Friday, October 16, 2009

On a Wet, Cold October Night in Washington, D.C., at the 3AM Hour

Late night intersection, T Street and New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., 2:19AM, Oct. 16, 2009.


So we are in a cold and rainy pattern here in D.C., and that is JUST FINE with me. Everyone is just whining and bitching because it isn't fucking humid, 83F too warm, smelly, vile, and power-whoring EVERYTHING.

The Paint Branch Creek as it runs through a remote stretch of the UMCP campus, 4:46PM, Oct. 15, 2009


I sometimes hate everything, ESPECIALLY on days when the goddamn shitty Dow hits 10,000 again BECAUSE OF the criminality underlying it, and the mainstream whore media can't / won't stop screaming about why this means America is again Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean all because JP Fucking Morgan and the rest are "earning" profit due to the trillions in taxpayer money being OPENLY STOLEN by the criminal speculators on Wall Street for bonuses, war profiteering, and as "reward" for blowing up everything, and all with the "THAT'S A-OK BY US!"of the U.S. Government, which itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Financial Services Final Solutions and Omni-Corp War Machine MegaDeath, Inc.


Oh, yes, I love LWX - Sterling Web site's new climate plots histograms, such as linked here and shown here:

Here is the DCA (National Airport) plot through Oct. 15, 2009


Anyway, I have nothing to say right now and I am going to bed.

I may not update my other Arcturus blog for a while since that [mean and nasty person] never looks at it and thy do I care? ... I don't ... I so much better off.

Kristof, baby doll, I told some HUEUEUEUEUEGE lies ("we have never been to Nation") in that application for you ...


Everything nice I said was / is totally true, sweetie.



krzysztof said...

Wow they actually asked about 'Nation'? I'm sooo screwed:-)

Seriously though, I'm very greatful to both you and Phil for such a speedy response. Ideally I need that thing to get approved next week but THAT'S NOT going to happen because the Royal Mail took sweet 8 days to deliver the initial forms and another 7 to get the paperwork from one place in England to another place also in England!

Regulus said...

No, they didn't ask specifically about Nation.

Actually, I was able to submit it to the security admin lady by email. She said that was fine.

So if you do get a job with that entity in the U.K., does that mean you would be staying there for good? What about your immigration back to the U.S. of Wall Street A.?

krzysztof said...

This is not for a job! They are using the same forms as they do for job applicants hence the confusion.

I need this to be able to walk around the UK Met Office unescorted and most of all to get computer accounts on their machines. Met Office is kind of like NCEP in the US. I collaborate with them closely that's all. I'm actually going there on Monday for 10 days.

Regulus said...

Unfortunately, I did not realize it wasn't for job until Phil told me, so my answers on the form may look a bit odd -- I said they'd be lucky to have you work there. Now I just look dumb. Oh, well.

krzysztof said...

But it's perfectly true: They should be so lucky:-) Thank you, you are very nice!