Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holding Forth After the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend

A 4th of July picture of Phil and Stephanie and their dog, Oliver, who was wearing a shirt for a biker bar of some sort in Key West (!), Florida. This was taken at Phil and Stephanie's house here in D.C. on July 4, 2009.


OK, this is my early-to-midweek update on this blog. Some of the pictures I'm posting in entry were taken over the July 4th weekend, although none involve fireworks.

Indeed, for the first time in all my July 4 holidays in Washington, D.C., back to 1992, I did not see the fireworks display on the National Mall at all -- not even, as in recent years, from a distance (such as Meridian Hill Park or the Georgetown waterfront). I was at Phil and Stephanie's place in Adams Morgan and out of view of the fireworks.

I did not take the Jersey shore picture. Alas, I was stuck in D.C. and couldn't go to New Jersey.


Here is the hill-top grounds of the church that gave Bethesda, Maryland its name. This is the Bethesda Meeting House grounds located off Rockville Pike. The church and adjoining parsonage are now owned by the Temple Hill Baptist Church. I rode there with my friend LP. The church was originally a Presbyterian one. There is a large Victorian-style rectory house of a sort next to it. The church is not the original one. This 1850 Greek Revival style church replaced the original stone church from 1820.


Here is the parsonage house next to the church.


Leafy sanctuary ...

This is the view peering onto the leafy hill top grounds of the historic Bethesda Meeting House grounds with church (now owned by the Temple Hill Baptist Church trustees) and adjoining Victorian-style parsonage house.


Non-employment Work Update ...

I actually STILL have to finish that damn report for my sweat-shop-like consulting job for which I do at home "piece work." However, I have made substantial leg work progress and I'm ready to start writing the damn thing. It's due by Monday morning, 9AM. I also have a second piece on nuclear industry stuff, but that's more straightforward for me.

The combined income for this should be $950. I'm still in trouble for my Sept. rent. I don't know what's going to happen -- will I end up in Key West with my dad?? -- but I'm not going to get in that right now.


The 9300 block of Corsica Drive, Bethesda, Maryland, July 3, 2009. This is located just behind the Bethesda Meeting House grounds, west of Old Georgetown Rd.


Dateline Chicago: Up the Sears Tower

Here is a picture of my friend Quill this past July 4th weekend in Chicago atop the Sears Tower. I'm guessing she DID NOT go out onto the new 103rd floor glass-bottomed ledge that was just opened there!

I've never been to Chicago except through O'Hare and Midway Airports, and that doesn't really count.


Meanwhile, back in D.C. this weekend ...

Here is Stephanie just hanging around. Actually, she was showing how this exercise equipment works.

She took a picture of me in a similar pose, except my butt so fat these days, I looked like an upside and inverted map of Africa, kind like this. My butt would correspond to French West Africa with Equatorial Guinea being ... oh, never mind...

I really need to lose some weight. I'm a bit under 5'8" (on the short side for an American male) yet I weight a whopping 170 pounds, and it's all flab. As I approach 40 years of age, everything that I once did that previously caused no problems now only contributes to my putting on weight. Boo.


First Detour: Political Image


Second Detour: Political Rant ...

So it looks like President Obama is getting ready to cave in on the critical public option in the health care reform debate.

Even after the cave in, Pres. Obama will surely give a good speech that says the exact opposite of what he is doing -- all while behind the scenes Rahm Emanuel will drop some F-bomb profanities.

The Washington Whore Post and its Neo-con op-ed and editorial stable and whorehouse ... not to mention the whole mainstream media complex from Cokie Roberts and her gang on ABC's This Whore ... to David Gregory on NBC's Tim Russert legacy show Meet the Whore ... to the idiots on CBS's Face the Whore ... and, oh, WaHoPo media affairs "critic" Howie Kurtz on his conflicted-of-interest CNN show Reliable Whores ... will all be thrilled.

Remember, these people can only conceive of a world in which Republicans, the Bush Crime Family, and (to the extent these are "bipartisan" such as Robert Rubin) corporate "Masters of the Universe" are forever winning and systemic travesties of justice flourish. That's the only context that their Beltway elites' dinner party schmoozing and ten million dollar a year salaries make sense.

Meanwhile, the "blue dog" Loser-Democrats in the Senate are literally in a mad dog frenzy trying to surrender to the GOP and to the degenerate Multi-headed Big Insurance Hydra Beast that defines this truly idiotic country's health insurance system. It is an otherwise irrational system that can ONLY be understood by what it is: a corporate fascist rip off by, for, and of giant insurers and the AMA whores.

Maybe the gangsters at Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Wall Street financial buccaneers can join the Big Insurers to set up once and for all a system of American concentration camps.

As for Senate Republicans, they are no longer to be taken seriously, and their party no longer has anything serious or substantive policy-wise to add.

Today's GOP starts with Rush the Pigboy ...

...runs through "You Betcha" Crazy Sarah Palin (with her "Hey, Sailor" street corner wink) ...

... passes through the foaming Fox News tinfoil hat crowd of Beck, Hannity, and the rest ...

... includes Mark "Don't Cry for Him, Argentina" / Hiking the Appalachian Trail Sanford (another Southern Republican fundie hypocrite and nut job) ...

... includes the human - simian yahoos in the House (who, if anything, ironically prove evolution) and the Senate Flat Earthers and Know-Nothings ...

...and ends with the Darth Cheney Family, now that the Bush Family Evil Empire has at least temporarily retired from its 80-year long Skull & Bones job of collapsing the once-great American Empire into a loopy fascist state.

It's true.

The sad thing is so many Democrats in the Senate and the party overall are really pathetic wimps with so little to offer, their first and last impulse being to cave in.

Oh, yes, at least The Huffington Post has hired Dan Froomkin -- thus picking up an invaluable asset that the whored out WaHoPo threw out.


Third Detour: Another Political Image

Ha ha (click on image for larger version).


Musical Interlude ...

Here is a single stanza to Cole Porter's song Friendship with my adaptation to my plush hippo, Flippo ...

He's Flippo, Flippo, just the perfect hippo./
It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship./

When other hippos are off in a rush,/
When other friendships have been forgot, /

Mine is here and plush.

Ours will still be hot.

Lit-tle tail - lit-tle tail - spin, spin, spin.

Lah-dle-ah-dle-ah-dle dig, dig, dig.


Where I'd Rather Be ...

The Quintessential Jersey Shore, 4th of July 2009 ...

This is again in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, located about 10 miles south of Long Branch / Sea Bright, where I am from and spent my summers. My friend Joe took this over the weekend. I was stuck in D.C.

"Shore to Please," by the way, is the slogan on New Jersey's beach series license plates, complete with a drawing of, I think, the Barnegat Lighthouse, not the Cape May Lighthouse.


Kinda Sad (but not in a Michael Jackson sort of way)

Three's Company Star Arrested for July 4th Drunk Driving

Here is Joyce DeWitt's mug shot taken July 4, 2009 and released by the El Segundo, Calif., Police Department after she was arrested for DUI. She was booked and released on her own recognizance.

Joyce DeWitt played Janet Wood on the 1970s television show Three's Company. This is sad, especially since Ms. DeWitt seems like she's level-headed (at least based on what I read about her online). It's her former co-star Suzanne Somers (who played Christmas "Chrissy" Snow) who is a real whack-job, not to mention an Oprah favorite.

Four other actors on that show are now gone -- Audra Lindley and Norman Fell (the Ropers), Don Knotts (Mr. Furley), and even John Ritter (Jack Tripper), who died in 2003 at age 54 from an unexpected aortic dissection.

Richard Klein (who played the sleazy sex maniac Larry Dallas) and the two replacements for Chrissy Snow, Jenilee Harrison (Cindy Snow, Chrissy's sister) and Priscilla Barnes (Terri Alden), are still around, as is the very brief replacement, Ann Wedgeworth (Lana Shields).


Speaking of drunk ...

In this Denver Post June 26, 2009 political cartoon image, the little guy seated by himself, who is either intently watching the television or sleepy drunk, reminds me of myself at Cobalt (assuming he's sleepy drunk).


Giant Fresh Produce ...

The Giant grocery store in the Flagship Center shopping area along Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md., July 3, 2009. I was in the store with LP (on the same jaunt that brought us past the Bethesda Meeting House, see above).


Giant Floral Display ...

Here is the floral section of the same Flagship Center Giant in Rockville, Md., July 3, 2009.

I have always secretly wanted to spend a summer working in the floral section of a large grocery store such as this. Just the floral department, not stocking frozen foods, as I did for one unhappy night during the depths of my 2004 annus horribilis at the Giant in Silver Spring. The manager there was a nightmare of a person.


Speaking of flowers ...

A lavender-pink hydrangea bush growing at the corner of 19th Street, NW, and California Street*, NW, July 5, 2009.

*Only two State-named thoroughfares in D.C. are not "Avenue": California -- California Street -- and Ohio --Ohio Drive. I know why Ohio Drive is that -- the old Ohio Ave. disappeared when the Federal Triangle Complex was built, and instead the road looping around East Potomac Park became Ohio Drive. I don't understand why this is California St., since on some old maps it is shown as California Ave.


And with that I think I will end this entry. My next planned update might not actually be until next Monday (July 13). I really need to finish that report I mentioned above.



Quill said...

Actually, I did! :P See my blog (the other one) for a bunny photo. It was a little nervous-making, though.

We need to get together soon!

krzysztof said...

The CN Tower in Toronto has that glass floor thing too. I stepped on it but was scared big time. Actually only small children didn't have any problem running back and forth and rolling on the glass

Regulus said...

Quill -- I stand corrected! Yes, let's get together, although this weekend is not good because of the report I need to finish writing.

Kristof -- Wow, I did not know that. I recall that Toronto trip of yours. It sounded quite ... eventful ... as I recall!

Quill said...

Next weekend, then? Tentatively anyway. :D