Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking the High Road Home ...

Edward Hopper's High Road, 1931


Well, I had intended this to be a short because (as I mentioned in my previous one) because I have A HUGE amount of contracting work to finish between now and next Friday. In the end, it ended up being one of my regular sized entries.

As I'm lacking in thematically relevant pictures, I am including one picture from last Saturday night's Halloween party at Phil's place. Actually, in was a party on Halloween night, but only a few people were dressed up in costume.

Phil and Oliver caught in mid lip lick with Chris T. on the left and Stephanie in the background in a picture taken by LP at Phil and Stephanie's house, Halloween night, 2009.


Concerning my contracting job, in have 5 assignments due by Friday worth over $2400, although I won't get paid until early December and I'm quite broke until, so much so that I need to (ahem) borrow $150 to fend off creditors, i.e. meet monthly payments lest I be taken back to court. I have to do this for another 6 months before I can file chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Oh, yes, I made a BIG mistake -- as in nearly $64,000 one -- on the Citibank portion of my Stafford student loans.

It isn't $34,000 but rather $98,000 -- I forgot to include the unconsolidated portions. I just don't see how I borrowed THAT much for my public policy program but I guess I did. I am seeking to consolidate EVERYTHING with the Direct Loans (I want nothing to do with Citibank).

Below is the GRAND TOTAL of the student loan debts I owe taken from screen shots of my accounts with Citibank and the Direct Loans.

Part 1 ...

That's $98,001.20


Part 2 ...

That's $108,477.18


So the grand total is $206,478.38 (and still rising on interest galore). This is all non-dischargeable unless I become permanently disabled or in some other way this becomes an "undue burden" on me.

Add onto that the $14,000 or so in credit card debt on which I have to declare bankruptcy as soon as I can (next August), and I'm in arrears to the American Corporate Capitalist Hydra by just about $220,500.

Oh, wait, then there's the $3160 or so I owe my friends, primarily from [REDACTED], which is where I may be borrowing the $150, but paying back $240 next month.


I will refrain from any political commentary about the election outcome, in particular what I think about Virginia. My home state of New Jersey gets a pass.

I will say the frickin' gay marriage thing is simply going to have to wait a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, although I know how dicey that will be since a loss would end any chance for years thereafter.

But this idea of putting up a basic civil right to endless mob plebiscite -- usually with apoplectic Evangelical Protestant and nutty Catholic voters, Mormon money, and amoral GOP-operative "Astroturf" political organization behind it -- is really getting old.

It's all the more infuriating because how many of these idiot voters holding up the "sanctity" of marriage have multiple marriages, infidelities, therapies, medications, and all kinds of failures under their underwear briefs and garter belts.

31 State-level votes, 31 rejections so far. It cannot be put to some stupid referendum. That's not how it frickin works. The whole Civil Rights effort didn't involve voter-approved referendums in Mississippi and South Carolina.

Anyway, THIS is the Federal case that may reach the Supreme Court in a few years.

As for the election itself, Dems of course will draw all the wrong conclusions ...

... to wit, to be more timid and wussified, to give in to Rethugs and cave in to the tea bagger crazies, to listen to Cokie Roberts and The WaHoPo Editorial Board, get their weekly "analysis" from This Whore with George Stayontopothis and Meet The Whore with David Gregory, to agree with David Broder and be impressed by Jim VandeHei of POLITICO ... so that they back off on health care, on climate change, on financial reform (OK'ing more Wall Street bailouts and taxpayer financed bonuses), on everything while listening to the same professional class of losing Democratic strategists.

The list is endless.

In corporate mediawhore world, only Democratic failure and timidity and Republican annihilate-all-life-on-this-planet-ism is the "bipartisan" and "sensible" model that appeals to frightened suburban independents in the outskirts of Charlotte, Kansas City, Denver, and Tucson.

As Bartcop wrote here:

"It seems like every election boils down to the racist crooks vs. the incompetent stooges. Apparently people feel safer with the crooks in charge because the stooges are so inept."


Alright, that's about all for now. My next planned brief update will be over the weekend and next week I may not have any updates at all. On Sunday, I'm meeting my mom for lunch near College Park. She and Ray and I are supposed to see Jersey Boys at the National Theatre the Sunday after my (40th -- yikes) birthday, which as you may recall is actually on Thanksgiving this year (Nov. 26th).


Speaking of College Park, I am not doing any tutoring there next week owing to all my contracting work. Tonight I rode the Metro back into D.C. but transferred at Fort Totten to go on the Red Line to Dupont Circle instead of to U Street / Cardozo in order to meet Chris for our twice a week Connecticut Avenue Subway shop late night dinner.

Fort Totten Metro Red Line platform, Washington, D.C., 9:06PM, Nov. 4, 2009. That man was holding a small plant.


While on the elevated Red Line platform (where I used to go so often back in the 1990s when I lived in College Park and before the Green Line connected into the rest of D.C.), I could see the top Univ. of Maryland Memorial Chapel steeple light (now a red LED) winking brightly almost 4 miles away to the northeast. (It used to be a regular light bulb.) The view used to be cleared back then because there were fewer buildings and the intervening trees in Hyattsville and near the station have gotten taller.

The Univ. of Maryland Memorial Chapel and grounds, as seen on an early spring day last April (April 3, 2009).


Fort Totten is located in a far-and-away semi-slummy-ghetto stretch of Northeast D.C. near the Maryland line and just below the tangled mess of the urban Fort Totten park, an old Civil War Union encampment that makes up the "Fort Circle" system of parkland today.

Anyway, that light in the distance (along with the others) is very evocative.


OK, I think that's about all for now. I'm home at this wee hour watching reruns of The Golden Girls and (now) Cheers on Hallmark Channel.



krzysztof said...

Over $200,000?!!! Wow some Citibank board member could pay himself a weekly bonus with that!

Regulus said...

That's about 1 month's worth of bonus for some higher up at Goldman Sachs, "the great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity" (Matt Taibbi quote).

DJG said...

"But this idea of putting up a basic civil right to endless mob plebiscite -- usually with apoplectic Evangelical Protestant and nutty Catholic voters, Mormon money, and amoral GOP-operative 'Astroturf' political organization behind it -- is really getting old."

Eric said the same thing today on Facebook (minus the mini-jag between the hyphens). He even used the word "plebiscite". I had never seen that word before, and now it shows up twice in one day. Weird.

Regulus said...

That's kinda spooky ... I'm referring to the lack of "mini-jag between hyphens." Ha ha

Did you see Rep. Alan Grayson reading the number of uninsured Americans who died in the past year in the districts of GOP Congressman? Rather powerful, until he was cut off.

krzysztof said...

Hey I saw that FB post too! His amazing vocabulary aside Eric's hyphenating skills leave room for improvement:-)

Oh I kill me! ROTFLMAO

Regulus said...

Go down to that corner gay pub, baby doll (what's it called?), and have another pint with a shot before bed. You are hereby authorized from this side of the Atlantic to dip into Pawel's textbook and supplies fund.