Friday, July 17, 2009

When 414 Equals 504 ...

This entry's first half has a shortage of pictures. I'm probably going to update it with more or changed pictures AND change the jumble of font colors when I get a chance.

The Tongass National Forest of Alaska, where the Obama administration is planning to start clear cutting -- and probably give the proceeds directly to Goldman Sachs.



So tomorrow -- or rather, later today-- I am all set to move into my new apartment. I am simply changing units in the building I live in here in D.C., from 414 to 504. I even have the key. I've lived in 414 since Feb. 2005. I guess this means I won't -- as I half-expected -- die in my apt., at least not 414.

The units are identical, except for the orientation of the mini-kitchen. It is also one floor up and faces directly onto the 2000 block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW, rather than the courtyard.

No, this isn't my window view.

As a result, I have a view of the avenue and 16th Street, NW, and into the low-to-medium rise clutter of Adams Morgan, and off to the southwest, the towers of Rosslyn in Arlington a few miles away, and deeper into my friend Gerry's Northern Virginia suburban purgatory. At night, it's all distant, colorful flashing lights. I hope I get to see it on cold winter nights. As it is, I may not even be in my new apt. that long given my current situation, not beyond early fall. More on that below.

With a view onto New Hampshire Avenue, I will basically be back to where I was when I lived in the Harrowgate in the 1800 block of New Hampshire Ave., NW, just two blocks from here and my first D.C. residence, and initially also a William C. Smith managed building before it was sold.

My annus horribilis was initiated in 2004 shortly after I had moved into a building in the 1400 block of Rhode Island Ave., NW, near Logan Circle.

Me at the Pentagon City Mall, March 15, 2009

Returning the view issue, I do not have a few toward the south, so therefore I cannot see the 1.5 mile distant Washington Monument. In my current unit, I basically have no view, although in the winter time, I can see the top twin lights on the north side of it flashing in unison. There are a pair of lights on each of the four sides, so eight in all, all flashing in unison, although prior to Feb. 1995, they used to flash out of phase in a much more relaxing way. The National Park Service installed some stupid synchronizing switch.

At some point, they'll change the regular bulbs to LEDs and then it will really look weird with instantaneous flashes.

I will move tomorrow ... I have been given extra time to move by the property management company. Recall my move has to do because of the recurring flooding problem (5 times in four years, though each time I was home to catch the water in buckets and the like) because of the main above me and his plumbing fetish.

No, living on the 5th floor, I won't be seeing him -- I'm on the opposite side of the boxy horseshoe magnet-shaped building now.

A hippo in Gabon enjoys the surf. But hippos are fresh (mucky) water creatures ...

Well, I will move assuming the cable/internet guy from RCN -- scheduled to be here between 11AM and 2PM, and I'm assuming it is going to be a guy -- will show up to switch my connections to the new apartment. Gary is also supposed to show up to help me move my window a/c. I'm not even boxing anything up but rather just hand carrying stuff from the one apt. to the next.

Oh, yes, the new apt. has decent water pressure in the bathroom.


Continuing with the odd theme of posting pictures of myself ...

Here I am walking home shortly after midnight last night, July 16, 2009, from Cobalt here in D.C.


Returning to the question of how long I will be living in my new apt. -- meaning how long I can afford my rent if I remain quasi-unemployed -- if I do not find gainful employment or some source of money October, then I will have to leave D.C., moving down for at least at time to Key West.

Speaking of Key West, I made my flight reservations to go to South Florida to help my dad pick out a new place there. I am going there from July 29 - Aug 4, flying into/out of Fort Lauderdale (again) on Spirit Airlines. I'm meeting him in Ft. Lauderdale. He is still living in Flagler Beach.

There is one bit of good news with my existing contracting work. The biweekly "global warming monitor" project at my contracting job has been given to me because the person doing it is leaving for a job in Kentucky. This person actually quit as a regular employee and went to contractual basis at the same place, at least in part, because of my "example."

This is worth about $800 per month -- still too little by at least half for me to get by. My rent alone is $953/mo, unchanged in my new unit since I'm doing a simple transfer. But I've actually been getting a fair amount of work recently. Indeed, I finished three reports, two of which were especially technical (the first on distributed generation equipment safety issues and the second on "stakeholder dialogue" issues), and totaling 40 pages, worth $1070.

Yes, this is all the intellectual equivalent of sweatshop "piece work" but the economy is so shitty that is has nothing to do with chronically un/under employed me and my low EQ issues.

I ATTEMPTED to go to a stupid Federal Government jobs fair at the National Building Museum today but by the time I arrived, there were at least 5,000 people there, lined up 40 deep to speak to each agency rep. The crowd was about 85 percent younger than me (as in 21 to 35 years old).

I left after 5 minutes.


The weather was fucking hot with highs in the mid 90s Fahrenheit, reaching 96F at DCA, the hottest this summer and only the 4th time this season so far it has reached 90F or higher. The last 95F day was Sept. 4, 2008 and the last 96F day at DCA was July 21, 2008.

We have had very little rain this month (only 0.13" at DCA) and everything is turning wilted and has that D.C. shitty sewer smell in the summer time.

Aerial view of the Solomon Islands taken as a screen shot of the YouTube clip of the South Pacific / Wild Pacific documentary that was the topic of my previous entry.


A few other items ...

I'm watching Cheers now on Hallmark Channel at 130AM. I have always liked the opening theme.

I did a Google search on whether anyone knew the meaning or the origin of the picture in the opening sequence where the guy -- who is supposed to be the analog of Coach in the early seasons -- holds up the "WE WIN!" newspaper headline.

While I did not find a definitive answer, I found a fascinating blog called TubaTV.

This is the opening sequence for season 6 onward, except maybe season 10. Shelley Long had already left.

The entry in question was "City as might have been: Sitcoms and the 80s" and is about how American cities were featured in 1980s sitcoms, including Cheers, versus how they were portrayed in the 1970s. It includes a discussion of how Boston is -- and is not -- portrayed in Cheers.

The blogger discusses this in a way worthy of David Harvey's seminal 1991 book The Condition of Postmodernity. That book is sort of a Bible of understanding what the concept of post-modernity means.

I have my own personal story about what happened on a warm October rainy night when I stopped in the Bull and Finch pub in Boston -- the Cheers bar seen in the exterior shots -- while Gary and Joe were at a concert and I was waiting for them.


Given the nature of this entry, I am going to refrain from a political discussion.

However, I do want to post -- as a follow-up to my having posted the Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone piece on July 4th about the trillion dollar plunderers at Goldman Sachs -- the link to Taibbi's July 16, 2009 blog entry where he comments on the $3.44 billion profit the company "earned" -- or rather, simply stole based on its takeover of the American Government, and thus all plundered from the American taxpayer, despite what the whore media and assorted rightwing and corporate apologists and their kooky true believer little people scream about "the free market"


Ha ha

I also wanted to mention that I have been pretty bummed out -- or maybe just annoyed -- by the fact my one-time Australian blogger buddy in Sydney decided to bail on my blog because I wrote one too many negative entries.

I never asked her to stop by and I never asked to her to stay, which makes her "disappearance" on the grounds of my alleged moral or ethical failings all the more irritating. We had even developed a friendly email exchange.

But something changed -- immediately after my blogger friend Bryan in New Jersey died.

Whatever the case, I removed the link to her page. Actually, I removed the links to all my blogger buddies, although I probably should have kept Rita's link since she and I remain friends -- she has been there through it all). My "regular" readers now are basically people who know me.


"High Road" by Edward Hopper


OK, I think that's about all. I REALLY need to sleep. I have been up all night three of the past four nights and not getting enough sleep during the day. I KNOW the colors on this entry are all screwed up and I'm going to revisit them, along with the pictures, but I just wanted to get this posted.

G'night, Gentle Reader.



krzysztof said...

Who is that handsome young gentleman in the picture next to the trillion dollar plunderers paragraph? Speaking of trillion dollar plunder,
Joseph Stiglitz coined an apt term for what's been happening: socialism for the rich. I don't know if you have read this it may interest you.

rita said...

I hope your transition is a smooth one. Regarding your question about which blogger buddy came to visit...I'm sending you an E-mail.

Regulus said...

Thanks, guys, for your comments. The move went mostly very well although it took a while since I was mostly just carrying things from my old to my new apt. The cable/internet and window a/c are all set up -- the essentials. Sorry I didn't post a reply to your comment yesterday.

Thumbu Sammy said...

Thanks for the kind words about TubaTV. I wish I could find the original photo in the Cheers montage, but no luck yet.

Regulus said...

You're welcome!