Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I really just need to go to sleep ...

Yours truly, Regulus, in bed early this Tuesday morning, Sept. 1, 2009.


I plan to have a better entry posted tomorrow but right now -- at the midnight hour -- I have a severe headache AND I have another idiotic memo to write for that contracting job. This follows a two hour jaunt to Bua for dinner and a drink at Window's with Gary and Chris.

I plan to go to bed shortly and get up at 6AM and spend a few hours writing the memo, since it is due at 9AM. The topic is Obama's nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear power policies. Sigh.

Needless to say, I am not going to Cobalt tonight.


I updated my Mr. Sirius / Arcturus blog
here if interested.

Here is a link to a excellent Michael Lind column that got my bubby, Kristof, quite worked up in an email reply (because he agreed with Lind).

Here is a link to Glenn Greenwald responding to Joe Klein's weird outburst about him that Klein sent "privately" to a few hundred journalists on an email distribution list.



krzysztof said...

Well, when you sent that piece I read half way through it and suddenly all the pieces came together and I just went....

But that wasn't my first political diatribe was it? There were others. Perhaps fewer grammar errors and typos were made but that's because they were just oral (incidentally that reminds me of last Sunday/Monday morning but that's neither here nor there).

On another topic. There's a growing number of phone numbers in my phone book but the only ones I call or text are still the 202 and 703s now preceded by 001. I wonder why that is.

So... Matthew and Richard in the same year, huh?

Enough writing for now. The countdown to Paris has started. 9 days left:-)

Regulus said...

The 202s and 703s predominate on your texts and phone calls because that's where the best part of your social life remains -- and is waiting for you to return.

Yes, Matthew and Richard are in the same year but they are separated by the N, O, and P storms (skipping Q -- I guess there's no Hurricane Qua'shanda).

Yes, Paris is just ... 9 ... 8 ... days away. David said he has some keyboard thing for you.