Thursday, July 23, 2009

Regulus Blog Entry No. 200: Still Full of Stars ...

A tranquil dock at sunrise (or maybe sunset but it seems more like sunrise) that I got off the internet and posted once on my old Arcturus blog.


Entry #200

This is my 200th entry on this blog. I originally wrote most of yesterday but as I didn't finish it, and I had some more pictures I wanted to post taken during my walk in a summer downpour back from the House Rayburn Office Building on Capitol Hill where I had gone for a job assignment (as explained below). Thus, I am partially rewriting it.

Also, I wanted to mention what a crummy time I had at Cobalt last night, spending lots of money I can ill afford to spend. Why I do there so much, I don't know. I think it was just my way of forever trying to exorcise my JRs - Mr. Sirius demons, but I don't think I ever will.


Continued from first version of this entry ...

My old Arcturus blog -- which I should not have deleted -- had approximately 440 entries, although I deleted a few during a weird contretemps in the summer of 2006 at a Federal internship job.

I have 438 of those entries in six large notebooks that I almost -- but could not bring myself to -- throw out in my move last week.

My old Arcturus blog was the one on which I began my blogging activities, which itself was the result of my Mr. Sirius fixation.

My blogging activities evolved on that original blog, and reached their peak before collapsing. It is also the blog on which I met so many folks -- including the late Bryan Haberstick, and my friend Rita in coastal Oregon, whose blog I do not read enough, as well as my Australian former blogger friend Fifi. There was also Big Pissy and Motor City Monk, and the intriguing Rackorf, also from (a very different part of) Australia (the far southwestern bush country).

Here is a picture of all my blog folders as well as 10 other folders that were from my once - gigantic handwritten journal that I stopped keeping about a year and a half ago and that I have severely culled down. Additionally, one folder are print outs of some of Mr. Sirius's current blog entries and another, larger folder are from his previous Blogger blog that he ended in a most unusual way.

Of all of these bloggers, I was most chagrined to lose Fifi as a regular reader She basically said by email, "I've outgrown you and I wish you well." I guess I have to say of my blogging relationship with Ms. La Stupenda, it had a Stupid Ending-A.

Apparently, her departure was prompted by her shocking discovery that I am a negative person, as if that wasn't instantly clear the second she first came by.

While Hotlips -- whom I finally met last month in person -- and Motor City Monk (under a new name of Tattooless Freak) stopped blogging, I drifted away from Big Pissy and her whirlwind of moonlight and magnolia Southern weddings and baby showers.

I likewise drifted away from Little Things / Lake Travistee, who later stopped blogging. Other blogger buddies who came and went from my personal blogossphere include Little Things, who later became Lake Travistee before she deleted her blog, and Eddie - Jesterrap.


Point Reyes National Seashore in an undated image I from the internet. I posted this image on my old Arcturus blog and I've posted it at least once on this blog. It was always one of my favorites.


My old Arcturus blog had two URLs and it spanned from March 22, 2006 through on or about Dec. 16, 2008. The original name was "Note from Arcturus" and then "Arcana from Arcturus," with the name change occurring when I changed the URL in Dec. 2007. I noted the old Arcturus passing in an entry on Dec. 16, 2008.

Speaking of Fifi, I hear that she and the rest of Australia are suddenly one foot (12 inches or 30 cm) closer to New Zealand, or at least nearer to the western half of the South Island following a big earthquake there last week that moved it closer to Australia with the Tasman Sea shrinking by that amount.

The northern / eastern part of the South Island actually moved an inch or so farther away from Australia.

Above: unlabeled Google Earth image of eastern Australia, New Zealand, and the Tasman Sea.

Speaking of New Zealand, I think I'd like to move there. I'm quite intrigued by Christchurch, although not having been to either, I am guessing Auckland would be more my city speed.


Image of Christchurch, New Zealand skyline from the internet.

I started this Regulus blog on April 15, 2008. That would be Entry #1. Of note, I changed the URL to this Regulus blog to its current address on Dec. 16, 2008 when I deleted my old Arcturus blog. I chose the name Regulus because I liked it, although I think I like Arcturus even more.

An image of Regulus and the Leo I Dwarf Galaxy. This was my first image in that first entry.

The names Arcturus and Regulus have nothing to do with the fact that both stars are located high in the summertime night sky over D.C., the former at dusk and the latter around 2AM. Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that both Arcturus and Regulus the subject of weird speculations concerning the architectural and geographical "triangulated" layout of the monumental core of Washington, D.C. and the role of the Freemasons.

The name selections and that linkage was actually just a weird coincidence.


Finally, I began "new" Arcturus blog called Arcturus's World to Mr. Sirius on Jan. 16, 2009. As of now, there are 84 entries, but I plan to post another entry. I have not changed the URL to that blog, and I do not plan to do so.

Oh, yes, I also had a previous blog to Mr. Sirius that ran from Jan. 30, 2007 through Sept. 17, 2007 and there were a total of 55 entries. I called myself Procyon (another star name) in that blog. I deleted it shortly after that entry.

Anyway, this means that I have posted since March 22, 2006 the following number of entries on all 4 my blogs, two of which no longer exist and two of which remain:

440 (old Arcturus) + 55 (old Mr. Sirius) + 200 (current Regulus) + 84 (current Arcturus) = 779 entries.

However, I only have 438 of the old Arcturus blog entries, so adjusting this down by two (2), I have 777 entries in all my blogs.


Updated: This was written yesterday (Wednesday, July 22) before the drenching thunderstorm we had earlier today that dropped 2 to 3 inches of rain, although DCA officially got zilch -- just a frickin' "Trace" and for the month (as of this writing at 6PM) has only had 0.26", which is putting us well on target for the driest July ever at DCA.

Actually, there are t-storms around the area this evening and it is actually raining heavily as I write this -- but DCA will probably manage to miss everything. Actually, the Sun is shining through the curtains of rain so that makes this a sun-shower, or "the Devil is beating his wife," as my grandmother used to say.

UPDATED for final 7/23/2009 rainfall totals:

While parts of downtown D.C. and Dupont Circle had 3 to 5+ inches of rainfall today in a veritable monsoon, frickin' National Airport (DCA) only "officially" had 0.56", bringing the monthly total to 0.82."

If it were not to rain measurably anymore this month at DCA, it would tie for the driest July in Washington, D.C., which was 0.82" set in 1872 (and is thus a pre-DCA record).

The July precip. minimum is the 2nd highest of any month. June is first at 0.86" set in 1940 (and is thus also a pre-DCA record, since record - keeping didn't begin at the airport until 1941).


From yesterday when I was in a very bad mood ...

I wish it would frickin' rain, but it refuses to rain on Washington, D.C. I hate, loathe, and despise summer here, at least as it is configured in its humid and unbreathable, never any thunderstorms, endless nothing ways. Winter sucks too, but let's just stick to one bitch session at a time.

You've heard of Saint Augustine's City of God (De Civitate Dei)?

That would be Augustine, or Aurelius Augustinus, Bishop of Hippo Regius.

Well, D.C. is the City of Office Cubicle and Shuka - Boom Soul Draining Death.

Try finding actual meaningful work when you are an adrift failure like me in this City of God and you'll end up in a pile of D.C. crap with a copy of the frickin' WaHoPo and a collection agency notice on top of you.


Speaking of hippo ...

Here I am holding Flippo my plush hippo.

Another image of Flippo and me. Good hippo.

I'm from New Jersey, not D.C., not even Maryland, and D.C. is not now, nor will it probably ever be my true home. Even after 17 years of being here, if I left tomorrow, I would have left zero mark on this the City of God.

By the way, that stupid, never-ending MTV reality series Real World is here in D.C. for this summer. In fact, directly below is a picture of the house where the cast and crew are squatting.

There "home" is at 2000 S Street, NW, pictured above, located at the corner of S and 20th Streets, NW, right off Connecticut Ave., NW, several blocks above Dupont Circle.


Here is yours truly, 2:06AM EDT, July 22, 2009 as I was walking the short way home from Cobalt.

I went there again last night and was just treated badly, as usual.


Today (Thursday) I actually went to Capitol Hill to the House Rayburn Office Building for a luncheon meeting of the House Robotics caucus.

Here is a picture of one of the presenters, Dr. Maja J. Matarić and a robot.

The topic involved health care challenges and how advanced robotic technology could be used to help in a myriad of ways from less invasive surgery to helping those suffering from autism and Alzheimer's Disease, or trying to recover from stroke or spinal cord injuries. Quite fascinating and even, dare I say it, inspirational. It actually greatly improved my previously severely foul mood.


Speaking of the intersection of medicine, health care reform, and political images...

Ha ha

This refers to Henry Allingham, a World War I vet who died last week at age 113 in his native England. He was the world's oldest man -- having been born in 1896 and living in THREE centuries.


The following set of images were taken as I walked home from the Rayburn building back to my place at 16th and U Streets, NW, transiting the Capitol grounds and walking up Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

I was standing underneath a tent shelter with a bunch of tourists on the south side of the Capitol That tree in the distance is actually a stunted giant sequoia (they don't flourish in our climate). Taken 2:13PM EDT, July 23, 2009


Next week I am supposed to fly to Ft. Lauderdale to meet my dad enroute to Key West, where he is planning to move in about one to two months. I'm staying there for 5 days. I'm almost tempted to change my flight plans and rather than returning back through Ft. Lauderdale instead ride with him back to Flagler Beach and spend a few days on the Atlantic seashore, departing instead from Daytona Beach (or maybe even taking an Amtrak back from DeLand).

Before I depart, I need to go to the office in Bethesda and pick up a check for $1152.50. This week's work adds another $320 that will come next month. The global warming monitor task starts in the second half of August.


Another U.S. Capitol grounds downpour picture, 2:14PM EDT, July 23, 2009


A picture of me in the rain, 2:22PM EDT, July 23, 2009, by the U.S. Capitol Building. It was pouring like crazy -- and it probably wasn't good that I was using my cellphone to take this picture. If the cellphone goes, I can't afford right now to get a new one.


Yours truly and the U.S. Capitol Building in the rain, 2:23PM, July 23, 2009. I got so wet that the color in my cheap dark slacks and my cheap dress shoes actually came off a bit and I was kind of a nasty underneath my clothes when I got home.


Lastly, here is a funny YouTube clip that was linked from an article on The Huffington Post. It features an actor from the Australian political comedy show The Chaser's War on Everything "confronting" Bush's Torture Memo Writer Extraordinaire John Yoo in a classroom at UC-Berkeley.

The clip is only 1 minute and 36 seconds and is worth watching. I love the ending when the guy -- dressed as the the hooded, standing Abu Ghraib prisoner known as "the Hooded Man" or "the Claw Man" -- says to Yoo as he is being kicked out of the classroom that he'll go to the human rights class because "I think you probably won't be teaching there."

Ha ha

Note: the last five seconds or so after the encounter are muted.

As it is, Attorney General Holder's plan to investigate Bush era war crimes, torture, and violations of the Geneva Conventions -- if it happens at all -- is only going to go after small fish. Glenn Greenwood gets it right again. However, I'm going to refrain from a politically themed entry right now.


One last rain / sun shower image ...

This was taken at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave., NW, and 12th St., NW, 2:52PM EDT, July 23, 2009

I think that's all for now. I will update this blog at least one more time before I go to Florida next week.



krzysztof said...

Congratulations are in order! It's a good and unusual blog and I check it regulusly (hmm that don't sound right... I haven't had my morning coffee yet)

If I could only get myself to start a blog and more importantly keep it up to date I would. But I don't think I can so I probably won't

Ok I really need that coffee

Regulus said...

Thank you, Kristof, for your kind comments.

Yes, you better get some coffee. You don't function well before 10AM without coffee and cigs and after 9PM without vodka and cigs.

La ya, baby doll.

I'm looking forward to going to Florida for a bit.

krzysztof said...

Yeah, Florida should be nice. Say hi to your dad.

I'm supposed to hang out with Kent tomorrow. I'm not sure if you've met him. He's Black Damon's lawful husband (at least by South African law, yeah the country that had appartheid 20 years ago and now recognizes interracial marriages between two guys). He and Damon live in NYC. Kent is involved in non-profit NGO type of work. He's flying from Bangkok enroute to Copenhagen tomorrow making a stop in London tomorrow. This is one of the great things about Londo: it is the modern day Rome. All routes lead here eventually and I benefit from that.

My neighbor JP (he's moving out soon, sadly) heated up some pizza in my oven as he does not have one and was supposed to come over later to watch a Michael Jackson video but it seems he fell asleep in front of his TV instead.

As for me, I decided against going out tonight. Last few times I did there were unpredictable consequences. Instead I'm going to watch Frasier and AYBS