Sunday, September 20, 2009

Legal Tender -OR- "There's No Way Like the American Way"

Saint Germain hair salon with a ridiculously pretentious chandelier, the Penn Quarter section of downtown Washington, D.C., 12:12AM, Sept. 19, 2009


Some of the photos in this entry were taken in the Penn Quarter section of downtown D.C. late Friday night. I was there for a group dinner celebrating my friend Aaron's completion of his MBA (see below). Two of the pictures were taken by Gary on his trip to South Florida this weekend.

Crotey, my Gold Dust Croton, Sept. 19, 2009


I had intended a more thorough write up but this weekend has sort of flown by, compounded by my own excesses of drinking, and now I need to complete the second "Global Warming Monitor" by tomorrow morning for that contracting job I have. The boss I have has created a ridiculous 10th and 20th of the month schedule for what is supposed to be a twice a month approx. 15 page news compendium with feature story. As it is, I won't actually have it done until Tuesday and that's just too bad. Furthermore, she won't actually look at it until, like, next Monday.

Anyway, I am very sick today with a bad headache because I really overdid it last night. In fact, I'm so ill that I may not be able to stay up all night to do the report.

Rasika restaurant, 633 D Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 12:17AM, Sept. 19, 2009


Last night, I first went to Chris T's place for a nice dinner and unplanned TV viewing, specifically, three episodes of "Miracle Planet." I didn't even know there was such a thing as the Science Channel -- I don't think I get it, although true to tell, I'm not even sure of all the channels I get since the numbering system is so random and sprawling, running from 001 to 999. (No, I don't actually get 998 channels -- more like 150, about 8 of which constitute nearly all of my TV viewing.) I had a whole bottle of red wine in addition to the fish and broccoli that Chris cooked.

Chris T's living room, Saturday night, Sept. 19, 2009


Later, I went to Cobalt and then to this weird once-a-month gay event with LP somewhere near Howard University Hospital.

This morning, I was ill (threw up -- sorry) and it was blood or last night's red wine came up. I'm not inclined to think it was the latter. If it is the former, then I don't know if that means something is really wrong with me.

And if it happens again, I will go to the emergency room and I will tell those monsters I have no money and no insurance and if they refuse to see me, I'll sue EVERY fucking body in sight -- while waving the flag and singing "Yankee Fucking Doodle Dandy" while I do it -- in sight.

Perhaps I have an ulcer. I don't think it's cancer.


The candle and wax array at Oyamel Restaurant, Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 2009.


Today (Sunday) I was served with a legal judgment. I am being sued by Arrow Financial Services, L.L.C., and Mann Bracken for $1618.18 -- the smallest of the credit debts I owe, which total about $13,000 on four credit cards and a Macy's charge card. It is a bit unexpected that this company is suing me (I thought it would be Weinstock, Friedman & Friedman) as I had made arrangements to pay them $45 a month and had actually sent in a payment last month.

In fact, I am going to try to motion to have the amount reduced to reflect that. I need to contact the D.C. Bar about possibly getting free or reduced cost help. As I have said before, I cannot do a bankruptcy at this time. I cannot do a chapter 7 until Aug. 2010 (there being a requirement to wait 8 years between filings) and I cannot do a chapter 13 because I do not earn enough.

Intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and R Street, NW, 7:27PM, Sept. 19, 2009


I have to show up in small claims branch of the D.C. Superior Court. on Sept. 30, 2009 at 9AM and I will do so. My main worry is if my bank account and/or contracting job income seized.

Just for record keeping purposes, the notaries public names are Lakisha Esco of Niles, Illinois and Wendee L. Hill of Montgomery County, Md. One sounds "south side" ghetto and the other sounds like she puts hearts over the "i's" when she signs her name.

The pier at Deerfield Beach, Fla., Sept. 18, 2009. Gary took this picture while on his extended weekend visit to Boynton Beach / Boca Raton / Deerfield Beach, where I have gone three times this year (and hope to go one more time in November assuming Spirit Airlines has one of its $9 each way super duper reduced fares and I can stay at Marvin's condo).


I am also currently not paying the nearly $33,000 I owe Citibank for student loans. I am supposed to file for either an economic hardship or a general forbearance, but I have decided not to do so and let it go into default. It will help if/when I do my chapter 13 (student loan debt is not fully dischargeable under a chapter 7). As for the other $93,000 I owe in a consolidated Direct Loan with the Dept. of Education, that one is currently in an in-school deferment, although it should not be. I suppose I should tell them at some point. As it is, they already have my new address though I never told them, so if they want to contact me, they can do so.

Citibank can go to hell because you're supposed to have a six month grace period, and they gave me a shit period instead. As it is, I'm so broke, I can't pay anything. The Citibank monthly payment is over $650. Yeah, right.

The house at the intersection of S and 17th Streets, NW, Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 2009.


By the way, the "delivery" man showed up dressed as a UPS fellow but I rather doubt he. He rapped on my door around 2PM today, scaring the hell out of me. I opened the door (looking bedraggled and like hell). He said something in a chipper voice about a "delivery" for me.

"Is it a lawsuit?", I asked, and he replied it was.

I noticed he had a rectangular shaped object wrapped in white with a small bow on it that was on his clipboard. I am, like, 90 percent sure it was actually a brick that he carries around for protection in case the person he is serving attacks him. Why not just carry a gun and be done with it? That's the American Way.

As it is, this credit card debt, lawsuit, and a Sunday delivery by a fake UPS guy carrying what was probably a brick sums up the f/cking American Dream -- long ago hijacked by degenerate corporate fascists -- and what it means to be an American.

Of course, most Americans (and this is not new) are so hopped up on fundamentalism and duped by hate radio and Fox Noise into thinking their problems are caused by imaginary welfare queens in Cadillacs, gay marriage in Taxachusetts, Nancy Pelosi, and Jane Fonda trip to Hanoi 40 years ago that they have no idea the real source of their problems.

Cue Lee Greenwood: "And I'm proud to be an American ..."


Group dinner at Oyamel restaurant in downtown Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 2009 (as described below).


All that aside, part of my weekend was good, specifically, the nice group dinner (with my tab covered 'cuz I'm broke) at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana restaurant in Penn Quarter in downtown D.C. in celebration of my friend Aaron having earned his MBA from the Robert H. Smith Business School at the University of Maryland, College Park. That school is housed in the same building -- Van Munching Hall -- as the public policy school whence I earned my (third) masters degree last May. (It was Aaron who paid for me.)

Amy and Eric at Oyamel restaurant, downtown Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 2009


So at this rate, I probably only have about 2 months left that I can live in this apt. I'm not sure where I would go although part of me really wants to leave D.C.

I really want to move to New Zealand but it is a process. That process is shown here (left) in a diagram I got off the NZIS Web page. I would apply under the "skilled migrant" category that NZIS has

I would like to initiate an "Expression of Interest" (EOI) application, except it costs NZ$400 (about US$284). That would be the first "pay a fee" denoted by the top yellow circle.

They probably run a credit check, too, so I'd doubly flunk the application process. I think Captain James Cook had to pass a credit check before he started out on his South Pacific voyage.


Clouds over Boynton Beach, Fla., Sept. 18, 2009. This is another picture that Gary took while on his weekend trip to South Florida.


That's all for now. My next planned update will be on Wednesday.



krzysztof said...

Why do you think that the consulate of New Zealand would do a credit check? Do you KNOW that or are you just being negative?

The flowchart is a lot simpler than what I have to go through with the US immigration. The latter consists mostly of yellow circles:-)

Regulus said...

The flowchart is a lot simpler than what I have to go through with the US immigration. The latter consists mostly of yellow circles:-)

Well, SOMEBODY'S gotta pay for all that bank and Wall Street bailout money.

Jefferson D'Arcy (M/WC): "You gotta sue them! Places set aside millions of dollars for bogus law suits! Otherwise, the money just goes to Social Security and then NOBODY gets it."

As it is, I am being doubly sued by Arrow Financial Services, except there was some confusion and it's not clear the case will actually be heard on Sept. 30th.

krzysztof said...

I see countersuit!!!!!!!

I had the weirdest dream two nights ago. I interacted with a younger me in it. He was me but he had a facial expression reminiscent of my closest classmate from elementary school. In the dream he was playing a keyboard and singing (the way I would) and then we started making out and then I woke up. What a disapppointment! He might have become the best lover I have ever had. Better than Zee (long story, ask Stephanie, she knows what I'm talking about)

krzysztof said...

... AND I just totally embarassed myself in front of this hot straight guy who recently moved in to the flat next to the flat next to mine. I was coming out of the loo that we share and he was right there walking into his room. I didn't expect to see anyone there when I opened the door so, naturally, I screamed like a girl. It went downhill from there. I attempted a small talk but I'm drunk off me arse so you can imagine how that went... oh god oh god oh god. And you think you have problems...:-)

Regulus said...

Hi Kristof,

Thank you for the lovely comments. I'm home tonight staying up probably til down to finish another $440 Global Warming Monitor report, although I won't get paid until probably late next week for this one since there are two parts to it -- one pre-G20 summit and another post-G20 summit.

As for your dreams, so you were in love with a version of yourself? Isn't that Mr. Sirius's criterion for a boyfriend?? That keyboard keeps figuring into your life. I heard from Stephanie how excited you were to get it back.

rita said...

You need an injection of "I'm mad as hell & I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Becomeproactive, you have the brains for it!

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

so, how are you feeling? you know, the blood vomiting wise...

i hope - nothing serious...

i took boris to er on friday for an injury he sustained in his football game - no broken bones, just a bad contusion...

Regulus said...

Upon reflection, I think it was the red wine I had drank the night before.

How are you doing? How about the family -- G, B, and M? Oh, and I and T?

krzysztof said...

Since you're not experiencing any other symptoms I too think it must have been the red wine. Thank you for sharing that story! It really makes one wonder why Fifi doesn't visit this blog more often:-)

Now if you'll excuse me I just cooked some dinner which I will bring up later:-)

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

that's good news! people tend to think the worse when they are under stress, like you are now...

my fam's - ok. mark is turning three today, i guess now he can't just pee in the middle of the room and blame his age... :)

boris is a senior trying to figure out what school he wants to apply to - i know it's kinda late, but that's the way it is...

galina is working her butt off for her company - it's amazing how much pressure they (well, at least her manager) put on people...

she sends her best wishes!