodies "freedom" and "What America is all about." Actually, I agree with the latter.

Merry IsWhatItIsmas.

Looking toward 16th Street and the upthrust of Meridian Hill Park from the 1600 block of Belmont Avenue (which over in Adams Morgan / Kalorama becomes Belmont Rd -- two syllable "B" name), 1:52PM, Dec. 22, 2009. The snow is now starting to melt quickly but we should still have at least one inch on the ground at DCA on Friday so that it may be considered a "White Christmas."


Bottom line, though, all this confusion basically means instead of $155/mo in payments, I only have to make $25/mo for the next two to three months -- which gets me closer to the magic Aug. 1, 2010 filing date.

Happy New Year.

As for the remaining ones, there will out there, eventually will result in another visit to small claims court.

This is a particularly large and prominently located oak tree (center directly behind the concrete post) that grows on the grounds of the Meridian Hill Center (where nighttime strange party events and semi-public art exhibits are always occurring) between Belmont St., Crescent Place, and 17th and 16th Streets, NW, Washington, D.C. It is on private property and walled off, so you can't get near the tree ordinarily. However, it is prominently visible from 17th Street south of Florida Avenue and from 18th Street owing to the high spot (atop the fall line escarpment) where it grows.


That's all for now. This entry ended up a lot longer than I planned, as they usually do. I will have at least one and probably two more entries posted by Christmas.



Christopher Juckins said...

Awesome pics of the snow! I love a good DC snowstorm, even though I live in Miami, FL. Nothing like riding Amtrak through a major NE snowstorm.

Regulus said...


Yes, it was a good snowstorm.

So you managed to get up to Boston and back? Your timing for snow was perfect!

Merry Xmas, Chris. Maybe I'll see you at some point in the next few months.

Christopher Juckins said...

I hope so, Richard...I hope to be back sometime in the spring.

Merry Christmas to you as well. My hellos to the boys...and I wish you well with your computer virus. The virus writers should be jailed for a long time!