Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Musical Interlude and Many Optical Illusions

The intersection of New Hampshire Ave., NW, and Q Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 7:01PM, Sept. 16, 2009.


Musical interlude ...

This is apparently a remix of Right Said Fred's hit 1991 song I'm too sexy. I actually had never seen the video before this. These days, I'm the UTTER and TOTAL opposite of sexy, just a nebbishy bit of doughy, desperately flailing, quiet (or not so quiet) bit of lost person. Just sayin'...

Furthermore, prior to seeing this image of them when I read their Wikipedia article, -- taken at the Vienna gay pride event in 2008 -- I didn't realize the duo were brothers and that one of them (Richard Fairbrass is rather gay, or bisexual), and rather studly at that. He was attacked in Moscow at a gay pride event in 2007 by anti-gay thugs, where I guess things like that still happen.

In America, we instead have teabaggers, birthers, deathers, fundies, and clueless town hall screamers. While I agree that there is an undercurrent of ugly racism in the hatred being directed toward Pres. Obama, I think his supporters (the same ones who demonized Hillary during the primaries) are forgetting the long history of rightwing craziness in America, most recently during the 1990s when it was directed at the Clintons.

To understand American politics is to take a trip to the Fun House with its scary sights and optical illusions that distort reality by recognition.


Speaking of actual optical illusions, the following are taken from an article in the online version of Woman's Day magazine here.

... rotating cylinders (it was called "rotating waves" in the online article I saw, but this looks more a set of rotating cylinders to me).


Here are "flowing leaves"


An old fashioned kaleidoscopic array


A black and white "wormhole"


I'm going to keep this entry short. However, I want to redirect my readers to Fifi's blog and her current entry. I hope wish her dad a speedy recovery.


A few personal items ...

I hope that $440 check from my contracting job doesn't bounce. It was written to me with grammatical mistakes (written as "for hundred fourty"). If it does, I can't fix the problem for a week and I need to pay my Sept. and Oct. phone, cable, and internet bills. After a discussion at the Bank of America that ended up involving three people (and after the teller told me I should NOT deposit it), the consensus was that it was probably alright to do so.

Also, I applied online tonight for another job at the Federal agency (EPA) where I would LOVE to work. Odds of hearing back: 0.000000000000000000000000014%


I'll end with one more picture ...

A real world Tiffany lamp. This one belongs to a friend of mine. He has a number of such lamps. This one is my favorite.


My next planned update will be for Friday or Saturday.



fifi said...

That is very kind of you. Thank you.
(he appears to have had a kind of reaction, but is of quite ill health so that type of thing is doom-laden)
A nice thought amongst all your own troubles.

I was going to ask you two questions:


Regulus said...

You're welcome.

Did you notice the picture in my previous (Sept. 15) entry of the 12 Apostles rock formations along the coast of Victoria? Those were taken by my friend Joe on his two week trip to Australia. He went to Melbourne and then Sydney with his wife. He attended two science conferences. I had wanted to tell you about this when he went last month since he was in Sydney for about a week.

Regarding your questions ...

nebbishly is just my adverbial form of nebbish, which refers to a dull, unimportant person.

teabagger has a double meaning ... as immediate political background, it is the derogatory name given to the anti-tax, anti-Obama protesters in the U.S. who have morphed into the larger highly reactionary movement that is being stoked by rightwing hate radio and TV and "Astro-turfing" corporte interests who keep large numbers of people whipped up into a frenzy against the very reforms that are in their own economic and social interest. There is a long history of this in the United States and the mainline Democratic Party is severely exacerbating it by being so afraid to take on the corporate interests (e.g. insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, financial brokerages who received trillions in bailout money and are now just giving themselves obscene bonuses with no oversight) and thus are failing to serve as an effective avenue of reform.

America is in serious trouble over the next 25 years.

Anyway, the term comes from the Boston Tea Party that kicked off the rebellion against the British, i.e. the Revolutionary War.

HOWEVER, "tea-bagging" has a very dirty double sexual meaning that I am not going to explain here.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

that's a nice explanation!

i only knew the dirty meaning and haven't been able to make any connection to the politics - edspite the fact that these idiotic tea party people are always in the news...

that's clever - even if a bit dirty...


btw, kristof,

if you are reading this - what is your reaction to the obama's abandonment of the missile shield?

what is your feeling - do poles care one way or the other, or is it once again a case of being stuck in the middle of someone else's fight?

krzysztof said...

Mike, I was against that missle shield from day one. I fail to see how a battery of a dozen Patriots or so located in northern Poland could provide a meaningful defense against nuclear attacks from Iran or North Korea (that was the official rationale behind the program). Rather, I think it was meant as a statement against Russia on Bush's part. A political statement, obviously 10 missles wouldn't pose a military threat. As far as Poles' attitude goes I think opinions are sharply split here. Some people even some otherwise quite reasonable people wanted the shield as a token of the alleged eternal friendship between us and the USA with which we "share values". Others like myself didn't see any point in kissing Bush's ass (it was his idea) and aggrevating Russia for no good reason.

There's a lot of lamenting in Poland today though: oh oh we fought for you in Iraq and Afganistan and you won't even plant nukes on our sacred soil. Stupid if you ask me.

As far as teabagging is concerned I too, like yourself, was not aware of a political meaning of it. Well, a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste:-)

krzysztof said...

i misspelled "missile".


fifi said...

I'm feeling now like I have a huge cultural gap in my knowledge. I'm off to the rude-words dictionary site. I kind of have some vague ideas.

Can't be any worse than what my friend told me in broad daylight yesterday about beetroot.

Nebbish, that is good.

Did your friend like it here? The weather is stinking hot now. I wasn't here when he was here. i was in Italy & England

fifi said...


How can I ever make tea without thinking of THAT now???


krzysztof said...

Fifi, ha ha ha ha:-) I guess you will be off tea for a while:-)

Regulus said...

Kristof -- Don't worry about the misspelling. You just got caught up in a rush of enthusiasm.

Fifi -- Lipton or Tetley? And that's ALL I'm going to say on that topic.