Monday, July 27, 2009

Scattered Summer Storms

Stormy skies on Saturday evening around 715PM, July 25, 2009 as seen from Connecticut Ave., across the street from the Chevy Chase Branch Library in Washington, D.C., near the Maryland line.


I'm a bit irritated as I write this at 130AM while watching a TV Land rerun of Roseanne. I plan to have a new entry posted before I depart on Wednesday for my 6-day trip to South Florida to help my dad pick out a new single-wide trailer in which to live in Key West.

Hydrangea bushes in the yard of 3348 Tennyson St., NW, Washington, D.C., 6:40PM EDT, July 25, 2009

I had a good and a bad weekend that I will explain in more detail later. The good part was with my long-time very dear friend "Quill." This included lunch at the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring and then a two-hour complicated walk on the forested trails of the upper reaches of Rock Creek Park and eventually to Oregon Ave., NW, on its western edge, and into the Pinehurst Circle section of upper Northwest Washington, D.C., and west on Tennyson Ave., NW, over to Western Avenue on the DC-Maryland line and thence to Chevy Chase Circle. That was probably about a 4 mile walk.

Here is a picture of Quill in Rock Creek Park in upper Northwest, Washington, D.C., on a bridge over the, yes, Rock Creek, 5:11PM EDT, July 25, 2009.

The rest of the weekend was kind of crappy.

The most annoying thing the past five days -- and this will sound ridiculous because it really is meaningless to the big issues and worries in my life -- BUT here it is: while downtown and other parts of D.C. have had 3 to 5 inches of rain since Thursday, that stupid "official" rain gauge at National Airport has had only 0.63" of precip, bringing the monthly total to 0.89". I hate that shitty rain gauge. It's the most unrepresentative thing of ANYTHING God ever made.

Here is the 7-day precipitation analysis -- with a resolution that doesn't really show up how dramatic the changes were -- ended 12UTC (5AM) July 26, 2009. The lavender - pink dot shows where DCA is located versus downtown D.C. My own sense is that the yellow zigzag through downtown D.C. should actually be a shade of off yellow and orange.

The NWS weather folks Sterling LWX are probably yowling and foaming at the mouth in glee because these misses at DCA "proves" this or that. As for the local TV weather-casters in D.C., they are all pretty much unwatchable and only want endless drought and excessive warmth. As for the Weather Channel, it has been two years since I watched that in any meaningful way.


Anyway, what follows are series of pictures from the walk this Saturday ...

Here I was standing on the DC-Maryland line along 16th Street after I got off the S4 bus heading over to the Parkway Deli to meet Quill for lunch, July 25, 2009.


Here is me touching the North Cornerstone of the District of Columbia (the "Federal Territory"), with some bird poop on part of it, as seen at 3:26PM EDT, July 25, 2009. I have talked about what is the North Cornerstone and even taken pictures of it before on this and my old Arcturus blog.


The interior side room at the Parkway Deli, Silver Spring, Md., 4:37PM EDT, July 25, 2009. This interior is probably little changed since the early 1980s. The deli itself -- as my friend LP can attest -- stretches back to the 1950s.


What follows is a vestige of what had been a much more initial version of this entry ...

In the meantime, this upcoming week in the larger world over which I have no control promises (as usual) to be all pure crap.

It will be all loser House and Senate Democrats eagerly ruining any chance for an actual shift to a health care system that isn't $2.6 trillion or 17 percent of GDP criminal swindle that fails ON ITS OWN stupid "free market" terms ... more endless GOP religio - insanity ... skyrocketing Wall Street "cheers" (DOW ROCKETS TO 10,000!!) for all the wrong reasons ... more taxpayer trillions given, no questions asked, to the amoral scum and human jackals at Goldman Sachs even as these beasts figure out new ways to scam the system ... Pres. Obama will give a good but useless speech ... and more ENDLESS mainstream whoremedia obsession on the whack job "birther" horseshit (picture David Gregory: "Have Republicans found their resonating issue??") ...all while Americans fixate on the latest stupid whatever.

God, this country is dumb sometimes. I apologize for the ultra-negative tone of this entry.


OK, enuf of that. I think I need to go to bed.

Oh, Flippo, what a good and plush hippo -- not to mention a Transdimensional Being who folds, bends, and rearranges Space and Time at Will -- Always and Always for the Good.



krzysztof said...

I don't pretend to understand the proposed healthcare reform so I can't comment on that.
I do know that in the UK healthcare is free for all. There's no notion of uninsured people. Just like that.

Regulus said...

It's something about "the free market" and Ayn Rand and Jesus and an eagle on top of a flag and the Dow Jones Industrial Average and speaking in tongues at the tax-exempted non-denominational Protestant Church and "remembering those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for you and me" in this or that battle and, yes, ... oh,a Viagra ad featuring a bathtub and naked 50-year old couple in a meadow who are "in the mood." Dumb.

I don't get this country either.

How are you, doing?

krzysztof said...

Oh how I miss your political rants and all that.
That said let's give Obama a few more months. He's done some good things already while not to the extent some might have expected. I'm not sure he had realized what he'd be up against when he was taking the office.

Well... it is what it is. Which reminds me: I have to email Phil and you and others about a pool table Pawel and I saw at Harrods. Stand by

Regulus said...

Still awaiting your email, kitten.

By the way, here are two useful politically-themed reads:

Glenn Greenwald on why lying is central to neoconservatism and why frickin' Bill Kristol is at the center of all lies, and thus why his condemnation of Obama's political "lies" sends the hypocrisy meter off the charts. Link here.

The second is from Dickipedia on Nancy Grace. It's really funny. Link here. Funniest quote: "While many people are dicks for comedic value, Nancy Grace does not understand comedy, and is a dick because she's simply a bad person."

Also, check out Mr. Sirius's latest blog entry on why people shouldn't wear Speedos at the pool. This from a man who posed in his undies as "Dick Dawson" in front of thousands of people for several years.

Quill said...

I had a lovely time indeed! Rain and all. :D Call me when you get back from Florida and we'll do it again, or some variation thereof.

Regulus said...

Sounds good to me.

к.нео.физ.де.му said...

:) i really need to start collecting your rants!

the one in the first response to krzysztof is truly priceless!

have a great time in florida!

it seems that here we are finally back to our traditional washington area summer weather... well, at least for a couple of weeks... :)

Regulus said...

Yes, Mike, it's all crappy and humid and whatnot.

Sorry I didn't reply to your message sooner. I was busy today. Also, I deleted that stupid spam comment that someone posted.

Glad you like political rants. I am sorry that they have to be said but America is, well, dumb. Dumb in a profound way.