Friday, November 20, 2009

FINALLY: Financial Breaking Point Reached

Point Reyes National Seashore, California


I'm in a difficult situation as the contracting job turns to pure shit ... Actually, it's a question of the payment schedule, which the office administrator wants to draw out by weeks, months, even years, and paying me represents some enormous burden on her personally. Needless to say, I cannot live that way and I am going to go to the head of the company.

Deep sea sailing

Also, my relationship with that company may not last much longer. Finally, I have decided (again) to move out of this apt. (only this time I am more sure about it). However, the place I want to move may or may not be available. Things are finally reaching the nadir that they have been tending and trending toward for a long time. I have a feeling 2010 is going to be my rock bottom year. Whether I recover from it or not is not clear.

I have December rent of $953 to pay that I can't pay until as late as early January -- based on that proposed new pay schedule.

I have $460 in immediate cable, internet, and phone bills for two months that I cannot pay, or rather that would eliminate entirely the $490 I am supposed to get later today. As for the "agreements" totaling $155 per month I reached, with $45 due this month and $155 next month, I simply cannot pay them and judgments are goind to have to be taken out.

On the work issue, I would have to finish four medium to big assignments by Wednesday morning just to be able to pay my rent by Dec. 20th.

Then there is the student loan situation -- completely nonsensical. Recall I owe a combined $206,000+ (and rising) with $303 due in Direct Loans and a combined $1200+ due on my Citibank loans. Recall I am trying to consolidate everything into an even bigger Direct Loans loan while simultaneously putting everything into a hardship deferment.

Needless to say, all of this is completely unbearable and has run its fucking course. I have reached my financial breaking point, and I'm ready to move from this dusty cubby hole.

The Milky Way Galactic Center (somewhere in there is our central supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A*), photo taken (and truncated) from the Nov. 11, 2009 Astronomy Picture of the Day here.


Anyway, I have to get ready now for my joint birthday party for Eric M. and me at Phil and Stephanie's tonight. I was up all night finishing a report -- I actually like staying up in the wee hours like that -- and didn't get to bed until 845AM and got up at 130PM. Phew.

That's all for now.

God Bless These United States of America and all the teabaggers of Beck - Bachmann - Palin "YOU BETCHA!" GOP crazies and corporate criminals and dysfunctional Senate and the President who is all talk and no action. (Is it any wonder his approval rating is under 50 percent now?)

Oh, yes, Ray, my mom's husband and my stepfather had bad chest pains earlier today and is in the hospital right now but I think he is going to be fine.


Updated: SHOCKER: The Washington shitty elites lead by the criminal running dogs of corporate intrigue at The WaHoPo Editorial Board and Cokie "The Bitch" Roberts suffered, even if temporarily, a RARE DEFEAT in Congress. This is worth noting.


krzysztof said...

If it get's really bad move out of the country. Come to London. I have a nice couch you can sleep on and you can get a job here. The trick will be to avoid going back to the US (or visiting Switzerland, ha ha) if there are pending charges. LOL

Or maybe things will just turn out OK when you least expect. They often do. I've been alive long enough (almost 27 years) to know that

Regulus said...

"Come to London. I have a nice couch you can sleep on and you can get a job here."

Baby doll, don't say that to me or I may very well take you up on this offer!!

krzysztof said...

Did I mention I only smoke on the balcony so the room always smells fresh and is smoke-free?