Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Lieu of Updating this Blog ...

At the TJ Maxx store in Friendship Heights, Washington, D.C., Aug. 28, 2009.


I have updated my Mr. Sirius / Arcturus's World blog. In lieu of updating this one, I will just direct my readers to that one.

But please be advised I was in a very bad mood when I wrote that one and it sounds ranting and nutty,
even for me, esp. as the D.C. area once again got typically and royally screwed out of ANY weather.

The link to the blog is here.

Also, I would ask that any comments you have you please post here rather than over there.



Rita said...

Whoa! You are on a rant. The weather must be getting to you. :(

Come over to my blog & see what I'm up to. :) Have a laff.

Regulus said...

Very funny indeed! Please post more of those IM exchanges. I love the aside comments you posted with them, too.

Rita said...

HOLLYWOOD1231 say's:
Im Shane how ru? "I want to lick u all over"

should I say.... I want to lick you repeatedly like a slow child trapped in a doorknob factory.
I want to lick you like a gratuitously large menstruating female standing in front of a conveyor belt in the world’s largest chocolate-frosted cupcake factory.
Credits here.

You gay guys come up w/all the clever lines.

rita said...

sorry regulus That last comment was a little crude. Last night I thought it was hysterical... I was trying to cheer you up. :)

You can delete it if it's too awful.

Regulus said...

Don't worry about it.

krzysztof said...

Rita's lines are hysterically funny.

And your blog entry has it all: the upcoming catastrophe, the war with God, politics, romance and all this leads up to this brilliant ending so characteristic of your writing:
I hope someone backs a truck over that dumb rain gauge at the airport.

you must have been royally pissed when you wrote that. I hope you're in a better mood now. Your message last night was very nice. Thank you. And that thing I texted you about - that ended very well for me