Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lost in a Red Sea, Looking for a Blue Ocean

I've been wanting to post a few pictures of Sydney, Australia in the freak dust storm that engulfed the city on Sept. 23, 2009 and that my "Sydneysider" blogger friend Fifi blogged about firsthand here. The above picture is one I got online and it shows the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the otherworldly red-orange gloom.

I plan to have a full entry posted tomorrow. This Thursday has been a down-and-up-and-back-down-a-bit day, particularly as involves my dreadful finances and impending lawsuits and judgments against me in D.C. small claims court, even as my larger career and life crisis remain dire and unchanged.

The Sydney Opera House in the eerie orange dusty gloom from the dust storm that shrouded the city on Sept. 23, 2009.


However, on the positive side, I have found a cheaper, nice place to live here in D.C. It is in the same house where Gary lives. Of course, I still need to find a real job, and I continue to look, albeit at a pace slower than I should. Nor am I thrilled to have to give up my apt. with its location near Dupont Circle and move about 2 miles north on 16th Street, NW.

Ah, that's better: Sydney and its harbor / harbour on a sparkling blue day.


Additionally on the positive side, last Thursday night's awful tutoring session with two Maryland b'ball students in the athletic dept. academic center was replaced by a perfect night tonight thanks in large part to the great support I received from the center people after my session evaluation complaint.

An underwater kelp forest off New Zealand's South Island as seen in the BBC produced series "South Pacific", episode "Endless Blue," and shown in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel as "Wild Pacific," episode "Eat or Be Eaten."


Tomorrow I plan to write about my trip to the small claims and reconciliation branch of D.C. Superior Court today ... the crappy and confusing advice I got from the "free clinic" and my persistence in the clerk's office that ended up me filing a motion for continuance to delay the case until I can get some more (free) legal advice... and the excellent phone call and email advice I got from a law professor involved in the American University law clinic whom I contacted, even though the clinic is not taking new cases.

Long story short, I learned the following today -- aside from keeping my mouth shut more than open, esp. in front of the judge, which I will be without an attorney as it is small claims court: there will very likely be two and probably three (and possibly eventually up to five) judgments for the $13,444 I owe.

I also have $127,000 in student loan debt that is still accruing interest, and which will not be reduced since my next bankruptcy will have to be chapter 7 rather than chapter 13.

However, I also learned that getting money from me via writs of attachment on my bank account and wages -- much like getting water from the proverbial rock -- will be difficult because I am basically below the poverty line with no assets in 2009.

Yay. I win.


Now HERE are some very special ones that no creditor or court will ever get a hold of not just in this life time, in the next one, in an INFINITY of lives, and in an INFINITY OF INFINITIES ...

... my plush babies and Sunshine Buddies o' love, including Flippo my plush hippo.


Turning to the weather, it has been too warm and blah -- in other words, the way it always is here in D.C., but this isn't a weather-themed entry.

That's all for now. I'm home watching The Golden Girls reruns on Hallmark Channel. Next up is Cheers. I may go to Cobalt for a drink.



krzysztof said...

Wow this is some news! You're moving up 16th ST and will be living close to Gary! I think it's a lovely area. The only problem is that there are no metro stations nearby. And it's quite a hike from Cobalt

Regulus said...

Yes, I am but I' not sure the exact date -- whether to do it Nov. 1st or Dec. 1st.

There's always the S2/S4 bus. (Oh, since you moved, there is now an express S9 bus at certain times of the day that only stops at select spots.) Plus it's not that far from the Silver Spring Metro.

As it is, I have been going to Cobalt less anyway.

krzysztof said...

S9? What happened to S1 which did exactly that (mornings and afternoons)? Anyway, that's not important right now. This is good news!

On a different topic. It turns out getting a credit card in the UK is dangerously easy. I applied yesterday and it was instantly approved with a very generous credit line. I'm glad because I need some credit but at the same time I'm kind of scared

Regulus said...

Are they like animals, or rather, like Ebola virus, in England as they are in the U.S.??

Capt. Peacock: "And a main course which I shall bring up later ..."
Mrs. Slocombe: "Won't we all."

Mr. Grainger: "We're not having steak kidney pie? I'm traveling home on a non-corridor train."

Mr. Grainger: "I heard the cuckoo in Mr. Rumbold's office."
Mr. Lucas: "On the 3rd of March?? You better write a letter to The Times."

Capt. Peacock: "Strange how potent sheet music is."

(Yes, that episode is on right now.)

fifi said...

That was very weird to see those pictures posted on here the other day.

I am still sneezing from the dust. there ws another less spectacular episode on Staurday morning which was only pink rather than the apocalyptic red.

Imagine that being the first thing you see when you wake. Truly bizarre.

Regulus said...

I've just always been fascinated by Australia and now New Zealand, too. I really wish I could move to one of those places, although the Sydney climate seems a little hot for my taste.