Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wee Hours Dream Time Entry ...

Here my baby hippo, Flippo, cooks his Chunky sirloin soup with mashed potatoes mixed in.


I will update this blog in a day or two. I updated my Arcturus blog -- even as I was watching this PBS-aired show on new theories in human evolution. Good stuff.

As for me, eh, I'm still a mess. I haven't yet evolved beyond anything ... and don't think I will.


Speaking of evolve ...

"Married, With Children" screen shot


I've decided that with the Senate unable / unwilling to pass ANY health care, climate, or financial reform legislation, America is basically a version of an episode of Married, With Children only less funny.


Here is a candle atop the ice cream and cookies that I got as a dessert at Kinkead's (see previous entry), Nov. 14, 2009.


Did I mention the weird other-worldly dream I had?? It's a recurring dream every 2 to 3 weeks with the same theme: I am flying through room after room in some strange city that is Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, and the upper Jersey shore, looking toward New York City ...

... except its set in the "far future" centuries or millennia hence.

This time I was able to go outside through restaurant (or gym) windows while ascending tier upon tier toward some miles' high skyscrapers as jubilation dawn broke.

It's a dream of joy, I guess, except it starts with me in a terrible fight at a large Catholic mass.

I sort of look forward to that dream.

My next entry will be Friday or Saturday. I am probably going to end up on the eviction list of my apt. building, at least temporarily, for December as I will not be able to pay my rent until around Dec. 17th. I won't be able to continue this beyond late January / early February if I don't find regular work. I guess going to Florida to my dad's place would be my only option, but I don't see how.



krzysztof said...

I wish I had dreams like that.
Mr Humphries was just telling us he can pop out of his pyjamas any time he wants.

My most intense dreams usually feature some hybrid of D and my former wife and some horrible fight I'm having with them (him/her??). One more time that happens and I will start suspecting they may be some unresolved issues at work there. lol

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

i used to have stupid dreams of my friends dying (being shot, stabbed, whatever) - and i was there watching them die unable to help.

then there was a period when i had dreams of fighting with bunch of people - all fights ending with something really violently grotesque shit.

haven't had those in awhile...

i guess maybe i am cured know... :)

btv, i can't get enough of flippo - is it possible you can invite him to your birthday party?


Regulus said...

Kristof -- I got your text message. It sounds like you are having fun there at Compton's in SoHo. Is it me or does the name SoHo says it all?

Mike -- I think Flippo and the other plush babies of mine are happier and safer in my place under the covers. I will think about it. Alternatively, we could make a trip to my place and I can introduce you to him / them. It's not that far away.

krzysztof said...

I just went there for a quick drink after work but it turned into a very pleasant evening. The crowd there is a bit older than me on average (to say the least) but very very friendly. And the place is one of the landmarks of gay London, right there with Admiral Duncan across the street.

As far as introducing Mike to Flippo I think you should do it at your place. You know that if you bring Flippo to the party Phil (bless his heart) is not going to be gentle with him:-)

Regulus said...

I'm not letting Phil or his dog anywhere NEAR Flippo. Besides, Flippo would just teleport his plushness away in the twinkling of an eye. He's a very good hippo. All my plush babies are very good.

Glad you enjoyed your genteel trip to Ye Olde Fagge pub on Buckwestminstershropshire Court by Kings Cross Queens Gardens Mews-on-Thames.


Mr. Humphries: Don't start distractin' me now!

krzysztof said...

you crack me up:-)