Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Rainy Halloween Late Night Entry OR Where's My Boo Berry Cereal??

Phil, Chris T., and Oliver, earlier tonight, 11:01PM EDT (before the "fall back" time change), Oct. 31, 2009


What a wet Halloween, except I don't have any good Halloween night pictures to post. Boo.

Drenching rain is falling across the Washington, D.C., area. The LWX (Sterling) forecast for D.C. proper says "less than a tenth of an inch" of rain but that's just wrong. The forecasters at LWX will never admit they were wrong, of course. It just goes down the memory hole.


LWX (Sterling) base reflectivity mode radar, 2:57AM EST, Nov. 1, 2009


LWX (Sterling) composite mode radar, 2:57AM EST, Nov. 1, 2009 (this shows what's going on in the clouds as well as what is falling -- and clearly there is sleet over parts of Frederick County, Md., Loudoun County, Va., and the West Virginia panhandle, at about 2,500 to 3,500 feet inside the clouds).


The Northeastern U.S. radar mosaic, 2:48AM EST (7:48 UTC), Nov. 1, 2009. I wonder if that thin, 400+ mile long line of precip. offshore is real or some artifact of the radar.


Oh, yes, for October we ended up with 5.71" at DCA, 6.24" at BWI, and 5.70" at IAD, all of which is above normal for the month. We're also above normal year-to-date.

Year to date through midnight the three regional airport precip numbers are as follows: DCA is at 35.68 or +2. 41"; BWI is at 42.57" or +7.10"; and IAD is at 38.93" or +3.51". These figures may rise by another quarter to half inch by morning.


Tonight, I went to a party at Phil and Stephanie's that was initially for Gloria, who is in D.C. for a week or so. The whole gang was there (except, of course, Kristof). Gloria is actually just over half way through her planned 18 month World Bank tour in Lima.

I fell asleep on the floor and woke up at 2:25AM -- Standard Time, so it was really 3:25AM daylight time, but my cellphone had already adjusted itself.

While walking through a chaotic, mobbed, drunken Adams Morgan down 18th Street from Phil and Stephanie's place in the pouring rain, I asked a police officer standing at the corner of 18th and Columbia Road -- the MPD police were out in BIG TIME force tonight -- and she (a young African American lady) went to look at her watch and realized she wasn't wearing one and yelled, "FUCK ME HARD!" I simply said, "Thank you, officer" and walked on. I also saw a man with a very bloody and messed up face sitting on the sidewalk with the police around him. Sometimes Adams Morgan is just so fucked up.

As for me, in my own little world, I wanted to go to Cobalt but it was too late since last call is 230AM. When I saw it was 2:25AM, and then the minutes kept ticking by ... 2:35AM ... 2:45AM ... and so on ... I was secretly hoping that my cellphone would readjust itself back an hour but it had already changed to standard time. Just as well.

In any event, I'm home now ... and I didn't spend a PENNY today, although that wasn't the goal per se.


I came across this picture earlier on the New York Times Web site ...

The South Bronx, New York City, Halloween Day, 1991

This photo was at the height of the urban ghetto crack wars of the early 1990s such as in New York's South Bronx. Read here for the story about this picture taken by New York Times photographer Ángel Franco and what this young lady, Guissette Muniz, now 24, is up to today. That location, by the way, is much improved today.


Astronomy Picture of the Day from last Halloween (2008) ...

The Witch Head Nebula (IC 2118) strongly reflecting the light of blue super-duper giant star Rigel in Orion. The Witch Head Nebula is about 1000 light years away and spans about 50 light years. This was the APOD picture of the day for last Halloween, link here.


Apropos really of nothing ...

Happy Halloween, Mr. Boo Berry

Mr. Boo Berry talks like Peter Lorre, except the voice over was by Paul Frees, who was quite an interesting person in his own right.

Here is one of the first Boo Berry commercials from 1973 or thereabouts ...

I had forgotten about the weird Franken Berry -- Count Chocula rivalry. These are all part of the General Mills "monster-themed cereals."

Now if my blogger buddy Bryan were still here, he would have read this and sent me a box of Boo Berry cereal.


I miss you, Bryan. I hope you're happy and content where ever you area, sweetie.


Oooh, and I remember this Lite Bright commercial, too (I actually had TWO Lite Brights) ...

Building on what I saw in a YouTube comment: "Light bulb not included?!? DAMN YOU TO HELL, YOU BASTARDS!!"


Here is my delightful little hippo eating a cracker. What a good plush hippo. I love you, Flippo.


I'm so far behind on everything. I really need to focus and concentrate and not update this blog for a least a week, except I won't do that 'cuz I can't. Yet I have to -- otherwise I don't finish my intellectual "piece work "and don't get paid. Now I'm really scared.

Anyway, I need to go to bed right now.



krzysztof said...

'Fuck me hard!'
'Thank you, officer'

I wish I could be there to see that! Ha ha ha:-)

Regulus said...

Glad you liked the exchange -- and right there in the pouring rain on a chaotic 18th St and Columbia Road intersection.

The party was mostly fun, except for one hiccup involving (as usual) me and Aimee. She and I just don't really get along.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

i didn't quite get her part of the exchange...

btw, galina and i just came back from a week in costa rica. i say this because although we didn't see any hippos, we saw the next great thing after a hippo - a manatee!

for some reason (and that was not because of any physical resemblance whatsoever!) i thought of you when i saw it...

Regulus said...

That's just it -- that's all she said. I asked her the time, she looked at her wrist and saw her watch wasn't there, and blurted that out.

Also, as long you weren't reminded of me because of any physical resemblance ... whatsoever ... to that manatee.

Between you and Galina and Gary, you guys regularly span large parts of the globe. That's pretty good for a rag-and-bone-man's wages (you) and a spokesmodel's income (Gary).

Just kidding, darling.

rita said...


Love the picture of the little girl & the story. That is a once in a lifetime shot. I'd love to get something like that!

к.нео.физ.де.му said...


i am truly honored to be mentioned in the same sentence with such a renowned time-and-space binder as garyP!


anyhow, except for a bad attitude of the flight attendant (she actually threw the guy off the plane for angrily stuffing his bag in the overhead compartment) on our final leg home from charlotte, nc, to bwi - we really had one of the best times of our lives!

later i'll show you the pix!

krzysztof said...

she actually threw the guy off the plane

Oh Mike please tell me it was before takeoff.

Also, Reg, I'm a little hurt. I may not look like a manatee but I do travel a lot too you know. And yet not only was I not mentioned in the same sentence with Gary but I was not mentioned at all.


к.нео.физ.де.му said...


believe you me, had she had the ability to throw anybody off the plane during the flight - she most definitely would have!

yeah, i was a bit mystified by your absence from the list of distinguished cosmopolitans :), yet some part of me (and i am not saying i am proud of it!) was happy that yet again russia was ahead of poland...

oh, wait - GP has polish roots too, doesn't he? d'oh!


krzysztof said...

makes me wonder if she was also a flight attendant on this plane.What a weird story.

Regulus said...

Hmm ... I'm not sure what I can add to this back-and-forth.

I didn't mention Kristof in that comment because his European stint was a kind of involuntary one, not Gary jetting off to Paris and London or heading to New York for the weekend, clubbing at some Manhattan VIP lounge at 4AM.

So what happened to the man she threw off the plane? Was he arrested and thrown in the Gitmo brig?